Mr. Show - Mayostard / Mustardayonnaise / Mustmayostardayonnaise

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Mr. Tulip : "Bye Daddy.. I'm dying" got me the most

Chad Bailey : sweet jesus, this is the pinnacle of comedy.

Agitating Skeleton : drudgery... are you a THREE VIDEO SLAVE???

sauercrowder : If some uninitiated being asked me to explain capitalism, like an alien or a baby, I would just show them this video.

dasbakon : jay johnston said in the dvd commentary that the reason he's pumping his arms so fast at 1:30 is because they were supposed to play that footage in slo-mo but forgot to alter it in editing. It looks so awkward and strange once you know that info. lol

funktimusrhyme : If only someone had thought to combine these three great commercials into one handy video before. I could have told her how much she meant to me...I could have said goodbye.

NoNoNoMaam : "Let's get the HELL outta here"

agaeus : Don't be a slave to a 2-jar system!

danimalplanimal : seems like i'm always stirring mayostard mustardayonnaaaaaaaise....and time

JOEYdaMUSH : This is sheer comedic genius!

musyarofah1 : still better than juicero

La Leaf : I lost the entire side of my mother's family to the relentless demands of condement application. Sadly, they did not live to see the miracle that would come in Mayosta...Mustat...Mustayokatc....Mayostera....????

Alice Does Stuff : "Hey daddy, I'm dying." *Single tear*

CreativeGuy : I miss Mr. Show so much lol

Kevin MacNutt : Of course Heinz has just announced Mayochup.

greenbayandtottenham : Just stopped by for the release of the new ketchup mayonaise

AmayaRamiel : Haha! That’s the most 90s thing I’ve ever seen! The prison one killed me; wasn’t there a commercial just like that for some toy/snack in the 90s?

Mark Jastrzebski : Even funnier now that Heinz released ketchup and mayonnaise in the same container.

Ivy Shoots : checkered lol


helpAHHHH : Let's get the hell out of here!

Beef Chavez : You can solve that expiration problem by packing them chock full of carcinogenic preservatives, mm mmm wholesome and delicious, just like grandma never used to make!

FallicIdol : Let's get the hell out of here.

Bad Medicine DC : This is so good. The last one is killer. Hahaha!

hoover2001 : David Cross sure does have a pretty singing voice.

StanSitwell : With heinz making "Mayochup", I think we're a summer away from Mundees finally coming to fruition

dixchigme : "Hi Daddy, I'm Dying" ROFL

jeremy H : that's almost as bad as bacardis idea to premix rum and coke and sell it. I'm going to make sauer relish. Yep sauer kraut and dill relish in one jar together. (relish expires before the sauer kraut)

kickyou you : the most embarrasing ad of the most embarrasing product in the world!

Erienoco Flow : Peabuttmayonutnnaiser

Donald Atkinson : Japan probably has had Russian Drestard for 30 years and we just sit here thinking we are cool.

Black Ice : this is real now