A Boy Ate 150 Gummy Vitamins For Breakfast. This Is What Happened To His Bones.

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Chubbyemu : Happy Medical Monday! 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💊 💉🏥 English CC (subtitles) written by me are available at publication! Other language subtitles are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Cassandra Bankson : *....at least it wasn’t 150 tide pods for breakfast.*

Senseless : Damn that's so sad the mom came from another country so she probably didn't know how to speak or read english so she thought they were just regular gummies and accidentally poisoned her kid thats unfortunate

TheNBAFreak : Am I the only one distracted by how much this dude moved his fucking shoulders?

kevin Johnson : _”Humans don’t pee fat.”_ I’m wiser for knowing that.

A, Joseph Stalin, wants, 20 million subs : Doctor 1: "So what did he die from?" Doctor 2: "Flintstones Gummies."

I don't deserve subs : So you don't get superpowers?

#Despacito2 Confirmed by Nasa : A kid stopped playing fortnite for 1 day here's what happened to his virginity

The Hundredth Monkey : a bottle of vitamins costs like $15.... that should have been the parents first clue

Thanks Pete : “ *Vitamin C is Spanish for Vitamin Yes* “

Grind:30 Entertainment : Just read 150 million comments on this video. A bunch of people trying to be cool making jokes. I ll be the first to say it. That is sad. I'm glad he is on the road to recovery. Thank u for the upload. I honestly would have thought eating a whole bag of gummy bears would be worse for u than eating a whole bottle of gummy vitamins. Anywho all y'all COOL folks b good. God Bless!

Justin Y. : I thought he would have become the ultimate life form

Margaret Satterfield : why is the scene for his dad going to get groceries but never returning just a spray painted swivel chair???

KvAT : A boy suffers from acute Ligma. _This is what happened to his balls._

David Ace Ray Ollsàn : a boy watched roblox rule 34 for 24 hours, here’s what happened to his penis

Rustin P. : Doctor: “ *_AlWaYs eaT yoUr vItaMinsZ!_* “ Me:

TheRichest : A mentally stable person watched a Logan Paul video. This is what happened to his brain

Skai Da Foxxo : The old "Gone Out For Groceries" trick.

Some random Idiotic nerd : A man ate a peanut, this is how his organs were harvested

Sebastian Grygiel : A man lived. This is what happened to him.

Felix's Freckles : dude I used to eat like seven of these at a time as a kid. It wasn't everyday. It was more like when my mom forgot to put on the top shelf, which rarely happened. Thankfully nothing happened to me... that I know of 😅

d w : 3:13 u cant convince me that these arent fruit snacks

Captain Qwaz Caz : It just means he wasn't worthy enough to contain that much power.

Derek Ocean : While watching this I felt my stomach turn. I walked to the bathroom and started panicking that I undercooked the pork chops I had for lunch and dinner. Then I farted and felt much better. Stay safe out there everyone.

DaBluBerryPie : When the vitamin gummies kick in

R2D2 From Star Trek : A girl touched herself 20 times a day, this is what happened to her brain

Breyden Robles : A toilet ate a man here’s what happened to taco bell

Danny Levy : 26 year old man exposed to decpicito for 10 days with no light or sound except for the song then almost 30 seconds latter gets a women pregnant. See what happens to the children.

Skateboard P : Lol I dated a girl who tried to commit suicide as a teen, by stealing some of her mother's pills.... turns out they were daily multivitamins 😂

lon242 : dumbass mom

Dreamcast : Thumbnail: Me, tapping the video: I don't wanna watch this

Jdgedbdhehsic : that mom mustve been so scared though :(

Mr. Random Video Guy : Why didnt he take a SHET?!

SpaceOrca : A boy listened to the Soviet Anthem for 1 hour. This is what happened to his toenails.

Al Fa : Buying "candies" in a pharmacy... *Genius*

Fin : Take a shot every time he says vitamin

*insert name here* : Once my brother ate 15 gummy vitamins at one and he threw up on the floor. Moral of da story? Vitamins hate you. So hate vitamins.

WistfulAZ0990 WistfulAZ0990 : Mom: "Take your vitamins! *They're good for you!* "

The Soupcup : my sister did this once. she took a half a bottle of vitagummies to school as a snack when she was in third grade. nothing bad happened fortunately, but my father who is a retired paramedic found out a week later and got mad saying he would have taken her to the hospital if he had known earlier because it can cause permanent liver damage. so hide them flinstone gummies from your kids y'all lol!

CoolCrabSavesTheGoats- Gaming and stuff : Why did I do this Why did I watch this Why do u do this to myself

TheDieseased : **Boy Eats Vitamins** **Somehow breaks his hand**

Bhatti Bagart : Papa papa Yes TJ Drinking Hennessy No TJ Telling lies? Papa why are you not replying papa One like for papa 😢


Hilton Harris : This was a good video and I liked it. However, vitamins in gummy form are very expensive. I wonder why his mother didn't ever, even by chance, wander over to the candy isle and find that gummy bears and jelly beans and such were much cheaper over there?

I am a giraffe : a piano licked a fish, this is how it’s giraffe ate a washing machine!

godbluffvdgg : He just needs more vitamins!

firecloud77 : This channel started out as an overweight Nuclear Throne game player. Fascinating transition.

Itsonlymany YOUTUBE : It will make you healthier they said... Take then everyday they said... There good for you they said..

Nolan Chojnacki : Forbidden candy

R DVD : This is why I could never be a doctor.