This is how I say thanks for 5 million subscribers (Otamatone Cover)

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Billy But Better : his face says... "I'm dead inside"

Galaxy Milkyway : If you hit 10M subscribers can you do the Soviet Union Anthem next?

The Weird Potato : Me Before: Huh, I wonder what the captions would be... Me After: *ded*

Rainbow Universe : His face says his emotions. “Why did I do this”

Emmanuel Pagan : _Just turn on captions for a moment..._

Calvin IDK• _ : Do the ussr anthem next

Neko Chan : Now it's almost 6 million!!!!

Acrocanthosaurus Gamer : This music makes me more happy than the actual song

Ben h : 1.1 mil in 1 month

Person Pacman : Quit animation and Persue your true dream of being a proffecional musician This is true art

kostas kostas : Alan becker logic:made 5 milion sub vid one month and a week later 6 milion subs then i started watching the original avm u ahd 6,144,120 when it finished u had 6,147,360 😵😵😵😵😵

Uv Masterball : this is so sad alexa play minecraft-ceto

Uri Duvid : But now you have 6M subscribers!

Brian Riddle : Gotta take a knee for this one.

SamTheNethead : Alan Becker: The Musical

Nesiclor : i see you're a man of culture as well.

Derpy NEWB : American level: 99

We're Screwed : Bless you Alan you true American hero

Constipated Production : Do the russian anthem after

Domdidaxx : People who don't live in the US: •_•

Zaharah Ahmad : He got 1mil subscribers in one month.........ok....thats normal.........right.....right....... Ok I’m Just gonna shut up now........

Pro Doge Plays : They should do orchestras with this thing

PAC- MAN : *_Your animations were the best,keep it up♥_* *-GOOD LUCK!-*

flare moon fox : Lol the subtitles XD

Sad Barto : Suicide rate dropped to 0%

Radioactive Unicorn : Well, I know how i'm celebrating July 4th next summer

NightmareMangle21 // NM21 : Beautiful

Александра Долуденко : Кто русский? Есть русские ау!


Domdidaxx : I'm crying tears of joy

Unknown Player : Bruh almost 6 million subs :/

I’ll post videos at 5k subs : This should be at every football game ever

TNP random games : MASTERPIECE

Daniël Mao : Almost 6m

The Narrator : I've never been more proud to be an American than now.

Gamer Braden : This is great but he looks so dead inside for doing this lmao

OnlyZack : Last time I was here, you were at 235k! CONGRATS!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗

Muhammaddank213 The Moroccan Slav : Slavic People Says No to this But I Say WESTERN SPY CYKA BLYAT

Rocío dibujos : WTF😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Boba Bubble : * tear falls *

Carlos Jesús :v : Ahora 6 millones jaja preparate para un especial cada men jajaja


Ctas Qwer : Like просто супер


thebahooplamaster : Now *_This_* is what I really want to hear before any sport begins.

Homeboy Latte : I thought you would have rick rolled us-

suhaas godavarthy : And six mil already! Wow!!

DeathBase : I want to cry 😢

Carlos M. : when you realize you have some something bad to your life

Chaitanya Singh : Now I want a musical every month