Minecraft sound FX on Violin

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ciel p. : Why is mc music so sad tho

Boyd Ding : Watching this and telling my mom, "You should force me into learning violin when I was younger". Her response "You were not going to be as good as him"😂

iMaxBlazer : Resourceful way to imitate skeleton! Or this is really how this sound was made?


Early Reflections : Amazing. I totally lost it at the cow! Well done.

Papi_ Shampooo : super dope happy holidays :)

BagelSquid Hunigotnolastname : Minecraft music is beautiful

Green_BIRD : Sound pack when?

ciel p. : I love Minecraft and violin :D

Xavier 2.0 : Everybody’s like...WHY U NO MINE THE IRON?!?

Tom Drieskens : Them sound effects tho 👌on point

No Fox Given : Beethoven who?

klick one : вау! здесь просто нет слов как и, к сожалению, просмотров..

jonni2 : Really good job!!

Sam Golik : wow, very creative, absolutely beautiful!

Will Treck : HOW COOL!! This is so amazing!!

Zone Tan : W E N E E D A R E S O U R C E P A C K O U T O F T H I S

Daithí O' Cheallaigh : Very original :) pretty cool to be able to do that. 👍

Wholemanatee : Now I feel sad

Alternativo : This video is... amazing!! :)

Emily Duh Jedi : When they go into da mine, thats how slow i am😂😂😂 Unless theres a bunch of tourches😂😂😂

Sam : Gaaf!!

Fuxard : noice pokémon skin!

DragonFang 409 : Can I just play minecraft like this? Is there some wort of violin mod?

Jaka 2005 : Не каждый скрипач (или как их называют) сможет так реалистично передать звуки... Просто шидевр

Furko 12 :D : Woow col Sory lm dont speak snglish

Ali-Sciense Science : Hey . Do you have a account for telegram ?

satisfyingslime1454 : This is awesome!!!

Julius trabalhador nada ganancioso : Where are the scary songs? Sometimes it plays a scary song (or a sound) in Minecraft

Rc Cshannel : Its` beatiful!!!!!!!!☺☺👍

wei wei : 1:38 despacio 2

blu 4 : One time my sister went into Jimmy John's and she told me that there was Minecraft music playing XD and two dudes were like, hey did you forget to turn the PlayStation off? And he was I don't know??!

Milena Vitale : Omg whats the sheet

Shiroi Ookami : Omfg how did I get here. Either way LMAO that's brilliant

Zach Hughes : This is really incredible and now I’m itching to pick up the violin again. I haven’t played in a while 😭😭 The sunglasses with the cow were a nice touch btw

Zakimals : Make this into a resource pack

marbricks1o : Nice man!

tlamatini : Wish. It feels like I'm watching a foreign art film version of Minecraft. Wonderful

Yousra Mahdy : Wow 😀 .... you are talented😉

Anulec / AnWolf : Wow, Sebastian - Nieźle ;)

faruk ADMİN : mukkemmel ya

Aline Meyer : NOSTALGIA ❤

Potato _Chips : This makes me want to relive my middle school days and start playing Minecraft again

R Harrington : cooooooooool

pikasfed323 : Love the arragement for the strings of the Bgm, it's beautiful

G_Hacker Seven : Pls do tutorial on how to play Violin for beginners. Thnx!

Caroline Otto : Whut how did I cry?!😭

Popplio_ Animates : Do a Popplio sound! (Popplio is a Pokemon). Awesome!

Warriot Warriot : All my respect , really beautiful 👍

Hyper Nova : This gives me nostalgia somehow