A Boy Ate 150 Gummy Vitamins For Breakfast. This Is What Happened To His Bones.

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Chubbyemu : Happy Medical Monday! 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💊 💉🏥 English CC (subtitles) written by me are available at publication! Other language subtitles are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Dreamcast : Thumbnail: Me, tapping the video: I don't wanna watch this

mint suga : Too much of anything can make you sick Edit: lol I'm repeating lyrics from a Cheryl Cole song

Finley : Take a shot every time he says vitamin

wolfgamer1 : Simple answer: he peed to death

Jaekoff : No not TJ!

Phil Osophical : Sooooo. Dont over consume anything with high levels of vitamin A and D

Philip B : A boy stopped playing fortnite for one day, This is what happened to his brain.

Vikin Go : Retards... I mean the word "Vitamins" isn't too difficult to read or interpret even if it is another language.

Poison Insect : The moral of the story is learn to speak English in America

Allison Smith : Vitamins in Spanish: vitaminas, vitamins in French: vitamines, vitamins in German: vitamins The bottle is also found no where near other candy, only in the medicine parts of the stores. There has to be more to the story than "accidental" ingestion due to not understanding English. I hope the kid's Ok.

Fullmetal Shenron : Rookie numbers

Communist Cat : A cat drank 200 vodka this is what happened to his economical system

ROSGAMING XD : A boy ate kitkat without breaking them this is what happened in his brain

gutz1981 : Well, now a blood sucking lawyer is gonna step in and sue the vitamin company and this kid and his mother is going to get millions. Welcome to America. Where hard work and common sense gets you nowhere as fast as negligence and a lawsuit.

zammmerjammer : Gee, so making vitamins indistinguishable from candy is a BAD idea??? Who could have possibly foreseen this? Oy.

Retro Game Players : I think I'm gonna hold off on tomorrow's vitamin

Cosmo Politan : If this case was real then it's pure ignorance that the mother and the boy had no idea what they were buying and eating. It's especially evidently fishy when the presenter mentions that she bought the the vitamin gummies over and over. It doesn't matter if you're from another country or don't speak English well. At some point you would realize that those gummies are vitamins and not candies. Recall also that these two were not poor meaning the mother probably had some kind of skills or education. As another YouTube said in the comments, if this story was true she must have done this deliberately, hopefully with good intent. Besides, once you move to a new nation that doesn't speak your language, you begin leaning the new tongue. What's a good way to do that? One is reading the labels of the foods and medicines you buy! Such brash ignorance! Poor TJ!

Sad Spongebob : Natural selection at its best.

Evan Jones : Moral of the story is....... THE DADDY SHOULDNT OF LEFT

An IcePop : those gummi vitamins are EXPENSIVE! Get a bag of haribo for a dollar damn

Samantha Koizumi : Chubbyemu uploaded a video. This is what happened.

Little Uzi : I despise this Channel, not because of you, the production, the content, all of those things are great. This channel makes me so paranoid when I watch it

The Salami : Top Ten Anime Series

Cole Wong : A Gummy Vitamin ate 150 bones. This is what happened to his Breakfast.

Zen Kazeno : I hate to sound racist but if you wanna move or go somewhere I think it's important to learn the basics or even just the fundamentals of their language and if ur gonna be buying products in another country research them maybe especially if u don't speak and cant communicate in the language.

Felix's Freckles : dude I used to eat like seven of these at a time as a kid. It wasn't everyday. It was more like when my mom forgot to put on the top shelf, which rarely happened. Thankfully nothing happened to me... that I know of 😅

alchemic mercury : GOD! Thus poor kid and his mother! There needs to be better and friendlier communities for immigrents so that these musunderstandings dont happen. This makes my heart hurt. Like bad.

Wolf Scorpio : immigrants don't know how the western world works, they shouldn't be allowed to enter western society without having western knowledge and values

Billy Batson : So the parent's were regularly paying approximately $8 for shitty tasting gummies?

KING OF AWESOMENESS : That's why you read the bottles before buy

Ethan Sean : I'm halfway through.... I want to turn on something else but I can't stop watching!!

Jimmy Biggs : She purchased gummy vitamins for like $5.00 to $$9.00 a pop when she could have went to the dollar store and purchased safe regular candy gummies for a buck a bag. That's goofy!!!

Ultra Kitten 2263 : 2:38 That looks like some engineer combined a coconut and a potato

7dog123 : So to cut the video short the boy basically Overdosed on the Vitamins.

Matthew Mashford : U know, sometimes I really shouldn’t watch these kind of vids They just scare me a lot

ProdCharles : This is the first time I was close at guessing what might have been the outcome before watching your video. Might be the same for others who have done research on Vitamin D. Please be careful! Out of curiosity, how does the skin prevent oversynthesising Vitamin D when exposed to the sun? Just thinking that there has to be some kind of mechanism or chemistry in place, or the those who are frequently exposed to sunlight for long periods would experience hypercalcemia. Thanks for another awesome Medical Monday!

Thelazylime88 : “A woman ate a bale of hay. This is how she became the worlds greatest sex machine.” This actually sounds like a great video

Rasan-kun ラーサン : Brb I'm going to the store.


Joel Park : I think this is God telling me to stop. I eat 6 a day, I balance it out so, breakfast, mid lunch, and late night. I make sure I eat before I consume them, but the Daily dosage is 2. I’m trying to grow taller, that is the reason why I intake all that, but maybe it isn’t really good...

Clorox Bleach : I just hope TJ is fine

Bitchboyardee : The explorer ended up in Canada looking for Indonesia? I think he made a wrong turn..

Simply. Samyra : Do I even want to eat vitamin A and D again idek

Potato Man : You literally did a re-enactment of it xD. CONGRATS I like your vids

Rena Whitlock : Hehehehehehe Homo Erectus

Viva Frei : Even if they thought it was as candy, where on earth would it be safe/normal/healthy to eat that much candy? All things said and done, this was very informative in general.

It's Nibbles : I love your amazing videos! They're so interesting!

LIT In This Bitch : It’s like 5 in the morning for me wtf.

aminaaa : a boy ate oreo and orange juice instead of milk and this what happend to his brain