E3 1998 - Scott The Woz
E3 1998 Scott The Woz

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It's August 2018! Or as Scott likes to put it: It's time to talk about E3 1998! Electric Playground Footage: https://youtu.be/a-48X6mzHqI NeoGamer Footage: https://youtu.be/XFjPAVEDq2Q Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ScottTheWoz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScottTheWoz/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scottthewoz/ Music Used: "Littleroot Town" from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald "Starlight Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog "Super Sonic Racing" from Sonic R "Greetings!" from Rhythm Heaven Fever "Gerudo Valley" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Mom's Hometown" from Mother 3 "Run! Run! Run!" from Game Boy Camera "Crystal Flight" from Spyro the Dragon "Main Theme" from Duke Nukem 3D "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


Jesse Vargas : I'm gonna start writing "piss" on my lunch so that they none of my coworkers steal my food. Thanks for the idea, Scott!

PapaTimmy : *knee slaps are the best system to review anything*

Joey Keilholz : "only tech demos" displays polygonal head breathing fire

Justin Y. : If E3 was so good, why didn't they make an E4?

thebahooplamaster : The second I heard Littleroot Town from Gen 3 Pokémon as the background music, I couldn’t help but focus on listening to it.

SmilingIpad : Nintendo once held a shareholder meeting where Satoru Iwata talked about bananas for two hours.

Mr. Boppin : Is it really E3 without a single ounce of disappointment?

Stevefreak VEVO : Sega's conferences are just the biggest "we surrender" moments of early E3s

TetraBitGaming : Yo I wan't to get my hands on that Zelda 64 magazine DANG

flameguy21 : 4:11 Shigeru Miyamoto: Nintendo game GOD They’re not wrong.

VGG Brayden : I came early because I'm a fan It's like an R-Rated Nintendrew

Sandice : “Hey all, Michael Here!”

r0se : What kind of building are you? A house? A skyscraper? An event hall? The rocketship from "When Gimmicks Go Too Far"? We need to know!

ThatCubeGamer : Starting the video off with Pokémon R/S/E music... perfect.

smALL : I approve of your change in life and lifestyle. I will always support you being a building

Ryansock : One day someone will say hey all but it won't be scott and it'll be depressing

AurenTheGuy : Shigeru Miyamoto *N I N T E N D O G A M E G O D*

Robin - The - Joker : hey all, scott isn't here today because he's hiding the evidence he hasn't reviewed pokemon yet

Executer 66 : Eh, E3 1998 is an ok conversation starter but I prefer to start my lifeless conversations with "E3 2008, am I right!" Because, you know, Wii Music. Yeah...

Star Petal Arts : When he put on glasses onto his glasses, I broke. Oh dear god! kill it 6:47

Leatherhound : >Doesn't play pokemon >uses track from ruby as bg music m'kay

OliKad : And one year later, he did a video on E3 1999 What a time to be alive!

Broshi : 10 years of preparation for the great Madden ‘08

Vitamin P : yet again here I am on a sunday, ready for Scott to take my troubles away

Broshi : When early, pull an original joke: *all hey here scott*

Sandice : Why can’t there be “E69”?

Haas : Hey Scott, All here!

trush0t1 : 98 was my favorite year growing up. Just getting the N64 catalog going. Realizing the greatness of PC gaming. Dial up AOL. The Simpsons were still good... Oh man take me back!!!

Aravindh Sundaram : I swear to God, these intros are getting crazier each video.. I Love It

C A T : Nintendo: Zelda! GBA Color! Pokemon! Sony: Spyro the Dragon! Crash 3! Final Fantasy VIII! Metal Gear Solid! Sega: A-ny body want Sonic R ????? A-nybody ? Anyone ? Hel-loo ???

Jose Ruiz : "...lead Zelda to victory!" *QUALITY CONTENT*

Lucas M : Has it ever occurred to you that Scott could be a Sonic fan character? I mean, Scott the Woz, DO NOT STEAL, this ringin’ a bell? What is a Woz anyway?

EPM 101 : I love how the magazine refers to Link as Zelda.

NSan : If E3 is good why isn't there a E4!

Mace Wilch : You though the Sega Saturn was the future! But it was me Dio!

Switch Stop : Mmmm is that generation 3 music I hear?!?!

CaptainKizer : Scottathan Wozconsin

Jesse A : I gotta admit, the way you start a video can be kinda meh sometimes, but the way you end your videos are pretty funny.

Jake Johnson : Mr. Scott I don't feel so good

supersam5776 : Last time I was this early it was 1998

Ya Boi Ayden : Na my moneys riding on E3 2004

doomed breakfast : 6:47 That's nightmare fuel...

Silver Pop : Huh, I always wanted to be a muffin instead. Also, there is a yelp for people, I think

l Tactician l : Can I have a pin you dark haired sugar daddy

Langas LVDC : 1998.... I'll never forget it...

AceBatman : I’m legally considered a Wii U man I hate my life decisions

AndyoftheRew : Never clicked faster

Jan The Man : So that's how I hide myself, I just gotta label myself as a Sega fan in 1998

Stokes A : In 1998, Sega announced 3 of the most expensive titles to ever sell on the aftermarket.