Watch Charlie Day Yank Off Danny DeVito's Undies

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Allan Dominguez : Charlie doing Charlie work

Its Always Funny in Sillydelphia : "Don't linger I'm telling you it will get big."

Bobbae : He's a lovely little goblin man.

Rex Kristoffer : DeVito is absolutely brilliant as Frank. Just brilliant.

DannyWilliamH : A lot of people don't realize just how accomplished DeVito is and was before joining Always Sunny. Yet, they joke about him going out on a low note when the truth is that he'll go to his grave as Frank Reynolds. Ask 100 people what they know him from and I'd bet most people say Sunny. They may also mention Taxi, War of The Roses, Gattaca, Cookoos Nest, etc but most will only mention Sunny or also mention it. I'm sure those guys realize the luck and favor and serendipity of him joining because he was never "wanted" or whatever. FX asked them to write a role for him after the 1st season to add some "star power" because, while very good, they feared the show would fail. These guys just happened to be open and cool enough to appreciate DeVito and write an amazing role for him. He IS and always will be Frank Reynolds. The show would be so much worse without him that I can't imagine 11 full seasons with no Frank Reynolds lol. Those guys know and seem to appreciate what he brought. It makes them cooler, IMO.

Nadav Ornoy : After listening to all the sunny commentaries, I find that Charlie Day is the funniest and quickest of wit of the three. But when he's live on stage he gets over excited and kinda screws up the comedic timing. The guy needs intimacy to really shine.

Joseph Gable : Wow i can't believe danny devito hangs dong. 

Julius Fawcett : Some people are so amazingly comfortable with themselves

Carter Pewterschmidt : Aw shit, we gotta do this again, man!

Jack Kohn : this video is a huge turn on thanks for posting

ben ascot : im just saying it, they are all sitting crossed legged

Daddy Donald : Charlie really got close to his *M A G N U M DO N G*

Nate : Frank Reynolds does not *jump* out of a couch. He bursts forth and slithers out.

joshua zamora : Still matilda's dad to me.

richig761 : At the very end, Charlie. "Oh, there were children there". LOL

purplesodapop : The clothes-off pose-off!

Brandon Terry : "Dont linger, I promise Its gonna get big" -D.Devito

That Other Guy : Charlie was blessed. He got to see Dr. Mantis Toboggan's Magnum Dong.

Pako Punch : Must be his massive schlong

leave this empty : I just saw Charlie Day and yank off, so I was anticipating something very differently.

Katelyn Benoit : Why didn't they blurry Danny Devito's package and how the heck did he get in there. ;3

gorobot : did Conan forget to bleep "S**T" when charlie said it? 2:27

Summer Rain : Charlie Day is my favorite person. 😅💕😘😍

Lyla : okay but do children still play in that playground today like did they remove that coil before allowing people on it again omg

nfinitiduck : Frank Reynolds, to me, elevates the show way beyond the usual 'group of friends' sitcoms, and you can see how he rose to stardom back in the day.

spyglasstwitch : good thing he has skin coloured undies on.

Guatemalan Dude 69 : 'WE GOTTA DO IT AGAIN MAN!' 

Jerzy Jorguś : Devito is just looking for a reason to get naked.

Joe Francis : He's only got a few years left on this earth, he's getting real weird with it

kevin willems : TRASH MAN

Erika Miller : Lol he's wearing the same shirt in the clip that he's wearing on conan

Torkil Brørs : Best clip to bring to a talk show. ever.

Will Daley : Was that Danny's sack?

jlgurry : Title a little misleading..

Freddie Cole : Charlie was wearing the same shirt in the clip?

grtgrt : Just when I thought I couldn't love this show even more.

Kyle E : I saw too much

Meow Phantom : Workaholics meet always sunny... that would be awesome. Imagine like Adam and Charlie and then like ders and Dennis and Blake and Mac. It would be a cool crossover

Mark Brittain : "Don't linger on it, I'm tellin you it's gonna get big" - Frank Reynolds


TheCraigy111 : Don't look it in the eye, it takes that as a sign of aggression

Bleached · : Is no one else wondering how they got him out?

greengrassofhome : Now that is something Charlie Day will never forget doing.

Serapis : it looked funnier with the boxers on

John I : He really does possess a magnum dong

A Common FBI Agent. : My proudest fap.

Max Schreck : Charlie got to see his magnum dong.

shadapakap : ...except he wasn't really naked.

underballbutter : I love Danny DeVito. Awesome dude.

Alexir3468 : The title sounds like it's supposed to arouse us