A Boy Ate 150 Gummy Vitamins For Breakfast. This Is What Happened To His Bones.

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Comments from Youtube

Dat1 Eddie : That moment when you realize that eating 50 gummy bears is healthier than eating 50 vitamin gummies

PepsiDraws : “One, day, his dad went out to buy groceries. He never saw his dad again.” *just like the simulations*

Dante Steele : That's why i only eat my usual 149, 150 is way too much. Like damn dude calm down😬

Panicking Disco : He's a living gummy vitamin overdose meme.

Shane Ozouf : "...Ate 150 Gummy Vitamins... This is what happened to his bones." Me: ... W. T. F.?! "...He tripped, fell, and broke his arm" Me: ... oh

Idk Idk : and i was scared shitless for taking 3 vitamins instead of 2 😭😭

BigBrotherMateyka : A Gummy Ate 150 Boys As Vitamins. This Is What Happened To His Breakfast.

Bazzralic : Takeaway: 1: Dont eat carnivore liver 2: Dont eat excess gummys

Luxieto Chetta : Down my gummies with 2 litres with soy sauce

Juul Nuël : What does this bottle say? Do not take more then 2 a day. Mom: good candy

Xeleb : *A boy ate 150 bones for breakfast, This is what happened to his gummy vitamins*

Shirley Bell : Why would his mom let him eat candy for breakfast anyway?

Vanjo Lubon : A child watched Chubbyemu. *This is what happened to his intelligence.*

Czar Boyd Ybarra : How to sound like a doctor. Others: Me:"hyper means high, (enters elements from periodic table) nemia means presence in blood"

shirosagi edits : *the thumbnail is my hand after writing an essay*

Vortexx : A vitamin ate 150 boys for breakfast. this is what happened to his gummy

Isaac Opyrchal : So eating gummy vitamins literally turns you into a gummy?

metalfaust19 : You mean this mother really out here thinking she was just buying expensive fruit snacks in a bottle from the same aisle you buy deodorant and tylenol? Shit like this is why the food section is on the other side of the store from the medicine section.

Turtle Jr : A guy watched 10 tiktok videos *This is what happened to his sanity*

Emily Griese : Those bottles are like 20$ each

I don't deserve subs : So you don't get superpowers?

Azaan Leghari : Damn why didnt the camera man help him he knew what was going on

Lapeez 22 : when you eat 3 vitamin gummies instead of two bones: lmao calcium

xCandy Gamerx : Damn poor kid, my dad left to get groceries and never came back as well :(

- Steve - : Mom: you can only have 2 gummy vitamins Me:

Isaac Douglas : Man i just feel so bad for him, he just wanted some candy gummies.

【 Ari Dreams】 : Anti-Vax parents have entered the chat

Gaafdovjun Gaming : I literally typed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa into the search bar and this was the first result.

Andy Curdo : What I've learned from chubbyemu: Hypo [insert] emia = you're going to die

Yolo Prince : these titles are like my maths question..... Alex had 10 watermelons he gave 5 to his friend Josh and 2 to another friend Carl.Find the weight of the Earth.

kevin Johnson : _”Humans don’t pee fat.”_ I’m wiser for knowing that.

MSP Bionic : WaHt ORgAn CouLd iT bE? ThE STomaCh. wait

Hejia Han : This video reminds me that I forgot my daily dose of vitamin

Coyotekins : I didnt think i would ever subscribe to a medical channel. But your commentary and voice is very straightforward and easy to consume. Very good content.

Ookami Da Boi1da : Man......i use to lay into them flinestone vitamins dawg I got lucky dawg lmao but tbh I cant ever say I ate more than 20 at a time

Peanut The diamond : who will win? human body or some gummy bois

fuzz : watching as i take my vitamins in the morning

Fuck This Place! : Tj: eat 150 vitamin gummies, feel into coma Me: Pathetic

Big Disappointment : 150 vitamin gummies??? The things people will do for power

Juan Miguel Montejo Montejo : Me: **finshes watching the video** ... I haven’t ate gummy’s in 3 years after this...... Edit:I don’t trust gummy’s much anymore ;m;

ColdWavE : I expected what happened to his brain.. but this time bones!

EliteBalance : Imagine being the mom going to the store and buying “bottle of gummies” for $10

Denki Kaminari- : Me: **Just thinks of how many years he took in college, how much it cost, and all the words hes saying that I dont understand**

Vegito Blue : Maybe if he ate the Flintstone vitamins gummies, he would become god.

Smiling Buddha : A man stubbed his foot. This is what happened to the chair.

Just Me : So... taking a handful of multivitamins doesn’t make up for the cupcake i ate for breakfast. Good to know

giists : TJ eats his own liver when feeling pain, this is what happened to his dad's groceries

Mckenzie Schmidt : I had these when i was little But not any more

Roku : And I thought my breakfasts were bad.