The History of Nickelodeon's Salute Your Shorts - Retro TV Review
The History of Nickelodeons Salute Your Shorts Retro TV Review

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Today we're taking a look back at Salute Your Shorts. Zeke...the plumber. ZEKE THE PLUMBER. Consider Supporting me on Patreon: Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #SaluteYourShorts #Nickelodeon #Television


Trevin Taylor : The line is โ€œI hope we never part.โ€ Get it right or pay the price!

HiGregory : Budnick saved mankind in Terminator 2 by lying to the T-1000 to protect John.

Brad K. Harrison : So I grew up in a pretty white neighborhood and went to a white school. Watching Telly and Pinsky was one of those "hey, white people and black people can date and I'm totally cool with that" moments for me. I don't think it was what they were aiming for, but Salute Your Shorts made me an open minded person.

Ryan Schaefer : The show that taught me that giraffes have black tongues...

Cole Rieger : John Goodman and Roseanne ate 180K worth of food a week? Couldn't even tell.

M Alexander : The secret world of Alex Mack anyone?!?!?!?๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

B P : Pete & Pete and Are You Afraid of the Dark please!

Travis Miller : Okay, Iโ€™m 39 years old and I still laughed when Budnick yells โ€œit makes me wanna fartโ€ and you just played the line again and I almost choked on my sandwich, being not ready for it!

Hazelhurst : I lived and breathed Nickelodeon as kid in 80s/90s, and this show is definitely in my top three.

Jimmy Chimpo : Anyone remember Snick and Are you Afraid of the Dark? Saturday nights

Princess Sparkle Pixie : Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, and especially Clarissa Explains It All, as well as cartoons like Sailor Moon, Beetlejuice and Rocko's Modern Life were my FAVORITE things in the world when I was a little kid! I remember having my dad record episodes of Salute Your Shorts on VHS for me.. And, I also recall the Awful Waffle episode being extremely traumatic, lol..

animefan25 : Venus did some minor roles on Family Matters.

Josh Cohen : Sponge's first name is Eugene. Just in case anyone wanted to know.

Andre Johnson : I had a huge crush on Venus DeMillo. And almost 28 years later she still is fine as ever.

NES WARRIOR : The best days of Nickelodeon right there!!! Salute your shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Doug!!! Hahaha. Hell yeah those were the days. The stuff they play on there now is total garbage.

CW AMVS : I would've guessed an Awful Waffle was smearing them with syrup first, THEN smacking them on the stain with a tennis racket. Punishment that leaves behind a sticky bruise in the shape of the racket face, ie, waffle pattern.

Thatneslper : Think Anawanna-wanna, speak Anawanna-wanna.. Live Anawanna-wanna! Ugh!

Lieutenant BaconWaffles : I never clicked PLAY so fast. Remember Pete & Pete?

MsNorringtonSims : Never clicked on a video so fast in my life. All time favorite show from childhood. Budnik is solely responsible for a slew of my boyfriends all having long red hair. Tully was the first black female character on television that I could actually relate to. Hell, in any media now that I think about it. Had such a crush on Sponge. Shame based attraction to Ugh. The whole 'love 2 parter' left such an impact on me. Budnik and Deena foreva <3 I love how on such a short running, silly, low budget show, aimed at kids, managed to have such fully fleshed out, engaging characters, who grew like genuine human beings.

Raymond Smith : I had the biggest crush on Venus DeMilo back in the day, and seeing her as an adult now just reignited that passion lol. This was a good stroll down Memory Lane, thank you...

D M : God damn I miss the 90s

Kara Holden : I have no idea why this popped up in my recommended, but I am glad it did because I loved Salute Your Shorts

Nyda : DONKEY LIPS!!!! my favorite episode was Capture the flag...

King EZ : This is hands down one of Nickelodeons greatest live action shows top three of all time

imperatorvult : It's great to hear the cast enjoyed making this show, it was one of my all time favorites as a kid.

Cannot be Tamed : I feel like Iโ€™m getting the Nickelodeon childhood I missed out on by watching your videos lately.

Eladria : I still love the Capture the Flag episode, and wish regularly that I could play a game that elaborate.

Frizzurd : Mona comes off like a female Paul Reubens. LOL

VaughnJogVlog : This is the best live action Nickelodeon series. PERIOD.

AB Positive03 : Never forget... when Donkey Lips was a final 3 contestant on the MTV dating show singled out. I rooted SO HARD for him!

akkristor : I remember something about Ice Cream and upside-down jigsaw puzzles.

Dawnyella McJenkinstein : In the Ellen episode, they listed the "ingredients" for an Awful Waffle to be maple syrup, tennis racket, sandpaper, and a vacuum cleaner hose. With that being said, here is how I think the Awful Waffle is made IMO. 1. Place tennis racket over the victim's stomach 2. Use vacuum to suck the skin up through the racket net 3. Use sandpaper to redden or darken the "waffled" skin 4. Remove racket & pour on the maple syrup!

kidwajagstang : Salute Your Shorts was my second favorite show on Nick at the time. Pete and Pete was my top.

LordBarros : Thank you so much for this. Salute Your Shorts was my favorite Nick show growing up. I also really loved Roundhouse, it was All That before All That was a thing.

Paul Marion : Omg all I thought I remembered from this show was that giraffes have black tongues, but Zeke the Plumber is giving me nightmares all over again.


Tylociraptor : now that you've mentioned it... i really want a Are you Afraid of the Dark retrospective from your perspective ....

newwavejunkie : You truly are a YouTube treasure, Roses!

David Williams : Man, I LOVED Salute Your Shorts. I watched every airing of it 'til the bitter end. I am surprised there were so few episodes! Great look at this underrated masterpiece!

dantheman1689 : Love these. Please make an episode about Pete & Pete and Flash Forward.

Luscious LoLo : Replacing most of the cast from the pilot episode is why I remember Telly being a white girl in the first episode I ever watched. Thanks for the info!

Nintendo Fan : Network Executives always ruin stuff don't they? Same with Studio. "I know let's replace Candy with Fruit. Yes Children love Fruit. We can't have Candy. That is the Devil."

KnaveMurdok : If you don't have serious childhood PTSD from Zeke the Plumber, in what sense are you a 90's kid????

Jon Smith : Do welcome freshman!

VideoGame Polak : There was a couple of adult jokes (as with many nickleodeon shows of the era) stealthly inserted where as if your not paying attention you miss em. Michael gets knocked out then then like sponge asks him how many fingers am I holding up, michael goes "how many am I holding up" referring to the middle finger, and they all start laughing. Then theres the outhouse with donkeylips saying "theres a machine that sells balloons in here".

Chosen One : Fart on a stick you had to go and mention crushes! At a summer camp I attended in '91, there was this girl (dear God I loved her), her name was Susan and she looked identical to Tanya Donneley of Belly from the music video Feed The Tree. Because of that song, I have never forgotten what she looks like. I am now officially a dork (not that I wasn't before), for actually typing this on the internet.

spider soma : I met Blake Sennett (Pinsky) when he was in Rilo Kiley, and I worked for their record label. Starstruck, I got to meet him and said hello. He head nodded and said "hey man, where's the pisser?" and that was that.

Richard Craig : Now we just need Wild and Crazy Kids!

Dream Evil : No one ever knows what I'm talking about when I mention this show.