WW1 "drumfire" artillery barrage sound effect

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Carnivore301 : A quote from a German soldier as to what it feels like to be under artillery fire:   "I think I have found a comparison that captures the situation in which I and all the other soldiers who took part in this war so often found ourselves: you must imagine you are securely tied to a post, being menaced by a man swinging a heavy hammer. Now the hammer has been taken back over his head, ready to be swung, now it's cleaving the air towards you, on the point of touching your skull, then it's struck the post, and the splinters are flying - that's what it's like to experience heavy shelling in an exposed position."     -Ernst Junger

thegreenfaction : finally, just the asmr I needed

Don't ask : Insanely repetitive and hellishly loud. No wonder the called ptsd "shell shock" back then. Listening to that for an hour would drive you mad never mind DAYS.

Cheese McNugget : I only listen to real music

Carlos Antonio : This is the most horrifying thing I have ever heard.

The Guy : War isn’t hell. War is worse. In war, innocent people die. Young men, who had no right to have their life cut short die. In hell, there are no innocents. Only the guilty are in hell.

motfcu : "Nobody would want to re-live that, not even as a videogame. The game Verdun is like uplifting slapstick comedy compared to the real thing. I mean, who would want to play a game where you die 50% of the time during the ten hour slog through corpse-mud-soup filled ditches that once were trenches, across a positively hellish landscape under permanent artillery fire, to the "front" (really a vaguely defined massive open-air mass grave whose geography and general appearance can only be described as Mordor); only to die 8 times out of 10 from an artillery shell, without ever seeing an enemy soldier" As a Verdun player, I can tell you it happens sometimes as veterans squads can bring artillery bombardment and barrages. It's not constant but you can clearly have a good glimpse of what it is to be scared of just having bad luck and seeing a shell land next to you, blowing you into pieces while you were waiting for the enemy assault. But yeah as you said, it can't and hopefully never be recreated perfectly.

alekzander2010 : Anyone who has shot a gun without hearing protection or been near a cannon firing knows how much worse this would sound in real life. It's so loud you can feel your teeth shake, imagine having your ears slammed with a hammer and that's basically what ONE cannon sounds like at a close distance. 2000+ cannons firing at once? Fucking hell

PjPjPaul : Currently listening to Dan Carlin's Blueprint for Armageddon. On the part where he is describing the shelling so I looked up videos and sound clips. Completely unsettled. I have no idea how anyone could endure this for days on end and not go completely insane. War is in fact, Hell.

yahoo : Hell? There is no hell that compared to what they saw back then


Blake Burson : I planned to finish this whole audio, but I started to get sick to my stomach. I'm no pansy, but I listened to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History on this, and knowing that this is what that comparatively sounded like just makes the hair on my neck stand straight up. What a horrific method of warfare.

ultrajd : You know as terrifying as this sounds I've actually always been so curious on what it must have been like for those poor men in their trenches. Just the incessant noise. I mean it's no wonder men just simply cracked and became gibbering wrecks. Just the constant din of artillery coming in and such. My respect for the survivors of the first world war just went up over 1000%

Kaiser.exe : I was listening to this in full volume and I have two things to say first of all thank you for giving me shell shock second R.I.P headset 2016-2016

RENZ : Person: so what kind of music you like? Me: it's complicated.

sparky20100 : I have to say that this is a treasure. You've recreated something that probably no-one will ever hear ever again. You have my respect sir! Only thing now is to make some sort of animation of sorts, how did this hell look like? The really sad part is that we don't have much in terms of proper video capture, or really proper testimonies apart from the great stories such as the example you gave by Ernst Junger. WW1 is a part of human history that is not so popular, unfortunately, maybe people do not like to be reminded what we are really capable of...

airlockengage : Now throw in the sounds of screams, non-stop. Screams of pain, of fear. This is why shellshock happened, imagine full days at a time knowing you could die at any moment, deafened, splattered with mud and blood, pocked with shrapnel wounds, infected by the rot that surrounds you as you lay, a terrified boy, there in the foreign defilade.

BuckHudz : How Could Anything Survive That. The Men Who Lived Would Have Been Scared For Life.

Onyx1916 : Holy shit...

James Manton : Jesus Christ...got to only 3 minutes and started feeling jumpy...no wonder soldiers broke under this

Logan Bedenis : This has honestly inspired me to try to create a short game designed specifically around how hellish the First World War was. I suppose if I do end up doing it, it would qualify as a psychological horror game of sorts.

nukegp : and theres no modern day movie sowing how brutal the battle of verdun was. or even how brutal somme and the 5 battles of ypes and alot more , even tho theres plenty of books talking about ww1, hollywood likes to push more on how brutal ww2 was, hacksaw ridge was good but if you want real brutality just read a book based on verdun :The Price of Glory, Verdun 1916

Aguila701 : This is just the sound, what's not included is the boredom of sitting through it, the anxiety of what is to come, the smell of the smoke, and the tremors from the explosions.

BuckHudz : Lest We Forget

Abstract Concrete : White male privilege. When I hear those words, and then imagine Great War, my blood boils.

