Doja Cat - "Mooo!" (Official Video)

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Kpop pop : I am come here because lisa 😂😂

Lisa : I'm still addicted on this 😂

jime polinesia : like si vienes por *LISA* de *BLACK PINK* :V!!

Limario, BLINK : My limario 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😎

Anna Marie : looking through the comments i only see stuff about Lisa. lol love her tho

LifeAsLily : *vegan has left the chat*

Luna Fatiha Milvizar : _YG has left the chat_

yO sUpP iS bIg : Please take Lisa's phone away that kid needs to get off of internet

Tata Lili : A twerking cow, Lisa and Doja cat.

Edgy Mouse : When mom gives you a green screen

Cylito : ive never felt such a personal connection with a song before

Jp Jauregui : The cow at the end is me when i found out lisa listened to this bop

Jane Loz : Someone please take away Lisa's phone that kid needs to get off the internet.. like srly

exo -baeareback : Lisa 😂😂😂😂IDK what type of things are you into... But this song is definitely catchy.... Everyone I Stan a crackhead 😂😂😂

ghiey madera : Hahahaha I still laughing. Lisa's watch this for real? Hahahahaha

GD Dyno : She dead seriously edited this in ten minutes

Baiq Pratiwi : lisa blackpink should do a cover of this 😂, nice music doja 😍

BLΛƆKPIИK jenjenlalalisapastachichoo : So many questions running to my head😅 lisaaaaaaaa whyyyy...

Lisa Foxy : *Any BLINKS here? Say Mooooooo*

Novia kim : I'm here bcz of u lalisa... what the hell is this? 😁 blink is shaking

Jesimein Gaming : This song is a "Moo"d.

Abaddon Chokblaar : Lisa's next solo performance confirmed


scarlett maiden_16 : Blinks were so curious and tried to know about this song because of Lisa 🙊😄😂

andre astawa : Lisa blackpink.. You have a unique taste 😂

robertmsmsmsm : this is honestly *art.* thicc art.

jenelle ambriz : *H e r e c a u s e of L I S A 🤪*

jhope & irene please step on me : Damn the power of Lisa. I LOVE THIS LMAOO😂💕

Ash Ortiz : Im here because of lisa wth??!!😂btch im a cowww.Why you here too then?

Ash Ortiz : I’ll never tought that lisa is playing this kind of songs 😂😂😂lmfao

gacha-kitty : crush: *my fav animals are cows* me:

Kim Chichoo : Bruh Lalisa listen to this ok

daily monicfox17/dmfx/ : I came here because of Lisa

Jerrelyn Aldave : OhMaGahd!!!!! Lisa listened to this??.. 😂😂😂😂

JeremyHmm : Who come to this video because of LISA

Depression Session : Nicki Minaj is literally *shaking* rn

Seth Bradley : BLINKS! A lot of you are here for Lisa, so please read this! So we all know Lisa has good taste in music, and I know this song might seem odd to some (even though I’ve come to enjoy it lol), but hear me out. FIRST, I suggest listening to Doja Cats verified video where she talks about this song and explains it. SECOND, it is a possibility Lisa was already a fan of Doja Cat and the last song that she listened to was Moo. Why do I say this? BECAUSE Doja Cat has good songs out to listen to. They might not be for everyone, but they match with Lisa’s music style (such as the song she dances to in her solo by Tink). I personally really like Doja Cats songs so thank you to Lisa for that. Take a listen to some of her songs. Some I suggest: So High (regular version and San holo remix) Go to town Trauma No police So have a listen for yourself and explore her music!

hsahaaj : Everyone is here for Lisa 😂😂

danika dodge : Comments 99% lisa 1% actually likes this song (I'm in the 1%)

Reema Alghamdi : You should say thank you lisa for make your song have 3m views in 1 day 😂💛

Super Duper : This video funny and sexy at the same time..

옵바 사랑Kpop Is My Life : I watch yg this because Lisa lol

DEV ARTPOP : Just wanna say: Thanks Lisa for a new drug, now I'm addicted to it

lisa is my wife : Lisayaaah, are you trying to adopt a cow? Is it a hint? Well goodluck luca and leo 😂😂😂

toeyredhot : LISAYAAaaa!!!! R U listen to this song???? Whattttt?? Haha why why why? Why do i love Lisa much more.

Beckyboo : Crush: I love cows Me:


Zoe Wyatt : To all the blinks finding Doja's work... welcome! Check out some of her other songs they are BOMB.

diah istanti : I see this video solely because Lisa Manoban, actually the song is weird and tacky, but because Lisa likes it I watch it repeatedly

stella loves blackpink : i'm here because of lisa.. what is it girl??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