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Cope 3000 : The funny thing is, the MCBC made yo-gabba-gabba, and so he's worked with Jack before. (i remember that episode terrified me for some reason)

Cope 3000 : I would like to see a H*R and Aquabats Super Show cross-over.

Punkyagogo : Had a feeling it’d be a kickstarter. I’m definitely backing this. Also so many awesome cameos! Never knew so many stars loved you guys. Keep aiming high!

astrogallotron : Super Rad Cameos!! 2:22 Jack Black 3:53 Adrian Young and Tom Dumont 4:00 "Weird Al" Yankovic 4:10 Oscar Núñez 4:20 Kate Micucci 4:30 Triumph the Insult Comic Dog/Robert Smigel 4:43 Blake Anderson 4:50 Imagine Dragons 5:01 Travis Barker / Baron Von Tito 5:13 Homestar Runner/Strong Bad - The Chaps Brothers 5:21 Felicia Day & Marty Krofft 5:31 Tom Lennon

End Of Century : I'm so excited! Thanks should be super fun and super rad! Also this means The Aquabats and Gorillaz are in the same universe.

Cheat Sheet : That was a lot of Aquabats.

Peter Brazier : G E T T I N G E M O T I O N A A A A L ! ! !!

DocDelray : Jack Black as an Aquabat!? I'm in!

jakeatron tube : I just saw it on your instagram I am going to shout this out as much as I can, I would really miss you guys so I will do everything on my power to help 🙂 you guys are the best

Gunnar Applebaum : JACK BLACK

Pikapup : WOW what a cast 😮

Winnergy Nerd : You guys should totally make action figures. It is also something you would do actually but I recommend this.

Cyndi Foster : You guys should also consider Patreon so your fans can back and support your heroic endeavors! Love that your taking matters into your own hands and turning to fan funding for support. Aquabats don't stop, not even with a studio shut down. XD

AmoAwesomeArt : OH YEAH! Im already throwing money at you guys, lets see how much more awesome the new season is going to be.

Ryan Pfeiffer : I never thought I'd see Homestar Runner and Imagine Dragons in the same video.

Donovan García : Travis!!!

Ashley Mendoza : Gonna throw in some of my college savings Because I missed them so much 😭💙

Christian Perkins : This... this is most important to the world. #weneedtheaquabats


Why I Hate the World : Take my money!

Kyle Long : I saw that Jack Black video teased YEARS ago, I'm shocked it took you guys so long to get the rights to your episodes back. I know legal issues can be a real drag, but thank you so much for sticking with it and finally opening this Kickstarter!

SonodianHunter : Notification squad wya

Bonecrusher 2018 : Yess

Terry Myers : The only person i did not recognize was the curly, red, long-haired guy towards the end eating ribs. Could someone please enlighten me? Danke.

Mathew C. : I'm all for this but their stretch goals are way to high.

Lousy Doofus Ivan : 1st

Doob : The Aquabacks

Alex Hauptmann : Oh my god, they did the Flash audio compression. TBC, you beautiful humans.

Mags : It's true what they say about Jack Black. He just shows up everywhere and no one is ever surprised.

Jeff LeFevre : I'm such a nerd I got chills when I saw H*R as an Aquabat. Hope the bros Chaps will join up with you guys again when you hit your goal.

President Steadman : Finally! I have been waiting my whole life for a Kitty Litter previously and most more inportantly: brand-new more episodes of: The AquaBats! Super Show! Goodbye guys!

wolf milo : JACK BLACK!?

dump : Hey YouTube, make TheAquabats an Official Artist Channel! I want all The Aquabats' music and videos all in one place!

magnumninja : 6million dollars wtf

Sleazus Christ : I wonder how much of this comment section are adults feeling nostalgic about their highschool days listening to the aquabats.

thegreatestpanda : #WENEEDTHEAQUABATS

MattM : This is the legend... the legend is true!


RoseScar TheAquabats : Im gonna have to ask my mom, (she isnt a Aquabats, but me and my dad are) I'll ask her, then if she says "no", i will do anything and everything in my power to make her say "yes". I'll ask my dad too :3 #WENEEDTHEAQUABATS

MyJazzyMac (Jukebox James) : JACK BLACK! *THE* JACK BLACK!?


Zalseon : YUSSSSS!!!!

Leospecter : Weve only seen the MC bat commander, I wonder where the others are

SUPER RAD : No joke I'd buy the 25,000 dollar one if I could

Larry Wolf : I *_SOOOOOOO_* wish you hadn't put him in the thumbnail. You ruined what would have been an *_AWESOME SURPRISE._* (Still awesome, just less so... surprise.) WOW. Jack, Wierd Al, Felicia Day, Homestar and other people I love! So pumped. I love the goofy ska music. My kids love the goofy show. And frankly, the world *_NEEDS_* more shows and music like the Aquabats to pull it out of this grimdark, evil nonsense it's mired in.

fireflocs : I'm so happy you guys are still doing stuff. Your show was amazing.

Jack's Film Orchard : Yeck...jack black. And just for note I didn't like him from the start. But hey the Aquabats are really cool and I just started listening to Aquabats today!

NiceGuy Jo-El : holy. god. yes. you got my scratch for sure.

Chicago Hypebeast : Love you guys, I still have my Winter scarf from the 2006 era

CUZ LIGHTYEAR : I need a Tenacious D and the Bong of Destiny now!