Death Metal Grandma

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A nonagenarian Holocaust survivor reinvents herself with heavy metal music. Read more: "Death Metal Grandma" was directed by Leah Galant ( It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.



weeb : the epitome of ‘it’s not a phase’

H A : This woman is truly a great example of the death metal spirit.

dan d. : "I don't have to do special things to prove that I'm alive." People needs to hear this phrase especially those who are addicted to social media.

nightcore bro : honestly once u pass 70 u have the right to do anything u want edit: of course u can do anything at any age (as long as ur not hurting anyone/yourself) but like i said if you've lived past 70, u deserve to do whatever the hell u want without people giving u shit for it because really you've earned it

Sergio 1248 : If she wrote a book I would buy it and read it

Adeno : She's an awesome granny! What she said was true, about the flesh being tired but still willing. In a lot of the shots, she really looks like she's tired and shaky already, but you can still see the she's pushing forward to get things done. She definitely has a fighting spirit!

Jellyfish Squid : I love talking to old people more than I do younger people.

racoonzattack : Nothing more death metal than a person so close to death she can sing about it from experience!

lakamokolaka : Yeah, this is true death metal because she is probably one of the few people who were close enough to death to scream about it. GO GRANDMA!

Sarah Scheive : What an awesome human being. She's an inspiration to keep that fire going inside you until your very last minute.

Jay : She's a real inspiration for us all...

PDogB : Don't be a victim of the system!

B B : it shames me to admit but i tend to infantalise the very elderly...they often need constant care, and cant even remember the stories you wish to hear from them. many of them seem as though they struggle day by day just to be conscious. there is a different energy to this woman, though, and i realize my opinion of her very quickly changed from "aww adorable" to something of awe and respect by the end of this. theres something very alive and powerful about this woman. keep rocking on inge, and continuing to explore ways to express the wisdom you let us glimpse in this.

Space Punk : I love how open-minded she is. Most people her age would call Death Metal "Devil Worshipping" ot something to that effect. Not her!! :))

Terry Fredrick : OMG..the stories she can tell. Surviving Nazi Germany. I could sit down for hours and listen to her storie and experiences back then. Its important to know ones history and shes a living biography of a time long ago. And on top of that shes a metal singer. Rock on grandma.

diane9247 : It's so true..."old age is a lonely land..." But, you have to go on, and she does..

KalahariKAri : Sheer awesomeness. I am so glad she didn't do America's Got Talent, whew! She is International, and needs no judgements. Many thanks to Leah for sharing Inge with us.

Heather Rogers : "My concept of heaven and hell is that in the moment of death, [if] you realize your life was full and good - that's heaven ... and if you think "I should have done this or that" - that's hell." Powerful stuff.

potatomato :p : Baby Metal x Grandma Metal.

Neil Layton : Could get the sense she didn’t want to do the Americans got talent, she might just enjoy the company and love music.. Also she states she’s a writer and a poet! I think that’s where she’ll impact more people. Loved the poem in the end. Its amazing she’s glowing with peace and love and her sense of humor is awesome.

Yvonne Amaral : To surround yourself with youth and learning does give you a positive mind set when growing older. Almost 65 but feel like 35❣️

April War : Aww... how cute. This is how I want to be when I am elderly, and still rocking it. lol

LatinaKamilla : Wow, why can’t videos like this be on “trending”. Smh, people got their priorities blurred by fake Hollywood propaganda

B Daniels Official : Wow, so powerful, even as I turn 31, quite a few people I used to know are gone, so at 94 I can imagine how lonely it gets like she describes. Interesting how she describes the time gone by and how the young appreciate the stories. Such a positive soul she is.

Htotha Hizzie : Her beauty is beyond her physical appearance. She is truly an inspiration to live out our lives to the fullest.

C. W. : I'm not sure I heard any death metal. Heavy Metal Grandma would have been correct.

Capitán Rastrero : Wow I love how she speaks her thoughts

Jobsy : More like near death metal.....okay, i'll show myself out.

ninuxy : I hope she is happy with her life.

Mike Voss : Not Death Metal, but very cool!

Hydro Fire : She says no one wants to listen to you when your her age but I love listening to her, her poems, no need for the death metal behind her. That is what is neccesary to shock and capture many others attention now a days though . . . . She is a wise woman indeed.

Vallin Vallentine : I bow in respect for her gifts, for her spirit and mostly her strength. I don't know if I could have survived the things she has, if I will ever reach the age that she has or be as present in my own life as she is in hers. I salute you.

Eric Cartman : You've heard of death metal - now listen to life metal

Jacob Johnson : This woman is the coolest grandma ever! She has such an inspiring story and a great spirit even though she's 94

Christina Aston : She should get her poetry out there for ppl to read. Her experiences through life have been incredible. I mean she made it through the holocaust! I would love to have conversations with her, so much could be learned. 😉

William Cutting : What is "frisk". This is much deeper and beautiful than I had expected. She's amazing

VintageGypsyQueen Gonzalez : This woman is simply amazing i love her love this she has a young soul alot of wisdom class and grace she has seen and done everything! And now death metal!! Way too cool she is awesome !!! And amazingly talented and gifted i hope she stays for awhile longer she is too precious!

xohillary : Where can I buy a copy of her poetry book?

Ayanna Nataki : Love this! Love her! Love metal!

Sam Victor : Wow those lyrics are deep

Annette Melnychuk : my type of grandma and what I mean by that she can prove that age is just a number and that you are as young or old as you feel. I like how she says that old age is beautiful and that it is freedom for her. I just wish that others were like her

Kirsten Bledsoe : I don't know why this made me cry. I'm 30 and freaking over getting older, and she is doing exactly what I want to do at 94 and very well.

philipalcazar : what an inspiring woman.

keriezy : This is a life goal! What a cool old broad.

eric gonzalez : very wise words from her. my favorite is "don't destroy what you can't replace".

SheIsntReal 0_0 : Inge is a very wise, very spunky chick!! What a life story you have. I don't like the woman I see in the mirror also lol! We have that in common. Inge, you are an inspiration! ❤ Love your poetry/music too ❤❤❤❤

Wayne Rocha : "Now it is the wind that caresses my hair but the scent of the flower and song of the bird is still there."

Herr Fischer : why do they force her to sing, when she insists "I am a writer, not a singer"?