Does belly fat causes low testosterone?

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Testosterone is an androgen hormone responsible for male-specific characters like deepened voice, muscle growth, bone strength. # 8 habits to boost your Testosterone levels Download link: It helps to add more muscle and may cause less fat and weight gain. Does belly fat cause low testosterone? Yes, studies say so, especially belly fat. Various Studies shows that obese people will have 30% less testosterone than ordinary people. Let's look at the various ways by which your precious manliness became inactive, or converted to various forms due to the fat tissue. Your testosterone will get converted to estradiol by aromatase enzyme. This process causes less testosterone and more estradiol. The subcutaneous fat tissues are responsible for aromatase enzyme. The aromatase enzyme reduces the production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone causing less releasing of gonadotropin in the pituitary and in turn affecting testosterone synthesis. Do you heard of DHT, Your testosterone gets converted to DHT, more potent androgen than testosterone. Aromatase enzyme cant metabolize DHT. But the DHT get converted to an inactive form in the fat tissues. Low testosterone levels cause a loss in muscle mass. Muscle loss causes less energy expenditure. This leads to fat gain. If you raise your testosterone levels, your body fat and fat distribution patterns will have a positive change. Studies have shown that reducing weight will reverse the testosterone lowering effects in obese people. Higher testosterone levels will help you to increase the fat burning process. Testosterone works directly by up-regulating the adrenoreceptors, thereby activates the fat burning process. How can you reduce your body fat Lets Lift Weights Lifting weights will burn calories and will add some muscles. Muscles, in turn, increase the calories burning and metabolic rate. Both will help to burn more fat. NEAT It stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis; it’s the activities we do daily other than exercise. It can be walking to the grocery shop, walking in the office, etc. Thus try to be more active, use stairs instead of elevators, walk more. If your grocery store is near to your home then walk.