This is how I say thanks for 5 million subscribers (Otamatone Cover)

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Galaxy Milkyway : If you hit 10M subscribers can you do the Soviet Union Anthem next?

Emmanuel Pagan : _Just turn on captions for a moment..._

EpicGamer : This song can end wars

Cinnamon gacha : First face:pls send help Second face:why did i do this Third face:pls make it stop Fourth face:jesus christ Fifth face:I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

Billy But Better : his face says... "I'm dead inside"

Derpy NEWB : American level: 99

CrazyHR 1987 : HIS FOREHEAD😂😂😂😂 0:31

Ben h : 1.1 mil in 1 month

Nesiclor : i see you're a man of culture as well.

Domdidaxx : People who don't live in the US: •_•

flare moon fox : Lol the subtitles XD

MrFlash : were can you buy that thing ?

kostas kostas : Alan becker logic:made 5 milion sub vid one month and a week later 6 milion subs then i started watching the original avm u ahd 6,144,120 when it finished u had 6,147,360 😵😵😵😵😵

Uri Duvid : But now you have 6M subscribers!

Calvin IDK• _ : Do the ussr anthem next

Pro Doge Plays : They should do orchestras with this thing

Shantea Uzumaki : lmao turn on captions

Penguin The Wise : Music to my ears ❤️

British Mapping : Your channel must be one of the fastest growing on youtube, you'll be hitting 7 million around 5 months after this video was made.

Samad : Alan Becker: The Musical

CROSSFIRE mobile PH : The virus #2 plsssssss!!!!!!!!! Like if you agree Plssss no. 2!!!😭

Radioactive Unicorn : Well, I know how i'm celebrating July 4th next summer

Manpreet Singh : Captions**🤣😂 Greatness happens** Greatness continues** Greatness continues still**

DARIUS : 0:28 on his face writed: "Kill me pls"

thebahooplamaster : Now *_This_* is what I really want to hear before any sport begins.

Paco PecasOMG : Is amazingh bro. Good video ;3

CanadianBoYY-Mobile Games : (TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT* *greatness happens *greatness intensifies *greatness continues *im not even american ok i dont have time for this bye

Александра Долуденко : Кто русский? Есть русские ау!

Barrington A3 : **greatness** loved it happy 5 mil subscribers haha :)

Sad Barto : Suicide rate dropped to 0%

Esqueleto Culiao : *_Your animations were the best,keep it up♥_* *-GOOD LUCK!-*

Millioner gleb : Круто

Zaharah Ahmad : He got 1mil subscribers in one month.........ok....thats normal.........right.....right....... Ok I’m Just gonna shut up now........

Leyton Gonzales : THE OTAMATONE!!!??? N-NANI!? Lel I actually love it tho

Domdidaxx : I'm crying tears of joy

tania Hernández : Oie ya llevas 6 millones XD

遊佐こずえ : 10 hours vers. Needed ^_^

Isaiah Marcelin : That was really good. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!!

Gabriel Greuter : This is surprisingly good!

SilentSky : Congratulations on 5 million subscribers! :)

xx gamer playzzz : you kinda look sad XD

Arshan YT : Where is the terrace?

Gamerking 201 : This is so beautiful

Gamer Braden : This is great but he looks so dead inside for doing this lmao

Chaitanya Singh : Now I want a musical every month

IS builderman R : You Need More 7 Million Subs!

푸른바다 : Wow Otamatone is very cute

Aron Ingi Danielsson : You have made my day better AWSOME!

AWAB The AWAB : 6.9 Million feelsbadman

The Narrator : I've never been more proud to be an American than now.