Calles de Los Angeles, vuelta en calle equivocada

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Hill Bicks : City of Angels, more like City of Crackheads Edit: Keep the discussion up my fellow Americans.

Нови Сад Србија : Majority of americans is not living that good as people think

richard therrien : California has become a 3rd world country

HW : Keep voting in LIBERALS and it will keep getting worse

Mj : 2:00 the walking dead 😂

wiseman_4u : We don't see this in Hollywood movies

Lead Spreading Killing Machine : Usa is terrible place to be a poor, there is no social service giving you any money, and if you are not well educated, you have to work in 2 or 3 places becouse salaries are so bad. Im happy to live in north europe.

Greater Guangxi : Los Angeles in Ethiopia or what?

Nelson Bento : The whole country will look like this if the Democrats take power

Lonnie Gammon : Thank you Nancy pelosi Barack Michelle Obama and democrats in general

Tony montana : must be nice at night

PornShoulders : Thank you global mega corporations and filthy leftist politicians for ruining our country. This is what happens in liberal dominated areas.

Robyn Locksley : Nice. Unchecked immigration and multiculturalism... the future of America.

Angelus Marcarita : Thats why you have to practice in GTA, they are triying to prepare you for real life. Kill or be killed. Sadly but is true.

ELEGANCEatSIMPLICITY : 3:02 - 3:08 I think i heard Michael Jackson from the surroundings or the car passing by.

J Poletek : Now I understand why in the US they love zombie games so much

Acquibajo Wrinkle : The man filming is very big hearted. God bless you sir.

Kuba : American Dream

diamond glitter : disgusting world, we have fully equipped skyscrapers for cars, but not one single hall to accommodate these miserable people. they obviously need some kind of help. when you fall, you most likely need a lending hand to stand up again. we humans are social beings, made to live in a society, help each other out and absolutely can't survive on our own. it makes me very sad that many people in the comment section show no sign of sympathy for these people but in the contrary, they give you guidelines how to avoid these people like they are scum or something. Dear Lord, I pray everyday to keep this world from destruction by the indifference and lack of empathy of many people to each other, but I'm afraid our prayers can't hold it much longer. I truly wish for this world to be a better place :( There are a lot of opportunities out there, if one is giving the right chance. I have seen many people having their lives completely ruined just because they needed a little help that they never got. truly sad how unfair this world is, I'm in tears.

Florencia Mejia : Que deprimentes son las calles de cuba con personas en situación de calle, insanos que necesitan atención medica, gran desigualdad de gente rica conviviendo con los que menos tienen, que feo es cuba,maldito socialis... ,ah no momento, es estados unidos!!

Jimmy Rustled : Vote Democrat, and you to can have your city look like this.

forever a patriot : Exactly why democrats should stop spending our money on open borders and help the people that are already here that are legal citizens.

Corey Potter : Did anyone see any law enforcement? I feel as if the law has given up on these people so sad.

MrHousetronic : Did you say something about shithole countries Mr. Trump...??

Mike Tipton : Looks like all the programs the Democrats have started have worked

Joe : Looks like a shiiithole country .

Gixxer Lad : The whole world has gone mad

The Unknown Psycho : The reason why LA has so many homeless is because they come from conservative states. Conservatives don't care for the poor so they throw them away and make liberal cities take care of them

BADD1ONE : Wash them streets. With a flame thrower.

Paul Dunne : I thought it was some dump in South America with the Spanish talking then was surprised to see it was North America.

Demond De Sousa : She looks like a GTA character in the thumbnail

TWDxKILL3R : Sad.... when you don’t stay in school and don’t get an education and/or skill, you have nothing, and (to make yourself feel better) you claim a corner of a street made up of simple concrete is yours (although it belongs to the city) because you have nothing else to show for your wasted years of breathing oxygen.

Newton Washinton : Since California has been all Democrats its good to see how their polices work.

Sam @ L E : California is turning into a third world country like Brazil !

shaikha s : legend has it she’s still saying “get back”

Curt Brennan : This is EXACTLY what happens when you have Liberals running breakdown!!!

fatih yildizel : Salaklar ne yerler var gitmişler boklari çekmişler algı yapıyor

Harvey Weinstein : Speak English and build my wall.

Ghostweasel : My city in Scotland has a growing problem like this but the drug addicts on the streets are mostly homegrown. What has added to the problem though is that we are allowing Eastern European countries to outsource their criminals to us, an industry has sprang up to protect these people from any consequences for their actions and they are being coached on how to successfully claim disability benefits. The people who were employed to help our own homeless, disabled, drug afflicted and mentally ill have in significant numbers abandoned our own people to follow the dirty money trail around the Eastern Europeans and work exclusively with them. The Eastern Europeans are driven in mini buses to begging spots around the city and collected there when their shift ends, some of our own homeless are being forced from these spots by the Eastern Europeans who are trying to monopolise the prime begging spots in the city. This when combined with cuts in funding to services will leave a massive scar across all of Western Europe apart from the nicer areas where those who support the imported criminals and scammers live. Re the nice ending, I give fruit and/or coffee to people on my streets but deliberately only to my own people, not to people who have travelled thousands of miles across peaceful European countries to beg on my cities streets. Anyone who is familiar with any major European city will know the specific demographic I am talking about here.

MC Kacki : Come to Germany Frankfurt am Main, Overall Junks and criminal Gangs from Africa and Arab countries

Black Cobra : All thanks to liberals.

F Dannn : And yet i bet 5 minutes away you can see celebrities in their luxury cars with millions of dollars in the bank walking around with a coffee in their hands.

Lenocas Nascimento : Zombieland

1xrxaxrxex1 : los zombiecrackheads

Lukas Wro : Capitalism...

Roberto Alvidrez : Welcome to the First World....????

dodger Fan : I wonder how much illigal immigration has contributed into turning LA into a homeless ground zero?

mark long : Democrats

Livingston Garofalo : Cuando los países tercermundistas le están ganando la guerra U.S.A a los gringos ....metiendoles el veneno de la DROGAS que los mata lentamente .... mejor que una bomba atómica .....👌

West Dogg : LA 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 they need 10.0 earth quake to last 45 minutes 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇷🇺