Explorers - Music Video

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CaptainCorleone : Not the actual official video with Robert Palmer but cool nonetheless. :)

Starr Smith : Look at Wolfgang lol, so adorable

D.H. Thorne : 2 people swallowed their gum... Like if you get it.

Leandro Rozendo : assistia muito na sessão de tarde!!!!

airdaleva42 : Greate film.

Stephen Mylonas : god that was my fave for ages!

tfreakvids : Great movie from my childhood. Now my kids watch it and love it!

angeljoy75 : Grew up watching this one with my little brother, and sister! Love it! Thanks for posting!:)

Donald Blezek : try the movie lady in white too

Blackiechan77 : Thank you so much..I gotta buy this DVD now. Great movie.

waked war : i loved this movie when I was 6 and I still do


Audrey Horne : i love river phoenix

Sarah King : Love it, remember watching this as a kind and bouncing round the room!

Eyeballs99 : thanks mate

Eyeballs99 : anyone know who actually sings this song?