Steamed Hams but dubbed by memory

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Suraj's opinion is not better k? : You really need to get laid bro

I am not Dale Gribble : The original Japanese dub is still my favorite, but this is good too.

Major Skies : That was gold

Saucy Gonzalez : I imagine someone sitting in their house alone all night playing this scene over and over again and reciting the dialogue.

WiLdTi3mz : I personally prefer the subbing of the Simpsons, but I can respect the dubbing fans.

Henrys HowTos : LOL this made my day!! Good job

SmellsLikeNothing : sᴇᴇᴇʏᴍᴏᴏᴏᴜᴜᴜʀ

Cheesoos Kryst : love the extra sound effects

JD 13 : I wonder if Matt Groening knows about this meme?

Error 404 : Your impressions need some work, but I give this a solid 7/10.

artisticallyGay {AG} : *ding dong*

Dom M : You'll be tubble in town tonight.

Angela Morsani : i don't know where you're from, but you should know that a girl from italy watched this pretty confused

Yippie-Ki-Yay, Pastel-Colored Resistance : Why am I watching this? Actually, better question. Why do I love this?

Ethan Stapley : ding dong

venrakdrake : that fire truck dub tho

john conner : this is the kind of thing someone makes before going on a killing spree

Brandon Die-kasten : *wipes tear from face* King among men....

Ben_jamin : This sounds like a rick and morty improv


Snailism : ding dong

Bumper : This is gold

Not You're : “Eat gods”

Grace T : Remember how Seymore is actually the real Seymore's friend from the war and he died to Seymore took his place in order for the mother to not be sad that he died ?

NamePending : I'm from Albany and I call hamburgers steamed hams

ToastyMann : 0:47 Try not to wake your parents

J Nada : I'm on a Steamed Hams bender and I'm not even high

Onicss : Doctor: You have 2:44 minutes to live. Me: Say no more fam

The Montreal Surprise : Delightfully devilish, Seymour.

Jeff : This is kinda cute tbh

rurudtsafg : You sound like the dude from hotdiggidydemon!!!! I prefer japanese subs over english dub tho. Goodjob!

Arse Robinson : I know this word for word too hha

darthkahn45 : I am honored to give you your 200th like.


Primaski : His adorable impression of a firetruck sound at the end, is the reason I don't end it all

Dark Link : I watch this video on the same tv you watched that video on. Should I record myself dubbing your video?

Annoymous Annoymous : Is this like a new meme now

MrCreepyKitty : dubbed by helixsnake, apparently

Mason Lang : The Steamed Hams Empire will be a long and prosperous one.

MatameVideos : The siren of the fire truck is the best part xD

Intergalactic Human Empire : This was about 97% correct. Congratulations.

Terramations : I want to see how scientists explain this in the future.

Taikutsu : I honestly can't tell if I've lost or gained brain cells. It's like I've become dysfunctional but also acquired superpowers at the same time.

Hey Nephew I'm Ya Uncle : Why is steamed hams a meme now.

Some Guy : I came here solely because you wrote it was done from your memory. I don't now how long that memory sat in your mind before this attempt, but you did a good job.

Blitz Marshmallow : MMMMMHHHH

jeff jefferson : You are an odd fellow

Ailaxvo64 _ : DING DONG

Samy Bencherif : This video was somehow better than I though it was going to be

Astral Kat : Was that his penis slowly creeping into the left of the frame?