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Arcelia Hugues : "Obey your masterrr!!!" LMFAOOOOOO HAHAHAHA X'D

Flyin' Ryan Goes Hawaiian : I love the awkward silence in between vocals, lol.

Mr. Airflakes : I'm dying!

aTROLLwithBlades : Lol amazing

strivetoglory1988 : So The Big Comfy Couch was real after all

ralphyetmore : Hold my breath as I wish for death....

dwhitenerd : This would be the most epic video ever if the Metallagher was turned up and the audience down. Still great though. My coworkers.and I can't stop walking around randomly shouting LANDMINE!

thefriendsociety : gallagher was...uh...welll........just listen to the O&A gallagher interview with patrice o neal..

HarukoSophie : Please, Gallagher is a hack. He acts like he's James Joyce because of "wordplay" like "WHY DO PEOPLE DRIVE ON PARKWAYS AND PARK ON DRIVEWAYS HAR HAR HAR". Bill Hicks said it best: "Only America could produce a comedian named Gallagher, who ends his shows by destroying good food. Gee, I wonder why we're hated the world over?"

Mathew Woodard : Your parents... or grandparents, depending on when you were born.

Stephen Strange : dats so funny im rollin

StarbrockEagleslam : All gallaghery aside, it'd be kinda cool to have that giant couch/trampoline.

Lucas Harvie : LANDMINE!

Wolves : @WalrusDoom If this was literally true, I'd be all for it and would be a big fan.World Rape is a cause I try to champion in my daily life and I think it needs more attention. Gallagher is really not the right ambassador for it though - would anyone take his rape prowess seriously? We've talked about this on the World Rape Council and have decided that people like Donald Trump are better suited to be World Rapist spokesmen. p.s. fucking rape everyone

IamLiterallyRetarded : @WalrusDoom The people whose kids went to Dane Cook shows.

demonicpretty : This is amazing, I'm fucking dying... I can't stop laughing at this!

TenouHaruka0 : @HisEmptyHouse Plus the scary eyebrows and freakishly large muscles...


Hanzo : This is the same routine Charlie Sheen did on his tour

bubby clancy : there really is "no description available"

Brad Rohloff : THIS IS SO GOOD.

06hatter : Landmine!

Rygar212 : James Hetfield!! voice of a god _\m/

Wolves : You ever wonder just who all these people are in the audience? Like who the fuck went to Gallagher live shows?

Fuctaculon A/V : I finally understand Gallagher now. Thanks?

Dogmayor : This is like a Titté Brothers show.

mycombs : DAMMIT if that isn't just perfect.

dropandlongD : hey wolfgore ilu

WolfgoreShow : @LongbowGirl whaat?

sleepingtrinity : gallagher then pulled out a pistol and blew his brains all over the audience. all agreed that it was the best show he ever had.

jojoko : the really galager is a douche.

jmricks : Holy crap, thank you!

The Goat's Cave : Loonette the clown has aged terribly.