A Boy Ate 150 Gummy Vitamins For Breakfast. This Is What Happened To His Bones.

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Chubbyemu : Happy Medical Monday! 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💊 💉🏥 English CC (subtitles) written by me are available at publication! Other language subtitles are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Cassandra Bankson : *....at least it wasn’t 150 tide pods for breakfast.*

Xeleb : *A boy ate 150 bones for breakfast, This is what happened to his gummy vitamins*

fabb91 : So if I eat 720 eggs..there's a chance you guys are going to make a video about me too? Unemployed man eats 720 eggs..this is what happened to his anus.

Isaac Douglas : Man i just feel so bad for him, he just wanted some candy gummies.

Rusty Cog : lesson of the day:learn the language of the country you're moving into.

I don't deserve subs : So you don't get superpowers?

Peanut The diamond : who will win? human body or some gummy bois

MADBRO : Plot twist: the gummies ate him

natalie is bored : 1:40 *intensely zooms in on toilet*

Crazy Chris : A man participated in anal fisting. This is what happened to his rectum.

Idk Idk : and i was scared shitless for taking 3 vitamins instead of 2 😭😭

Josh Warren : "Humans do not pee fat" and pee is stored in the balls

I’m not that smart, but : The good old groceries bluff eh dad?

Billy Bob : Man takes 100 viagra pills....here's what happened...

Horacio Soltero : A child played fortnite for a month this is what happened to his reflexes

Justin Y. : I thought he would have become the ultimate life form

A Lonely Youtuber : *Take one* Boy: LMAOOOO

Classical Title : When you immigrate to a country, LEARN THE LANGUAGE! The human brain is capable of more than you think, you can do it! That way you won't mistake vitamins for candy. Also, don't let your kids eat candy everyday! It seems that a lot of what doctors do to help people, in addition to medical treatments, is explaining common sense lifestyle choices. Thank you doctors.

theuncanspan : I like this guy he's the Keanu Reeves of medicine.

Hyper Hyreo : *_i shidded and farded_*

Oliver Kirkland : Lesson learned: Never trust America

Lyra74 : "...the children are our future" Truly frightening thought.

Flower2009 : What an idiotic mother. Surely the vitamins were in a health aisle surrounded with, oh I don't know, MEDICINE LOOKING THINGS? Surely she must've been getting some medicine and then seen the vitamins next to them but it doesn't occur to her that stores would never stock harmless sweets next to medical vitamins? Regardless of the language, how ignorant do you have to be to know you're in a foreign country and not check what you're giving to your child? And vitamin labels look a whole lot different to sweet food labels. I call foul play, sorry but I do!

Bloody Sugar Cube : I thought the thumbnail and title together were implying that the hypercalcemia made his bone grow past his wrist and whole hand, breaking past it

Toiletchildre n : Heres the lesson kids, never be healthy.

velvet hoseok : I thought eating 3 was bad oof

Maski : A girl ate cereal for breakfast. *This is what happened to her spine*

Jndrck G : A boy ate 150 Gummy Vitamins for breakfast. This is what he have now. *DIABETES*

Smiling Buddha : A man stubbed his foot. This is what happened to the chair.

Shadow Creeper King : Nice, now im scared of calcium, get away from me cows!

THAT GUY! Casanova : Damn that's so sad the mom came from another country so she probably didn't know how to speak or read english so she thought they were just regular gummies and accidentally poisoned her kid thats unfortunate

water tastes so good : i laughed at the , he never saw his dad again

Dat1 Eddie : That moment when you realize that eating 50 gummy bears is healthier than eating 50 vitamin gummies

KROZFiRE : When the gummy vitamins kick in.

Basically Im_monkey : Someone stream sniped Ninja, *this is what happened to the stream sniper*

Fin : Take a shot every time he says vitamin

honestly just no : _where are those dang vitamins hiding?_

JT : As someone who visited Shriner's as a child, I can personally appreciate the donation made by this video.. Earned a sub from me. :)

oh yes bro Innocent : Weird flex but ok

R1CH13 BTW : A man farted while on the toilet. This is what happened to his Fortnite account.

Dreamcast : Thumbnail: Me, tapping the video: I don't wanna watch this

Roaring Thunder : A boy ate 150 edibles for breakfast. This is what happened to his brain.

Heartland Equestrian : Why would she buy gummies that are more expensive than the regular sugar kind

_Davey7_ : boy: can I have gummy vitamins god: to eat for c a l c i u m and development? boy: yeessss boy: actually eats like sweets and consumed whole bottle. boy: _ambulance time_

Otaku Berry : His dad went to go buy *milk* one day. And was never seen agian.

godbluffvdgg : He just needs more vitamins!

Gimmemoneynow : I swear I've now watched like 4 of these and I feel like mf einstein now on god

NewWhirledOrder : Lies. What really happens if you eat all those vitamins is you're going to get super powers. Anybody just has to watch a few episodes of Roger Ramjet to know that's the absolute truth. It was taken off the air years ago because too many children were doing this and gaining amazing superhuman abilities. There's no way to tell what abilities will present themselves after eating 150 gummy vitamins as it's all specific to the individuals DNA. THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS. DON'T BELIEVE THIS PROPAGANDA.

Spaghetti Boi : I guess he lacked... *CALCIUM*