This is how I say thanks for 5 million subscribers (Otamatone Cover)

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Calvin IDK• _ : Do the ussr anthem next

Syad Chowdhury : Ehm...

DucksCanPvP : *_I am a citizen of the _**_-USA-_**_ Otamatone_*

TheCrystalSun : "I'm not even American" xD


Domdidaxx : I'm crying tears of joy

The Epic Peep : Congratulations!! Never do this again!

lonelycookie এ : Top 10 anime songs

FlicksTv : *_THIS IS AMERICA_*


SamTheNethead : Alan Becker: The Musical

Luna_Love : this is why I want an otamatone

PillowyCobra 122 : Kayak orang indonesia sumpah

Punjabi Zain : This Is what I Need

NABEEL AHEMED : hey ALAN i have an idea for your next animation idea= your orange stickman goes into windows 7 and on the toolbar it has 3 apps google chrome and start your orange stickman tries to grab the google chrome icons and he pulls it like a pinball machine and then relases it so it shoots out like a pinbal and then bounces around your desktop and then he calls his freinds and then they keep playing it rest of it think it yourself / you and your skills are awsome

Billy But Better : his face says... "I'm dead inside"

the trendiest : its amazing also i have been watching you since 2.k subs you were and still are my favorite stickman animator

Diamond Wolf167 : BEAUTIFUL

Petar Bogdanovic : 5 50 500 5000 50000 500000 5000000 5000000 s 5000000 su 5000000 sub 5000000 subs 5000000 subsc 5000000 subscr 5000000 subscri 5000000 subscrib 5000000 subscribe 5000000 subscriber 5000000 subscribers 5000000 subscribers! 5000000 subscribers 5000000 subscriber 5000000 subscribe 5000000 subscrib 5000000 subscri 5000000 subscr 5000000 subsc 5000000 subs 5000000 sub 5000000 su 5000000 s 5000000 500000 50000 5000 500 50 5

Emirhan Doğan : no problem :d

Domdidaxx : People who don't live in the US: •_•

Awegamingson Gaming : When is the board game coming out

MaRliFoRTeN HD : i will wish for that

- Aureusz - : I'm not gonna question him.

GamingTubeYT : *God Bless...*

Boba Bubble : * tear falls *

Aizaz Haq : Oh no the memes

Flowers le one eye dude : 10 hour version?

[업이들을 사랑하는]시 : 사고싶다 ㄷㄷ 학교에서 눌르고 다니면 개꿀잼일듯!💓

Смешные приколы : i and my friends love your videos ^)

Foxation : quality content

Viktor Méndez VHS : ... LOL!!!

It’s Butter : *God bless America*

SERBEST TV : /kill @e [type=usa]

Gta_ play : yughj

Sad Barto : Suicide rate dropped to 0%

PikaCrafty YT : 😂😂😂

The Master : *Trump* *2020*

Pakennyusa : Alan, You need a Discord server for your community. I noticed you do not have one, I know a lot of thriving channels have a discord or some place for the community to gather and mingle. Discord is free and runs similar to Skype and that of Team speak 3. I just finished watching the story video and thought of this suggestion. Also, I wouldn't mind you joining me on one of my minecraft servers... If your are interested... Feel free to reply to this idea if you think it would help your community. Best of luck. - Pakennyusa

Danvictor Lofranco : That Caption Tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Narrator : I've never been more proud to be an American than now.

Merna Hoareau : Halerious

Will Byrne : thank you god for creating this master piece

Fractured Games : I love your vids and that was great and made me cry love your vids

Paola Gonçalves Do Amaral : Trava + 1/10 episódio episódio 10 the Stick Man Episódio 10 the Stick Man onde eles vão enfrentar o Ender Dragon

Hemerald : Love u. <3

DEMONATICK Denemos : That reminds me James, from the oddsoneout! XD

Zlow_Beast : Smart and funny love your work

Thorin Lingo : I loved your videos and I found you in 2011. WHERE IS THE END OF THE COOLNESS? Nowhere yet but he has it. Also soon if he doesn't do them I will and give half of the money to him.

book lock234 : Beautiful just beautiful