Minecraft sound FX on Violin

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Papi_ Shampooo : super dope happy holidays :)

ciel p. : Why is mc music so sad tho

ciel p. : I love Minecraft and violin :D

BagelSquid Hunigotnolastname : Minecraft music is beautiful

iMaxBlazer : Resourceful way to imitate skeleton! Or this is really how this sound was made?

jonni2 : Really good job!!

Boyd Ding : Watching this and telling my mom, "You should force me into learning violin when I was younger". Her response "You were not going to be as good as him"😂

Green_BIRD : Sound pack when?

klick one : вау! здесь просто нет слов как и, к сожалению, просмотров..

No Fox Given : Beethoven who?

Sam : Gaaf!!

Will Treck : HOW COOL!! This is so amazing!!

Sam Golik : wow, very creative, absolutely beautiful!

Amanda Roblox, slime and more : WHAT ABOUT THE GRASS WaLKING SOUND?!

Fuxard : noice pokémon skin!

Alternativo : This video is... amazing!! :)

Daithí O' Cheallaigh : Very original :) pretty cool to be able to do that. 👍

DragonFang 409 : Can I just play minecraft like this? Is there some wort of violin mod?

Early Reflections : Amazing. I totally lost it at the cow! Well done.

Emily Duh Jedi : When they go into da mine, thats how slow i am😂😂😂 Unless theres a bunch of tourches😂😂😂

Tom Drieskens : Them sound effects tho 👌on point

Xavier 2.0 : Everybody’s like...WHY U NO MINE THE IRON?!?

Rc Cshannel : Its` beatiful!!!!!!!!☺☺👍

Yousra Mahdy : Wow 😀 .... you are talented😉

Armia Januszów : Wow

Caroline Otto : Whut how did I cry?!😭

Richard C. : Oof that skeleton sounded paganini

Ojie's Gaming : Nonton ginian jadi pengen Tidur

danielblk : same as witcher's sound fx

lukasowy 2000 : Wow!!!

Popplio_ Animates : Do a Popplio sound! (Popplio is a Pokemon). Awesome!

Luna van der Wier : Sound nice

alex : pretty impressive!

jasm _bird : OMG this is so creative

Anulec / AnWolf : Wow, Sebastian - Nieźle ;)

lol lol : Amazing

POWO! : Wow masz talent

Warriot Warriot : All my respect , really beautiful 👍

Shiroi Ookami : Omfg how did I get here. Either way LMAO that's brilliant

Aline Meyer : NOSTALGIA ❤

Tonald Drump : Man you are an impressive human being. Keep it up! :D

faruk ADMİN : mukkemmel ya

Cyberfurst : 1k likes :)

Zach Hughes : This is really incredible and now I’m itching to pick up the violin again. I haven’t played in a while 😭😭 The sunglasses with the cow were a nice touch btw

Hong-Nam Vo : Genius

R Harrington : noice

G_Hacker Seven : Pls do tutorial on how to play Violin for beginners. Thnx!

tlamatini : Wish. It feels like I'm watching a foreign art film version of Minecraft. Wonderful

Lapciik : Gut

Dennis Yang : This must’ve taken forever!!!