MTV Cribs Sum 41
Sum 41 was asked to do MTV cribs they shot at Stevos parents house

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gideongraves231 : >gets sum 41 tattoo >leaves sum 41

jeff : Who came from that reddit post

John Smith : Life was simpler back then

Katie mason : well, when you spend half your time touring sometimes you just don't see the point in paying for your own place when you're gone so much anyway. Several singers/band members have said that before.

AwesomeGardening : Glad we had a replay to catch that quick ass hug

SlackerTV : Before you comment, the answer is yes. Everybody came from the reddit post.

Bonnie Crawford : His mom is the Everymom.

highvoltage988 : I love how Cribs eventually became a parody of itself with stuff like this and the Redman episode

sachyktothea : Haha most relatable and probably most realistic cribs ever haha. .. and had no idea they were Canadian ! :0

I M : But why wasn't his milk bagged? As an Ontarian I'm triggered.

Jon Irenicus : Such a lovely house.

Shane Hockenberry : This is fantastic

Suara Guitar Classic : Good manners are if you forgive those who persecute you.

Louis Graham : You actualy just asked that question hes a legend

grenadiansbybirth : who is he???

Taylor Avon : Haha this is great!

muybueno666 : ok compare this to the carmelo anthony cribs epi....

Spencer Hawley : almost knocked over that lamp at 0:57.

DesecratedReaper : I got a frozen glass too, except he needs to wash his

TheKijib : lul

dogsitter68 : i'm pretty sure i know his mom

Krishan Sritharan : What song is he playing @ 5:53?

John Smith : Hey there 💛💙💜💚

Damian lopez : Maroon5

Ahmed Husain : yo what song starts at 1:40

Damian lopez : Mtv cribs sum41

STICH666 : What song starts at 2:05?