Calles de Los Angeles, vuelta en calle equivocada
This is what you see in Los Angels

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Camina conmigo por las calles del Centro de Los Ángeles, pero ten cuidado de no caminar por la calle equivocada o dar una vuelta en la calle equivocada, tu podrías estar en un lugar al que no quisieras estar solo. Videos en primera persona en Los Ángeles, California. Caminemos juntos en estos videos, para que tu tenga una idea de qué lugares visitar cuando visites esta ciudad. Cámaras de vídeo que utilizo: Videos con zoom: CANON SX720 HS GALAXY S8 Videos caminando: SONY Actioncam 4K X1000VR GoPro Hero Session 5 Programa para editar: NERO Musica en videos: NERO MUSIC YOUTUBE Audio Library


Valeria Roque : Se parece a mi colonia nomás que pavimentado jaja

Pepe Pepe : Son esclavos de los excesos, de sus mismos vicios. Detras de ellos hay distribuidores de psicotropicos porque drograrse no es gratis y ellos los mantienen es un círculo vicioso.

shaikha s : legend has it she’s still saying “get back”

Eitautas Gaubys : Welcome to 'Los Homeless' haha

J P : Now I understand why in the US they love zombie games so much

Manutremendo Calderón : Te metes a lugares sólo para decir que no querías ir

Shaun Sim : Mental health patients should be in a ward, Not on the streets!

cocodrilo : Por qué andas a 1km/h??? Como si tuvieras cemento en los pies

Brenda Owens : This is not the down town that I remember. Everything is so changed.

hbecker : The American dream, or nightmare?

Celio Cardoso : The US sends ships to Mars, but they can not solve that kind of thing that is shameful for the country's image.

Christian Ruiz : The out reach he did at the end is priceless the only positive thing on the whole video


Eveline Clair : the rime I lived in la qas the hardestest days of my life

Tony montana : must be nice at night

justo fernandez : 😰〰Belleza de verdad de la sociedad y sus vicios.... 🏠🏨🏡todas las ciudades tienen su lado oscuro....y usted nos presemta una vision de esa realidad al mundo atravez de sus videos al 100%...creo que casi exponiendose a ser agredido......SALUDOS CORDIALES...AMIGO DESDE TEGUCIGALPA HONDURAS C.A....✔💯👍

Tails Doll-sito : Y yo me quejo de iztapalapa xd

Jesús Mendoza : algun mexicano o latino por aqui

Lestat Angel : I would nuke it if I could. Not just Los Angeles.

Demond De Sousa : She looks like a GTA character in the thumbnail

Andres Santa Cruz : Muy bien gesto en ayudar a esa señora. Te felicito ¡¡¡

la mexicana : This place is in the United States of America the first power of the World ! It's Incredible !

Alejandro Armando Rios Castillo : hola saludos desde Oaxaca México, gracias por compartir la realidad ,siempre pensé que en los ángeles y estados unidos todos llevaban una vida de lujo, y que no había pobreza,indigentes ni mucho menos vendedores de drogas. te felicito por tus vídeos que dios te bendiga abrazos y mucha salud,cuídate de un mal momento.

Ray Luis William : The last lady at the end. She was a nice lady I wonder why she's on the street

Cosmic Apotheosis : City of Angels, more like City of Crackheads Edit: Keep the discussion up my fellow Americans.

Miguel Angel : Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence, caused such silence Who are we mistaken? But you see, it's not me It's not my family In your head, in your head, they are fighting With their tanks, and their bombs And their bombs, and their guns In your head, in your head they are crying In your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-i

KATHLEEN CHOICE : I was under the impression that LA was one of the better places to live, NOT!

NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100 : Maxine Waters, is doing a swell job.

Cliff Yablonski : I grew up in LA in the 50's-60's, and this is sad. For that matter, most of California is getting just as bad.

Weird Boy Johnny : There's always a white guy jogging

judge parker : I believe at this time L.A. has 55,000 more than in other city

Always keep the faith : The smile from the last lady, thank you for making her day.

rjmidnite : Thanks democrates and socialist ! Nice job!

Gino WildFire. : The real LA. It so sad to see those people... Thank U for show It.

Roberto Alvidrez : Welcome to the First World....????

MrChoco_89 : Thank you for showing some sympathy to those poor miserable people. We need more people like you❤️

Mr Watto : Think your lucky you didn't get robbed. That lot look like they would sell their mothers, if they knew who she was!! Zombie zone. Sure wasn't a film set for some zombie, crack flick?

Pamela Humphrey : It's like a bad dream.

The Old Man who didn't sell his Nano : Democrats and communists at large always want to work for the poor. Now, think for a while. If there is no poor, for whom they will work for ? So, keep them in poverty, let your ideology flourish. P.s. the last homeless paerson was really thankful.

Joe : Looks like a shiiithole country .

Miss Smith : Sad to,see this is the cause of fed reserve and globalism and central banks

Nor Priest : Why people bother living in LA? I don't get it.

plutoplatters : I love the specimen at :59

Danny C : I was born and raised in Los Angeles, just glad you got out before it got dark. its like a vampire movie foreals.

James Rudolph : Wow how sad and yes a smile makes everyone's day God bless

nativenuggets76 : Seems like a genuinely nice good hearted person making the video.. the streets are very dangerous, people can snap and flip out without warning! Be safe out there video guy

Serene Christine : Thank you for what you did for that homeless lady God Bless you too Sir!

Keith King : Thank you for this, my friend

F Dannn : And yet i bet 5 minutes away you can see celebrities in their luxury cars with millions of dollars in the bank walking around with a coffee in their hands.