Doja Cat - "Mooo!" (Official Video)
Doha Cat Mooo

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テンテン : Imagine the earth was destroyed and the only thing they found was this

Jackson Downing : Not even ten seconds in and I see anime tiddies. *This woman is a genius*

Arelivent : vegan: eats veggies doja cat: hold my milkshake

GSG9 x RaumUhr : 1956: there will be flying cars in the future 2019: Mooooo!

Cameron Rauls : This will pop in your head at the most random moments

Funkabot Gaming : When somebkdy look at your search history and see this Me:I can explain

drinos the goat : She protec She attac But most importantly She ain't a cat

E s t h e r : Doja cat has changed her name to Doja Cow

Samwan Hugusawt : This just cured my depression for a moment

Aestheticly Patient : *When you get a green screen for your birthday*

Kawaii _Potato : Me: are you vegan or naw? Crush: Nah man I love cow Me:

snowy : Animator : how much green screen effect do you want ? Doja Cat : yes

ccutmyylipp : wtf my sister saw me watching this and she said "i love that aesthetic"

Grant Weston : She protecc She attacc But most importantly... She on some type of cracc

L. A. : I wouldn’t know how to act if I had a body like that

sophia logan : Netflix: are you still watching? Me: B*tCh iM a cOw

Nina Thurnell : *doja cat flexing her gorgeous body for 4 minutes and 43 seconds* ty for likes hehe

Patrick Star : When she said „Go Mooo!“ i felt that 😔✊🏻

ashton vickers : I didn’t know my sleep paralysis demon made music videos?

Luna plays : Me:what’s your favorite animal? Crush: *cows* Me:

Ťwø Ţőńēđ Jăýy : When it's actually 3am and you have no business being up

karon newbill : Did anyone else notice the old Microsoft backround

Chann Tall : me at 3am, home alone with 2 essays and a mountain of homework yeah, im blessed....

JaimieTheLamie : 0:20 me at 3 am after saying I was taking an early night in

Maurits Sijmonsbergen : i need to study wtf am i doing

depressed splat : “I’m not a cat” Song by: Doja Cat

Yessica Corona : when she said "👍🐄👍, 🚫🐱🛇" I felt that on a personal level.

Norah Beattie : Me: Okay, its three am I need to stop- FBI- wait stop I wanna finish it

Kimchiりらひい : Mom: your an adult now, you know what that means. Me: I’m fully mature. Also me:

Thats The Tea Sis : In like 2050 they are gonna be left with this

Kat Girl : She slicc She licc BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY she THICC

glockkaa : Doja got a green screen and don’t kno how to act

yeet : My fbi agent is questioning what I'm watching

molly browne : no one: absolutely no one: doja: IM A COW I GO MOOOO

Kyley Losav : mom: what’s that hip song ur listening to me: :) oh nothing also me: *in my head* : mooooOoooOo biTch iMmA cOw

Jojo's world : No one: Literally no one: Absolutely no one: Youtube: *Reccomend for you*

shauna estes : doctor: *you have 4 minutes and 43 seconds left to live* me: *watches this*

Thot Swat : How will we explain this to the next generation

kiikat : Oh my god why do I love this. She is so original. This is my new favourite song.

Bryana and Kendalls Edits and Gacha vids : *Three in the morning my sleep paralysis be like...*

Kaiden : I’m gay but there’s something about this video and idk what!? Edit 1: This video was posted almost a year ago and I really think it’s the cows 🤷🏼‍♂️ Edit 2: It’s definitely the cows.

rat bitch : doja turned me into a lesbian 😔💦

LuLu’s Channel : If you broke up with your vegan boyfriend

Adrienne Yamson : Me :im going to sleep early tonight Me: at 3am

TheHeroKing666 : What anime are those anime tiddies from? Somebody gotta know

XxXdancequeenXXx XxXdancequeenXXx : Friends:hey what di you usually watch Me:.... it's very complicated

Spill The Tea : Sis,not to be gay or anything but your imbosibly thicc

kiki is a dick : *my last 2 brain cells during math class* edit; this got more likes than the times my father visited me. thanks.

Connor : *The perfect woman doesn't exi-*