A World Without Police!?

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FaZe Rain : You're 10/10

Bookworm 123 : A police officer pulled me over to pet my dog...

Anime Fnanh : If u agree with ryan like this comment Oh my god thank u for 633 likes❤️❤️

Seraphina : This is late, but thank you so much! My dad is a policeman and I’m so glad you understand! My dad is very appreciative. So is my uncle and my family! Thank you so much!

Testdrivemaster45 : 5 years ago my father almost killed me by strangulation.. he called the police on me because he said I was being aggressive.. I ran outside in the middle of the night to stop the officers before they reached my house so I can get to safety.. they were nice enough to not only bring me to the station but they cuffed my father and an officer escorted me through my house with a duffle bag and helped me pack my clothes.. they brought me to the police station and while we waited for child services to arrive the officers got me a coffee from Dunkin donuts and a bagel..... cops are not the enemy.... Because they saved my life and treated me better in just one night than my father did in all of 4 years Ryan you right about these problems.. minorities shouldn't be called minorities any more.. because we are all humans in the end. We all live and breathe and the fact that skin color and your accent these days are what defines your fate in society is stupid and fucked up

Joey Kidney : I am so happy that someone finally said this! Go Ryan, you helped a lot of people through this!

topgunner232 : Hmm let’s break this down: Talks about popular topic Gives opinions and facts on topic Provides point of view for both sides of the argument and or problem Includes extremely well justified definition or explanation of why he feels that way Ensures that he understands both point of views Sounds like the prefect video for this topic... *writes hate comment*


Greninja 2908 : Thank you for sticking up for Muslims. I love you Ryan 😁

Gaming Siege : Why the hell are you so good at your job

TechRax : Moral of the Video: Black Bars Matter

My Games my life : Yep the baddest person in the world is the one who find other peoples bad and spread it.

Jasmine Das : There was this one racsist cop I met that was really rude to my dad when he was doing nothing but unloading groceries from his car in our driveway. Some officers do use their authority the wrong way but a lot of them don't. As a black female who understands discrimination and rascism, I understand that one bad officer shouldn't determine all the other ones. People honestly need to grow up.

LogicMatterz : Who is watching this in 2018, also I think that mustache is nice

Mohamed Gad : I am Muslim

TBJZL : Hilarious video Ryan! Funny but also highlighting a very serious issue... ...filming vertically is a big problem in society today xD (but seriously he's right about the police stuff, a few corrupt/abusive officers don't represent most of the people who sign up to protect us)

Ariel Zimmer : Btw Muslims aren’t a minority Edit: I’m have nothing against Muslims I’m just pointing that out

Ray Chipotle : I miss you Sean😭😩

Tombstone 88 : Cops don’t deserve the hate, cops risk their life’s for us

Jacob Diff : But one time I missed the school bus and I had to walk almost a whole mile a really nice cop came to me and gave me stinky stickers he really made my day feel like I'm great so cops can be the best in some way or at least where I live

Rob Dyke : Yes. Yeeessss. YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!

Shinchan in hindi : Being harrased for being a muslim doesn’t make me leave my religion Thats what makes a true mulsim

JosiahB235 : Agreed except for at the start were you said that it happens to black people more which just isn’t true. It just seems like it because the media covers it when there black to push there agenda that police are racist

Emily Jordan : This is basically true! They make the racist cop vids because they want likes, cops are human like us! They protect us... If cops were not a thing then bad people would break rules! Cops are human, we are all human by the way... We should not record people when they act racist... We are suppose to have a world of cops cause we can't live without them... If we didn't have a world without cops we wouldn't have help... We would all be scared of everything without a world of cops... People should stop hating on cops because they helped us for years... They helped us every year and everyday... Also... If someone said "we want a world with no cops" they are basically talking about security gaurds also! Because security guards work with cops! They give you a ticket because they want you to be safe... They arrest someone because they want you to make you think of what you have done! So for all those cops out there... We thank you for helping us through the years!

TheBirdGamer Lover : I know how to be asian cause i am asian 😊

BradDoesBanter : The production value of these videos is just A+

fortnitegod : I AM MEXICAN GO MEXICO!!!!!

TheTacoGod23 : Um, actually, if you look deep enough, nothing is racial. If you look at the backgrounds of people being arrested, many are criminals. Liberals just see it that way and twist the stories.

killa monkey : Omg i missed this vid by alot of years

iiJordan Seygrah : Only reason people say these stuff about police is because of YOUTUBE

The Kingdom of Nervenia : Black lives matter people are racist Guess what? ALL LIVES MATTER!

Tincan : I’m not a human are you assuming my race? I’m a tin can

Game at War : Brown asian Muslim

Jeffrey Alex : Nigahiga manages to get across an important point while always making it entertaining

Tanay Verma : Why you always realise ur not shaved in video, u not lookin in da mirror

xAcceptiion : I like the beard doe :D

Lucas Edmunds : YOU HAVE 20 MILL SUBS

Aidin DIRT : Allah means God in arabic

Galaxy Girl : 2018!

isaiah is me : i dont say that to cops i like cops

Wolfie : I almost didn't recognize Ryan at the start with the beard he had going :O

EpicSpeedDemon : When Ryan said F the police I got a notification from a new vid from Deji (comedyshortsgamer)saying F the police best coincidence of 2018

Hudson Litt : My dads a cop 👮

Ava Curphey : I love police officers

baked potatoes : 0:37 this is awes terrible


XxxFancyStyle *** : Ryan.... Is title in Slovenian?!?! I'm asking because I'm from Slovenia and if it is in Slovenian how did you learn to speak.... This is hard language🤔🤔

RAG3 Shoji : All my friends says “Do You Eat dogs”

Allan Prieto : ryan is getting an A+cuz hes so smart about everything😂

Trandon 99 : This Is Funny.