Paul Dufresne : imagine kaisersclacht.5 hours,5 milions of shells,10 000 artillery guns.The barrage was eared from london.

Leon : Hell is nothing compared to the crimson fields of WW1

Kittyfluff 18 : I'm partially deaf in my left ear because of a firework malfunction and listening to this brought a serious pain to my ear canal I could only imagine what this was actually like

FrostmourneFK : This was horrifying to me after listening to Dan Carlin's series on the first world war. That artillery barrage that the germans used before their last major offensive that lasted 4 hours was supposed to have been comprised of as many shells as they would use in the multiple day-long barrages that you mentioned, and I can't even begin to imagine what a terrifying experience it must have been. What purpose is there in being a soldier in such a conflict?

Sultan : Sounds like a particularly nasty...rainstorm (among other things).

Jer J : the shrieking of the shells as they pierce the air and land, day and night no stopping the terror of the shells, a time when hell truly came to Earth and no man came back untouched by the horror of the Great war.

1Corinthians1:3 : I spent a few months in Iraq with mortar rounds being my wake up call. Every day, around 8-10am, about 3 or so mortar rounds would land within a quarter mile radius from where I was sleeping on my green cot. It might land next to the chow hall: it might land on the air field: it might land on the 3/5 field: or, it might land on top of me. I never knew where it was going to land, but I knew that it was coming. As time went on, the mortar attacks spread out, but general happened at least every few days. Again, I didn't know when it was coming, I only knew that it was coming. I only had a few close calls, and only had to see the after math of direct contact with soldiers bodies several times. Guys I work with think I am weird because I am a bit skittish with surprise loud noises. I realize, they just don't know.

ralroost einsnulldrei : In the description you asked who would want to play such a game- I'd be interested (as long as I didn't have to experience a thousand gun arty barrage in real time), the objective would be to survive the environment and conditions, fighting would be an after thought. A game from a totally different perspective. Won't happen, but I'd 'play' it.

BigGamer2525 : Man this new Death Grips track has a really intense bass drop.

mr5yy : I have a great headset, so when ever I find things like this, I like to wear it because it brings the sound close to actually being there as possible. Having said that, it's really distracting to listen to. Like, it makes you want to look for something that your senses are just screaming is danger, but there's nothing there.

Ching LegitRDX : How it feels to chew 5 gum.

James Reidtabo : I didn't expect these like in games and movies but this is hellish sound.

beatlecost : World War I is the war where chivalry died and brutality of man prevailed.

Fisted Sphincter : Toughest generation of men the world's seen, unreal.

November Thirty : Damn not only do I think of this as a WW1 artillery barrage. But i also imagine this is what it must of sounded like for the Japanese on the Pacific islands in ww2 during the US naval bombardments before landing. Those would go on for days as well.

The Dudest : "No game could capture how hellish that war was" However they did well with WW2(Red Orchestra 2)

Cghcf : WW1 was and hopefully will always be the most brutal and terrible war in human history. Incompetent and sadistic commanders, coupled with outdated tactics and modern technology. There will never be such a perfect storm for such a hell on earth again.

Melon Lord : RIP Headpho..........oh...........*puts hands down solemnly*

dambigfoot : Imagine hearing this constantly for a week straight and knowing you will be charged with bayonets? No sleep for days fighting well rested enemy soldiers. WW1 must have been hell.

icejwer icytop : how excatly did they do that how many artillery piece are there...!!!

Duglife : It's no wonder so many of the men who fought in the trenches were never the same again. This mixed with all the other hell seems unbearable.

TheBl4ckH4nd : Somewhere it is being prepared. Somewhere deep in the heart of Germany the shell is being made. Some German girl is polishing it right now polishing it and cleaning it and fitting the charge into it. It glistens in the factory light and it has a number and the number is mine. I have a date with the shell. We shall meet soon. Nearer nearer. Some top-heavy canvas-covered German truck is plunging toward France right now. In it are shells and among the shells the one with my number. It’s coming toward the west through the Rhine valley I always wanted to see it through the Black Forest I always wanted to see it through the deep deep night coming toward France the shell I shall meet. It’s coming nearer and nearer nothing can stop it not even the hand of god for I have a time set and it has a time set and we shall meet when the time comes. Hidden beneath some gentle rolling hill that is like a woman’s breast on the solid flesh of the land hidden under the hill in some unknown ammunition dump is my shell. It is ready. Hurry boy hurry doughboy don’t be late finish whatever you have to do you haven’t much time left. It will come with a rush and a roar and a shudder. It will come howling and laughing and shrieking and moaning. It will come so fast you can’t help yourself you will stretch out your arms to embrace it. You will feel it before it comes and you will tense yourself for acceptance and the earth which is your eternal bed will tremble at the moment of your union.

axiom5000 : Hi! Is it okay to use the audio of this video for educational purposes about war in a journalistic piece? I would credit you of course.

Patrick Bateman : I can't believe people had to go through this shit. What a nightmare.

Rian Quinn : The bombardment before the first battle of the Somme lasted 8 days straight. Just let that sink in...