Star Wars - Breaking Down a Climatic Battle

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JimmyDThing : Also, the Dark Side is still The Force. I sound critical, but I really like your videos. The way I see the Dark Side is it's a desire to focus light onto themselves through things light fear, hate and attachment to desires whereas the Light Side is being a beacon of light shining for all through things like love, empathy, understanding and detachment from desire.

Mitch Metivier : This video & entire channel deserves SO much more attention and views than it currently does. Loved the video!! Keep up the fantastic work!

JimmyDThing : I'm more on Spielberg's side: "Of course every war movie, good or bad, is an anti-war movie.”

leebedon : Great video! I just suscribed and watched all the other videos. I'm expectating about your upcoming work. One question: Where can i find the interview that plays at 11:02?

Daniel Mendonça : How do you write/structure your analysis videos?

JohnnieZuKo : Really, tell me this not the final ep. Of this series? I mean there's so many movies you got to break down. Indiana jones, Fargo, 3:10 to Yuma, evil dead, Rambo, rocky, sexy beast, l.a. Confidential, training day, glory road,... Plz keep this going for us true cinephiles and movie buffs..