Picard - Men of Good Conscience HD (TNG)

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Excerpt from Episode 16, Season 3

Comments from Youtube

John Smith : How does Picard walk with balls that big?

Nananki : TNG is the best show ever, seeing it as a kid was more impactful to my way of thinking than anything else on television. Data taught me what it meant to be human, and Picard taught me what it meant to be a man.

Helbore : This is why I love Captain Picard; Admiral: You are jeopardising your job, Captain. Picard: Do you think that matters more to me than my moral code? Jean-Luc Picard; the man who knew all he wanted in life was to be in Starfleet. This is his calling - and he'd gladly throw it away in an instant, if it meant compromising his moral beliefs. For me, WWJD, stands for What Would Jean-Luc Do? This man is my moral guide.

kilroy987 : "I am Starfleet, Captain." You're not all of Starfleet. Someone else there may have a different opinion. And in the end, Picard didn't care who he would be talking to.

Richard Davis : I am the senate

Edd25164605 : Picard takes no crap from nobody !

Michael Coulter : Oh, Jean Luc - you, Sir are what every man alive should aspire to become!

James Hill : So many profound lessons to be learned from Picard (and TNG). I'm immensely gratified that I was able to watch it growing up.

Kelly : I am her father. Though Data may not recognize his emotions, he does feel, perhaps they are android emotions and he for sure loves his daughter

Seventh Mist : He tells him NOT to make it so.

aperson22222 : You tell him Picard!

User : 0:09 mfw machine is lecturing me on ethics

InfernosReaper : Honestly, I thought this issue was already resolved when Starfleet wanted to dissect and reconstruct Data, but ultimately ruled that they shouldn't because he is a sentient being with rights.

Neflyte : Hold your ground, Mista Data.....

Benjamin Meijer : "I am Starfleet" "Not yet." "It's treason then."

Jim H : THIS is trek. NOT STD!

Neflyte : I Love this scene. LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is one of my favorite scenes in the whole FRANCHISE.

Robert Sides : I'm just imaging the two just playing tug of war with Data's orders, and he's just abiding each one, going back and forth without a word about it.

Jshaw71 : I don't think data was going do whet he was told by the adrimsl, I assume he would resign from Starfleet, rather than do as he was told

CvnDqnrU : Ontario, Bill 89.

KomandantMirko : it's treason then

TheTheratfarmer : belay that order,

Doug Hale : CPS/DCS should take note of this.

TheTheratfarmer : Captain i am.

Oh Lawd : Awesome.👍

Katy Lee : What if they are just taking her to a "summer camp"

Mnogojazyk : Picard's speech is nice and I like it, but he (or his writers) does not know how bureaucratic systems operate, so it seems. I imagine a scenario like the following takes place off camera. Data files under Picard's guidance a complaint with the Sentience Life Rights Commission (by whatever name it goes by) against Star Fleet. While the case wends its way through the courts, this admiral's order is automatically stayed. Eventually, this case and the dismantling case against Data's person comes to light and so does the finding in that case against Star Fleet by one of its own administrative law judges. The civilian government then has to act against Star Fleet unless it wants to give credence to a perception among many people that Star Fleet has become a rogue agency of the representative republic whose ideals Star Fleet is supposed to enshrine and protect but does not. Star Fleet probably loses on the merits of the case anyhow. Star Fleet has treated Data as a sentient being for several decades: there are educational records and personnel records. If he owns property, there is the analogue of bills of sale, property deeds, transfer records, etc. Those are prima fascia documents that as far as Star Fleet and perhaps others are concerned, Data is indeed a sentient life form, a person in more colloquial vernacular. Star Fleet may try to argue that Data was only a test case that he does not have legal standing because he's an android, but then Star Fleet would be repudiating its own position. If Star Fleet does so, Data appeals to a higher court. Star Fleet is not in the best of position to make a finding one way or the other because it is an interested party -- read conflict of interest -- and the issue is far too great for Star Fleet to make any finding. If SF did, there are Data's grounds for appeal. Would that end that case? Probably not. Some rogue Star Fleet officer would try another tactic a few years later. Even with a prejudicial finding against Star Fleet, someone would try again. Alas, for some people and some groups cannot take no for an answer.

sgreen4 : Data was Star Fleet's property and they treated him like he was their property

Jeremy H. : Good ol' TNG. The socialist utopia. Even Picard refers to the federation as " the state ".

Dm Md : Yeah but that Brent Spiner guy is a total douche. -Jonathon F.