Christian Bale: The Truth About Method Acting

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Screen Rant : Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, let us know which other documentaries you'd like us to make!

PhantomSavage : Christian Bale isn't an actor, he's a shapeshifter.

Solidus X : Wow. Screenrant is getting so much better lately. I used to view them like a Watch Mojo knock off or a Looper knock off but Screenrant's content is so much more polished and thought filled

David Reyna : Christian Bale is tight

Sam : Imagine if Heath Ledger lived and they cast Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the third Dark Knight movie. Three great method actors together, each the best at their iconic roles. Not to mention Tom Hardy, also a notable method actor.

Nima Hanna : "Pain is temporary, victory is forever"

Grade E quality : Meanwhile Dwayne Johnson plays the same character for the 5th time

Gabe Selden : And this is why Christian Bale is by far my favorite actor. He puts his body, heart, and soul into his roles, and it is truly amazing

Deenclassic : We see Christian Bale and his amazing art... We are amazed by his body transformations on the outside, but believe me, his insides, his heart is taking a beating. This constant metamorphosis has side effects.

Samarth Srivastava : ChristianBale is so versatile, he could have played both Batman and Joker and we wouldn't have known.

Rachel Robert Davies : Fave Christian Bale role is Patrick Bateman. He even changed his teeth in real life, because everything about Bateman had to be "perfect".

Tommy : The Prestige really is a fantastic movie and clever on so many levels. Bale and Hugh Jackman are at their absolute best. I urge anyone to watch it.

Daniel Kemnitz : How can Christian Bale do all these amazing things?.. *BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN !*

Hoze 123 : in other words he is insane, insanely dedicated

Flash : Yeah... He is the only batman for me😑😑😑

LazyBob : Screen rant made a good video, other than their pitch meetings? What year is it?

Luke Maynard : Christian Bale's acting technique is astouding and his intuition serves him extremely well. Gaining and losing weight is the absolute least interesting thing he does as an actor.

Procrastinitus : I have a theory that the actor known as Christian Bale is actually portrayed by 3 different people.

Zeno : “Instead of getting into the dark and moody roles...”. Have you seen The Prestige? It’s quite dark.

danteelite : As much as I love ya Christian Bale.. Brother. Please stop. You're in for ROUGH elder years. My god. My body hurts just thinking about it.

Malibu Dar : Dude, chill with the vocal pyrotechnics. We get it. Just talk like you're speaking to a friend, not like you're trying to sell shamwow for 20 minutes. It distracts from an otherwise well done video.

Jay Gib : All of a sudden his tantrum on the terminator salvation set seems a lot more forgivable

The ClickBait Detective : So in other words Christian Bale isn’t Human.

Vasse Manousaridis : Sorry but method acting doesn't mean that you portray a charactet during the whole production. It means that you use your own emotions and experiences to portray a character.

Sideshow The Game Freak : Shedding years off of his life to make movies, dedication.

AJ Lancaster : Bale wasn’t “physically similar” during Rescue Dawn. Dude got almost as thin as he did during The Machinist...

Red Andromeda : Bale lost 55 pounds for his role in Rescue Dawn. How can you say that's staying physically similar to his Batman body?

T R I B E : He actually wants to be Batman in DCEU but WB never called him and Snyder choose Ben Affleck. I think if there's another Batman movie they should consider to re-hire him again. edit: I wanna see him vs Joaquin Phoenix. Both of them method actors! Batman vs Joker the reboot.

ariana moore : 2:13 sexy music starts.. flashes to Christian bale topless.... mmmmm 🤤 I like your style screenrant

Ginger M. : Millions and millions of dollars...yeah I'd do it.

RGC Tech : One of the great method actors was heath ledger in the dark knight as the joker

O S M A G I C : A massively underrated Bale film is Harsh Times. If you haven't seen it highly recommend.

josepca89 : Great video guys, looking forward to see this kind of vids with your channel style

Alex Cope : I don’t normally comment on stuff, and while I appreciate the analysis and thought that went into this, I feel compelled to comment. Method acting is a widely misunderstood process due to tabloid stories and rumors around famous actors. What is being described in this video is not the actual “Method” practice. Do some research on Lee Strasberg, who could be considered the father of modern acting. He was inspired by the work of Stanislavsky, and from him we developed other acting techniques such as that of Stella Adler and Meisner. The Method is not transforming in the character by extreme physical or mental measures. It is not existing in the role off set. Sure, these actors including Bale have committed themselves fully, and done an immense about of research to prepare. But while these actors or the media may claim it is “Method acting,” it is not the Method created and coined by Lee Strasberg. Not to bash these actors, because I truly love their work, the extremes they go to are not healthy. As you discuss in the video, it takes an intense mental toll on the actors, that effects their lives. In some cases it results in unhealthy habits such as drug use, and that is most certainly not part of real Method acting. Again, I enjoyed the thought that went into this, but I highly suggest researching Strasberg and the real Method. It is an intense method of acting, true, but not like this. Sorry for the long post, and thanks to anyone who read the whole thing. EDIT: I realize that this video reaches a very wide audience, which is why I felt the need to comment. I don’t want this to be a negative comment, but it is media like this that can spread the bad or extreme reputation Method acting gets.

kay x : Real talk, christian bale is..iconic. That dedication is insane.

Alan Sampedro : Would Jonah Hill be considered a method actor??

Dylan Perez : Christian Bale as Dicky Eklund is one of the greatest performances in cinema. If you’ve seen footage of the real Dick Eklund, it becomes even more apparent how much Bale nailed that role.

AxeKick80 : Christian Bale: A giant middle finger to anyone that’s ever struggled with their weight.

unlyricallyrics : I used to dislike Christian Bale, but then seeing him in American Psycho, Batman, The Prestige and others just makes me realize Christian Bale is pretty great

batmanfanforever08 : I wish Christian Bale had stayed Batman for _Batman v Superman_ , cuz that would've been awesome, but at least we got Ben Affleck. Batfleck is an was awesome too. It was nice to have a new Batman, but I still wanted Bale.

Matt Hines : Do you want to know the truth about method acting? No one does it better than beloved character actress Margo Martindale

that one channel thats just a channel : He could make a good john wick

Avdhoot Bhatwadekar : Daniel Day Lewis ,Jack Nicholson and Christian Bale should work together,what u guys think ?? Like the comment who knows maybe the producers may just start thinking about the idea 🤣

Danny Ward : If you didn't mime... "I'm not wearing hockey pads" at that scene then all is lost in the world.

Fupa memes : Why is screenrant making decent content and not badly made and inaccurate top 10s?

Hyperimus : EQUILIBRIUM!!!

Joseph Raja : Oh my God. He is unrecognisable. Even without much makeup for the film.

Dizzy ForMayor : Is it going to be hard for him to change his weight so frequently? Actually no....super easy, barely an inconvenience

Zach Nelson : Empire of the sun has always been the fondest of memories from my childhood as I'm a film student at heart To say the very least I am a die hard Christian Bale fanboy I am somewhat DISAPPOINTED that "Harsh Times" is not mentioned in this video as it is an incredible performance from Bale He completely immerses himself in every role Which I appreciate and show my appreciation by watching every one of his movies

Storm : Spoiler: Spoilers.