Arrow to the Knee

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coolcat001100 : Nearly four years later and no one has used this meme again.

PicklePyro : This video could apply to literally any modern day meme

emir : I used to watch Psychicpebbles, but then he stopped uploading.

3Dboom : This used to be a dead meme... But den I took an arrow to da knee

Alexander Vega : Just replace the sentence with "they did surgery on a grape"

pokepok3 : What did his neighbors think when he was recording this?


Pauet74 : I love how he shouts and groans every time Dovahkiin says a sentence XD

OzzyOscy : *_Hey, I just met you,_* *_And this is crazy,_* *_But I took an arrow,_* *_Arrow to the knee._*

Dinglechalkman : This was the gold age of the internet too bad it's gone now

EXCEPT : Classic

heyya ismee : 7 years has passed already but.......... Then i took an arrow to the knee

Bejing sage : I got a sick sense of humor cuz this is funny can’t stop watching it

Gauntfire 23 : 0:04 how it feels to chew 5 gum

Lord Meme : 2018?

SolarFoxProductions : I wish this would happen to everyone who overuses a meme. Seriously..

jack wilson : 0:11 What is this? DO YOU THINK THIS FUNNY?!!!

SystemCM : That ending gets me everytime.

VexStep [GD] : "They did surgery on a gra-" *takes arrows to the knees and gets beat*

Oropher420 : *In Fallout* Preston: “You know, I use to be a minuteman like you but then.. Another Settlement needed our help.”

Obsidian Wasp : Looking in the comments section, I can see far too many people missed the point of the video.

Blue X : I used to be an adventurer like you then, I took an arrow in the knee

The Unknown : But den I took an arrow to the knee

GroundMetal118 : 8 years later still taking arrows to the knee

Shadow Gamer : Dude its a video about Justin.Y!!!

rob rick : I use to play video games like you, but then I took a girlfriend to the wallet.

Polite Cat : But then i took the arrow to the knee

Crisdean Mackinnon : After all those years, this video still makes me laugh

Legal ZA0 : I used to be a knee like you but then I took a adventurer to the arrow

Sriracha Enchilada : The Knights Who Say Ni (From Monty Python) used to say "Ni"... *Until they took an arrow to the ni*

Ankaa Avarshina : Remember when this was the overused joke and not Darude - Sandstorm? Ahh good times. Good times.

Jake Zmak : This meme was really good, But then it took an arrow in the knee

Djules : I used to be an adventurer like you...

The Derp Chaos : I remember this meme being good... until it took an arrow to the knee.

Liam Harrison : I love/hate this so much

Melodic Meerkat : I used to make arrow to the knee jokes, then I heard there's a settlement that needs my help.

robertowolf 21 : I guess he took arrow in the nee

OctoChell : I used to not use this meme *but then I took an arrow to the knee*

Yika Magika : Make a video like this of people that type 2018 and 2019 comments...and 2020 comments. Basically any year comments irrelevant to the video. Like, just throw a rock through their head then drive over their arms with a steam roller then have them hung or something.

ethanrocks 32323232 : I miss late 2011 and 2012

: i used to be the tallest building in new york... until i took an arab to the knee

Black Dot : But den I took an arrow to da knee.

crippling depression : 2019 boi

MookyMook : I loved watching this video... But then I took an arrow to the knee.

Squatch Josh : Was that lyle screaming that?

Isaac : This is what I feel like when I see people using the harambe meme

Master Baboon : I used to hunt down and kill whoever said “den I took an arrow to the knee...” BUT DEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE

Riding Riptide -Discussion channel- : I used to be a Brotherhood if Steel paladin... BUT THEN I TOOK A SHOTGUN SHELL TO THE KNEE

Braydon Rowland : Same goes for loss

SkyGliderGamer : I used to make so much "Arrow to the knee" jokes..... Until I took an arrow to the knee