Calles de Los Angeles, vuelta en calle equivocada

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Hill Bicks : City of Angels, more like City of Crackheads

jodopeg : Los Angeles ,Detroit and Chicago are economically depressed shit-holes that have one thing in common, They're all run by Democrat Party politicians .

Jimmy Rustled : Vote Democrat, and you to can have your city look like this.

Jman : Skid Row the real Wakanda.

Demond De Sousa : She looks like a GTA character in the thumbnail

Joe : Looks like a shiiithole country .

Cartel : All thanks to liberals.

Coolness Apes : There's always a white guy jogging

Blu : homeless people from all over america comes to california for its warm weather. this is why you see lots of them in california

Racer X : A view of Democratic control city.

Micha EL : My goodness, if another Obama gets elected, the democrats could turn the entire country into that !

Brad the Pitts : Lots of ways to look at this: 1. This is disgusting 2. These people are lazy and won't join society 3. These people cost taxpayer money 4. These people should be forced to a shelter 5. These people should be thrown in jail if they refuse help 6. These people are mentally ill 7. These people have no family to care for them 8. These people are on drugs and are suffering 9. These people are stuck in this rut 10. Why doesn't the government do anything about this? 11. What CAN the government do about this? 12. These people are humans and they will die here

Devin Peirce : Oh lord you can catch tuberculosis just walking through skid row

Caoimhín : L.A looks worse than most of the big cities of latinamerica LOL

gary oak : I drove through skid row at night it gets packed.... luckily I didn't get a flat but I wouldn't recommend to do that.... Don't seriously really dangerous.

finnturk : san francisco is another crazy city.

Bob L : A democrat city "out of control".

Navneet Dandkar : I like your all the videos sir, because u r showing the truth... from India

nevermind824 : Liberal policies

Dustin Stevens : Femocrat shitholes.

jtno2 : Liberal paradise?

vangelis Z : This is hilarious. A Mexican walking through the streets of LA as if he did not just come from Tijuana where it is as bad if not worst. Also the comment about California assisting the homeless, they help as much as they help the Illegals but at least most of the homeless are citizens that need assistance. I really get a kick out of your videos.

VALHALLA BOUND : What a city or state looks like after Democrats run it for a decade or longer!!!

Phil Zappa : USA....PLENTY OF money to illegal Wars in Foreign countries.....Not enough money to Solve its Problems At Home...poverty...violence...vets sleepn on the streets..opioid addiction....YEAH...GRT COUNTRY.......NOT

Osvaldo Zapata : Another Democrat city. lol

Wisdom King : Just think … The government waste billions on idiotic things and will not help these people .

Abel Cuevas : La Zona Zero de Los Zombies!!!!

YOUR NAME HERE : Two tacos and a fresh pile of fecal matter $1.39 ! Gooo liberals !!!!!

Le Grand Blond : This is american dream ! lol I prefer europeans countries, there are most solidarity

Michael Furtwangen : Welcome to the future. Here you can see the slave race of tomorrow already today! Soon this will be the reality in your own city whereever you live!

модест петрович : блять! Ещё говорят Россия отсталая страна

Lealtad87 : Haste wey si bien que te gusta andar de metiche... Esas áreas son fácil de evitar cruzar Cuando te den tu buena cojida, vas a dejar de pasar por ahí ☝🏽

Dustin Stevens : (((Wakanda)))

intersezioni : I thank god for being born in europe!

bullshitdave : What's wrong with you people? Isn't this the natural and organic result of living in the greatest country in the world? Only healthy, wealthy, and respectful countries constantly produce filth and perversion such as this! To say anything else is a denial of the obvious! Unless of course you are ready to admit that your sacred Demockery and Capitalism are proven failures, … And the vast majority of "people" (economic slaves really) are suffering the self inflicted retardation of their ancestors and will never admit to that simple truth. The old lesson of divide and conquer is lost upon a population of morons and cowards. Obviously too stupid to work together in respect and diplomacy for the greater good. These poor morons demand to be weakened by separation as a peoples, divided into "parties" and set to fighting each other like idiot children on the playground with silly, disrespectful, childish, "games" of political win/lose. The US of A deserves everything it gets. Truly hard to feel sorry for the idiots.

Glenn Roberts : One time I accidentally drove a brand new gold colored Porsche into Watts. Big mistake. Got approached by two big black guys at a red light at an intersection - luckily I was first in line in the right lane and could make a right turn to get away.

Cruz cruz : van a cojerte su ten cuidado

der yyy : U.S.A is simply a loading HELLLLLL

Fernando Marzo : Ay pobreza xque no quieren trabajar el governo Los ayuda

facethanatos : @4:40 that guy had his eyes open 0-0

Gerardo. : entra de noche por la zona "0" aquí en Argentina hay un par de lugares dónde están todos zombies por el consumo de estupefacientes ya voy a hacer un video y te lo envío aquí te pueden matar por 2 pesos igual está muy bueno tu video pero mataría ver la Zona cero en la noche con los morochos africano o afroamericanos esos hay que mantener la distancia yo me trance con uno y aunque no saben pelear cuando se enfurecen empiezan a tirar guantes como locos

Anicca : Keep voting Democrat..

Avada Kerdavra357 : Hey just saying but I am Hispanic and this is sad when I see this but what is even sadder is the homelessness in Mexico show that at least the United States 🇺🇸 helps out with food and other necessities. Think about it Atole

Kappelo IRS/TECH scambaits : Estuvo chido tu video amigo, gracias. Yo fui homeless varias veces y la verdad es una vida muy triste, no se lo deceo a nadie.

Leonard Phillips : What a nightmare.

Mr. Ed 209 : Cuando sigues votando democrata When you keep voting democrat

Tonne Miezsek : Now that's a very territorial demon.

Wilhelmus Godefridus : Why is IT all the stores under the signs where closed? Is t coz of the bad neighbourhood? Just great watching Ur videos. Regards (NL)👑📯♥️😎

badferrit badferrit : god help her