Dungeons & Dragons: Florida Edition Part 4

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Theodore Pinnock : Did the DM heart every single comment or something? Quick! Something humorous so he notices me!

Jordan Watts : I live in South Florida and it's unfortunate how accurate this all is.

Penta Deuce : I'm just waiting for him to say: "Remember that hurricane I mentioned? Yeah it's here now. Everyone roll Fort saves."

GunSlinginOtaku : I really hate the fact this video forced me to put “President Trump Motorcade Twerk Florida” in my search history

Tom Clamper : I love Florida edition, every single time I see a new episode, it makes me lose more and more faith in humanity and want to play DnD more and more.

Aidan8et : Wow. That seemed almost tame for a Florida edition...

suanniiq : The DM not stressing out with PC decisions, maybe DM therapy has taken too much away from him.....

Ace Rumble : "He likes pizza and chips ahoy" Gwendolyn and I have a lot in common

Jeff Tillis : "I'm gonna love it to death." That face Sara makes at the end ... Guys who objectify her, beware, be scared, run away!

Eagles ridge : This is pretty close, as a Floridian I can confirm there is not enough fireworks. Also not enough jury rigging

Spencer Kennedy : 2:18 You can see DM just wincing at the missed opportunity to kill off one of his players. lolololol Perfect.

Emo Kills Best : @0:42 you see doggo ears. WE DEMAND TO SEE THE DOGGO.

Nerd Jesus : It seems like Chaz is bottling up all his frustration. I really can't wait for what appears to be the inevitable snap incoming

SuperiorManChild : NO, I *didn't* pause the video and Google each story as it came up, how dare you accuse me!

Kysier : "I'm going to love it *To Death* " Hahahahahahahaha oh god, top tier acting.

Dennis Deal : Luckily, I'm naked.. Hilarious.

Dick Johnson : "I'm gunna love it TO DEATH." LOL perfect delivery.

Matthew Mc Fadden : Holy shit. I just spent a month in Florida working with EMS. This is the most relatable YouTube video ever.

Maxime Le Donge : As a european: what the hell is going on in Florida guys? Is someone spiking the water supply or something? :D

J D : I've said it before, I will say it again, thank you guys so much for adding humor to my day. To all our days. Thank you.

Spencer Kennedy : Im going to love it to DEATH.

Hans Beef : What happend to Gwendolyn thou?

Hobbes Ehlert : The next game should be jail edition becouse of.all the crimes they commites

domo mitsune : The campaign ended without meager disaster and somewhere to continue off of. I'd call that successful.

Michael Flotten : Do you pull these things that are happening out of actual headlines?

Mikhail Chuev : I seriously was expecting to hear "A customer approaches! " after the GM therapy video. Those sessions were inforgivingly brutal.

alvaro herrera : I could see the “I need to kill all of you” eyes!


MavrickHunter : Losing weight bro? Looking better every episode.

sanuel kessler : I like the new outro, but what happened to ITS D&D? No complaint just curious. Great job putting Chaz's personal time to the test!

PizzaRyan 2487 : I both love💘 and hate💢 that this has been the least offensive FL edition to date. Keep up the good work. 👍

Pat O : As a proud citizen of Florida I approve this sketch. Great work as always guys!

Adam Woodworth : I'm gonna love it.... To death I very nearly choke To death

SSJ Rose Jake : A new outro...What a Twist!

Sheyet Happ'ns : I give it three maybe four episodes and then POP!!! We get Spoopy the rapping DM. lol was there a slight eye twitch at the "I'm naked!" bit?

Michael Giovinazzi : I need to NOT drink coffee while watching this channel! I nearly drenched my phone about 20 times from spit takes.

CheshireCaddington : You guys ever hear about the naked chick dancing on top of the semi-truck on 290 (a major texas highway, that was shut down for over two hours because of it)? Must've been a rogue Floridian.

meme mister : Yes Florida edition 4 YEEESSSSS

Ultra Atari : That's a 3.0 monster manual. no wonder so much broken shit happens

Aaron Seidl : Lance and his alligators 😂😂😂

Lilio Camere : This lighting is amazing! Are you guys doing something new? Also whats the camera used to film this?

John meh : Plot twist. The Dm murders the group and becomes a version of FL edition that he can never escape........ Rocks fall everyone dies

GBGamer : Glad to see the therapy is working out

crovax 13 : Don't forget the d12 option is *always* on the table!

THEAutisticBrony : Umm...I think they broke Chaz more than we thought.

Jeremy Crow : Something felt weird with the atmosphere of this one and I'm not sure why.

Cher Davis : HA they robbed Lance's zork! OMG ALL these back-stories though!

WaveShock007 : So how long until they get to the face painted kids who made masks out of sharpie?


Jeff Tillis : Lance's last remark ... Seems he enjoyed saying that a tad bit too much!