Tim and Eric - Celery Man

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Aaron Carnes : I love the fact that this is his "job"

Steve Brule : I prefer Celery man to Tayne, I guess I just don't get the younger generation.

Norwegian Chill : I'm gonna sound like an asshole here, but I just can't get into Tayne. I know he's still a beta sequence, but I've spent a few months analyzing his moves and I just can't get into it. I do respect his craft and him as a person. Maybe if I could see a version of him with the 4d3d3d3 kicked up I would get it.

Real Human Bean : 3 years later and this is still the funniest thing I have ever seen.

ParadiseParksInc : NUDE, TAYNE...

atomicdancer : I think this is the greatest 1 minute and 47 seconds of anything ever created by the human race.

Sad Ketchup Gaming : I find this shit funny but my friends don't get it... I guess Tayne is just an acquired taste.

Joan Cassie : Paul Rudd will always be the celery man to me.

Martin Pizano : Iron man has Jarvis, antman has this.

Omahamaho : I'm gunna frame a picture of Oyster smiling, it's going right next to my Bold And Brash

AxisAmazing : almost forgot to watch this today

Paul Revere : can someone kick up the 4d3d3d3 for me

Path Finder : So this is ant man's dark past....

your uncool niece : digital dancing hey this is fun

Heruru Meruru : Could it be a pun on "Salaryman" or am I overthinking things?

Blight79 : I had a dream about Tayne the other night but my wife called and woke me up.

AnEternalEnigma : Where can I buy a 4d3d3d3 TV?

Cloudy : This is what it's like working as a software developer.

Collagenre : I've watched this sketch 900 times, and I just now realized the pun, "I can't wait to enter-TAYNE you".

SCVinyl : Not enough 4d3d3d3 in my honest opinion

mpkp2011 : wow i dont think ive seen a hat wobble of that magnitude before in my life

CookiejarSeventy5 : This is fake. As an engineer, computer expert and Reddit browser I know that computers dont work or look that way. There is no robot voice talking to you and waht he is doing would NOT be considered work in my workplace (professional computer assistance for an older female relative, my mother to be more precise) If she found me doing this on my computer I wouldnt get Mcdonalds for an entire month! Terribly unrealistic video, -1 fedoratip.

Jackson W : A S T H E T I C S

Not Overwatch : Paul Rudd is the masculine ideal.

Picha : taynes soundtrack pls anyone

Diego Morales : i can't stop replaying this, why?

RollersPostulate : Antman constructed an office in the Quantum realm.

Trevor Gonzalez : This is my favorite video and I don't know why

MrPaulPotato : This only gets funnier the more I watch it

Love Train : This is what Ant-Man does between his job as an Avenger

Oh Ben : You don't know how glad I am that he remembered to kick up the 4d3d3d3.

Taylor Foerster : Just now getting into Tim and Eric. Need more like Celery Man. Help?

demonsty : can i see the hat wobble...

Heemiez : Gimme a print out of Oyster smiling  ;:J

Charlizard : This satirical piece of performance art derides the modern obsession with social media and the virtual versions of oneself in them, by illustrating how ridiculous it is to be fixated on version of oneself that is entirely fictional and carefully contrived to "entertain" (or "Tayne") oneself or others, or ultimately as a means of bragging to others. In its core it is a commentary on the triviality of life and the frailty of one's ego, as symbolized by the wobbling of a hat, or how Paul reacts to his naked (read: true) version of his virtual self, in which after momentarily being disturbed, has to reassure himself that he is okay, to be able to go back to watching himself. Ultimately, this is why the program is called celery man: celery, widely known as having "negative calories" due to its low-calorie count and high water density, is a vegetable with no real substance, but at the same time something that is often used to boast about one's lifestyle, or eaten as a guilt-free snack. In the same way, your online persona is a "celery man", a tongue-in-cheek reference to a "salaryman" or those whose income is salary based, which is what most people are. Flarhgunnstow is just silly tho.

iAnimate38 : Arin why

Dunlap Music : Flarhgunnstow

Sarah Craig : Now Tayne I can get into

NogoldenFleece : the screech at OYSTER gets me everytime. Also the computer text looks exactly like the font used in Mother 2/Earthbound.

uicosole : I have to admit, I watch this atleast once a week

Bryan Carpenter : 285 people couldn't get into Tayne.

The Real Kisht : Hey, sorry, but I just came here to see if there was anyway to generate a nude Tayne?

Jabbasic Park : What is Ant-Man doing in Professor X's Cerebro?

Henchman B : the way he hit the spacebar though 0:09

Riketz : The computer speaks to him in Earthbound's font. There's so many layers of the most bizarre and obscure references in these videos, but this one is by far the best.

pooper poop : No matter what the situation, if you are given the opportunity you always kick up the 4d3d3d3

Lucifer Jones : Now Ant-Man I can get into...

Sonicsnout : Computer, load up Ant-Man.

wizzolf : He really puts in a hard day's work.

Dumanios : Customer Service Bot