Doja Cat - "Mooo!" (Official Video)

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GD Dyno : She dead seriously edited this in ten minutes

octo kid : When your mom told you to go to bed and she takes your phone and your dancing in the middle of your room cuz you got nothing to do

Andy King : I think I'm in love.

The ice cream is too spicy : Crush: I've always loved the farm life Me:

aesthetics roach : I feel like half of the views on this video is me

LifeAsLily : *vegan has left the chat*

Miss Hateys : *Me and my 16 personalities at 3am*

Calvin Song : Top 10 rappers Eminem was scared to diss

Yung Daggerdick : I don’t know if I should be turned on Or lactose intolerant

KingofPkmn : I got an uncomfortable erection from the milkshake.

Beckyboo : Crush: I love cows Me:

CR1T1CALHITZ : Damn she thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

Dark Matter : Crush: I only eat beef Me:

Cassie Taylor ASMR : Click read more you're beautiful :))

Jasy Jay : I guess the vegetarians and lactose intolerant people disliked this video.

Cylito : ive never felt such a personal connection with a song before

susiebeta6 : *hentai has entered the chat*

SoftDrinkLad• • : Don't need a valentine when I have this.

Iwillkillyou maybe? : Why do I keep coming back to this?????

Lily Levy : *when your mom buys you a green screen for the first time*

Early Man : when it's free chick-fil-a day and all you gotta do is dress up like a cow

Harley Del Rey : Rumor has it Mozart gave this to Doja cat because it was too emotional for him to play😭🌹

Rayne Lee : I may be vegan, but I’d eat her😉

Basically_everything_emo : It’s bad that i showed this to my dad and he said “at least your making something of your life.” I pissed myself laughing

WastelanderX1 Atom1 : Casually stares at booty the entire video.

Daniel Sambar : Alright Youtube, I watched the video.

GhostieFluffz : My depression was just cured

Egg with 10.000 Subrcribers? : She was doja cat Now shes doja cow

Nathan Arievlis : She can dance , doesn't take herself too serious, clearly fun , entertaining , talented , and I'm gonna assume above average smarts . Not to mention she's the sexiest cow on earth , hands down . Not up for debate

Dare Bear : 1:00 the real ones will have seen the mouse!

SenseiLeFox : Is this what it feels like to fall in love?

Marshmallow Mememoules : Literally when my little sister was born was this song published (sighs......)

JackedUp : 👱🏻‍♂️ 👙This is bob 1like= 1 Age

Master Chef435 : If Cardi b had a daughter Oh wait

Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah : *Top 10 rappers Eminem was too scared to diss* Edit: thanks for the likes, my guys

The Peace Dealer : Aliens: We are new to your planet. Point us to the greatest artist of your time. Me: Mooooo

ZendejasXtream_Z : Aliens: Why did you pick up a human? Doja cat: MOOOOOOOO!!! Alien: oh

Savanna Price : when she used the 2000s windows landscape it SENT ME

sisi saurus : I showed this to my fat friend. He's still fat, but he liked the song.

Nupe nobe : *Did I just get ''roasted'' by a Cow?*

Jesimein : This song is a "Moo"d.

10,000 Subscribers For Commenting : *vegans has left the chat*

Lucero Paiva : When you just ordered McDonald's

LiTsHoOk QuEeNLiLy : When you can bring your food upstairs.

SodoPlays - Minecraft : She made this in one day Edit: NO FKIN WAY SHE ACTUALY MADE IT IN ONE DAY😂😂😂

evelio patino : Who keeps on coming back to listen to it again lol

Aaliyah Glenn : She gives off plenty vibes and moods

••Pathetic Being•• : Crush: i love dairy products Me:

Big Chungus : Am I the only one who still listens to this

ToxicWaste 999 : Generations to come will look back at this and think how far humanity has come....