Iscar Chip Formation.wmv

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Slow motion of what happens in the cut. Different coatings, different materials.


Damo Floyd : That front edge build up ....Grrrrr.!!

Xanode : i think by combining ultra powerful microscopes with super slow-motion cameras well will be able to see things never thought possible.

Sky Lane : Lol the only job ive ever bothered to dig deeper into, is machining. I love it. There's nothing like having your part come out perfect.

All NeuDesign : Great video, I'm gonna show this to all of our apprentices.

Lori P : I thought it was someone trying to cut cheese at first

Daniel A. : it looks like a tsunami

Nithin Mohan : tht music tho

FranzAntonMesmer : I'm having Merchant Force Circle flashbacks.

Theron Price : This is a great video

azaroma : The first blade trims the hair, the second blade removes the hair at its base, the third blade removes your epidermis ...

Fernando Ramírez Paredes : This is a great video. Thanks for sharing. I would like to know if there are this kind of videos but focused on the tool wear evolution. Please if someone knows about this tell me. Regards.

ຮຸ່ງ ພຸ່ງແຣງ : What is ESR steel, look like it give rough surface quality when using uncoat tool ( chip crack and crush a lot)

Steven Cooley : that was friggin amazing

sachin Patel : Amazing.. Please make same video for negative rake angle.

morgan4xl : I think the most amazing thing I learned from this video was the sound a tool makes when cutting metal, it's almost like an orchestra playing.

mupparamshyam : amazing video....

xyhmo : No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

GugiMandini : anyone know how small this is? or what the materials are?

kaze66613 : i have seriously no idea why i am watching this right now, nor why do i found this awesome...

Virginie B : Hi Rick, I really love the video you posted. I work with artists who would like to shoot this type of very technical scene fora upcoming exhibition. It would be brilliant to realize this project with Iscar partnership : how can I reach you directly so we can speak about this project?

thelocust1919 : bastards burn my neck!

Matty Matt Matt : At such a close vantage point it looks so imprecise. But I know that's not the case. Cool video.


Bonnie Bon : Your video has gone viral as exemplary advertising (social media) for a not-so-sexy marketing content subject. Well done!

Bonnie Bon : Shop porn.

Carlos Vargas : Nice. Owned. :) Nice video too.

vikingwizardeyes : Well, that's your opinion

Either Or : This is actually a video of a ship sailing through the water. haha

Myles Ian : It really is Built Up Edge. Google it versus Built Up Shoe. Also, literature on machining calls it build up edge. It's built up edge. Get your facts right before you correct others.

Marcelo Pinheiro : yessss cut me more!!

MasterKozuko : Silly liberal arts major XD

vikingwizardeyes : It's still built up shoe.

Rick Steinard : 1,Since I work for Iscar, the second largest carbide manufactuer in the would, and they call it BUE, Im going with that. 2, This is my channel, Ill call it what I want, espcially since I do have my facts right. 3, Your channel is all music, I would not post negitive comments on your channel since I know very little about the music business. Have a nice day!

vikingwizardeyes : It's actually called B.U.S. Built up shoe. Get your facts right in future.

Jackson Richards : Great video, with surprisingly suitable music.

Tsunauticus THE CLOWN III : The problem I’m seeing with these shots... is the speeds. In order to get these shots... I don’t think they were running the same surface speed that one would typically use the tooling at. This setup was probably custom made to fit into the working area of a scanning electron microscope. I may be wrong... but I don’t think I am. I wish we could get more details on how this was filmed.

kevk7 : it looks like it's cutting into meat! thats awesome!

amartin029 : Any more training resources like this?

amartin029 : Congratulations ISCAR, this is very illustrative of machining process.

persephone p : wait its cutting into METAL?

Discreet Security Solutions : Fantastic. When was this filmed? Amazing to see the edge not actually doing the cutting on lots of those - perhaps we need to look again at what 'sharp' means?

blast : It's the music!

Muhammad Husain Ali Baig : fake and gay

Son of Israel : I don't brush my teeth.

Rick Steinard : Everything in the world you use, is manufactured. EVERYTHING. Unless you dig it out of the ground with your bare hands, pick it off a tree, or drink water on your hands and knees, Its manufactured in some form. This is one very small part of a huge process, so large, most people, cant understand it. So tell me, how does the water get to your tooth brush in the morning?

Son of Israel : why does it has so many views? who the hell cares about this stuff anyway?

Breadmen : LIKE BUTTER

Saurian8 : That's what he said.

Scribbler29 : How did you film this? Was this done in an SEM? If so, what was your set up?