Take the power back & Killing in the name (RATM Cover)

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wiencheck : When you see asian with music man you know stuff is gonna get serious

Jake The Titan : The vocalist sounds a lot like zach.

Eddie Lopez : Take the vocalist and put him in prophets of rage plz!

Evan Hebert : Omfg I thought this was going to be cringy, this is insane!!!! SO GOOD!!!

mochamad lucky : the best RATM cover i've ever seen! F GREAT!

Flo Ryan : Okay, Zach doesn't want to do this stuff anymore, now get this guy and make against the machine rage again

Jorge Rodriguez : The singer sounds more like Zach than Zach

First Name Last Name : honestly would rather pay to see these guys than prophets of rage.

Ludek Suchanek : is it at 5:22 "no more rice" ?

Jaakko : Usually band covers are a group of friends playing in a living room and just standing there still. But these guys have the right body language for this shit! I mean how tf are you supposed to play a RATM song without jumping around like crazy!?

Lucas : vocalist ain't bad

Aidri Slash : The bassist has so much energy. I like that

jari nakal : Wooo.. Really good cover! Whats the name of this group? Whos watching in 2018?

Vicky Jost : Zach is chinese?

Bez Larr : thats one off the bucket list. to perform killing in the name of uncensored at a ?school

Elijah Artley : Zach de LA asian

AK : he have anger in his eyes like Zack

mike portnoy : Dear Tom Morello, please draft this vocalist. He sounds exactly like Zach.

sbFRESH : They handled that tech difficulty like fucking pros! GREAT job!

Mr.Anchovy : I love their energy, dude

Rick Deckard : RATM were Asians all along?!

Victor B : holy shit that was a great vocal. Not quite on point, but very passionate, which is what most people lack covering this. ที่น่าตื่นตาตื่นใจ โชคดี

박지원 : sorry for prejudging you guys from your outlook. I didn't expect any heavy sound from neat school uniforms ( even wrong about this , too?) anyways, great play! thank you for upload

sinki apgel : holy god... ratm is reborn !!! awsome dude !!!

Peter : Vocalist is A+

Nirvana Nirvana : the best is You guys didn't stop the song when guitar was not sounding you complete The song .. <3 Rage against the machine . They Use Forces . Pinkpop Rage against the machine .. :) <3

FrostedVoid : I don't think I've ever been this pleasantly surprised before. I hope you guys take this somewhere, you have real talent.

OF1 neaktivní kanál : Isn't it illegal in Thailand? :-D

Johan Franck : These guys are better than prophets of rage without a doubt

07foxmulder : I was expecting this to be terrible. Happy to be wrong. Nice job, gentlemen.


Fender Strat Gibson Les Paul : Sounds like zach...

ShaukiMS : love from malaysia

MrJFPlays : You guys rock. Good job

Nino Funka : You guys rawkkk Even became a legend for cursing in the school in the front of your teacher

Bran Gran : I am extremely impressed

Kemas Aziz : Chinese can duplicate anything, even your fav band..

Chem Poi : what the heck , enjoying this while having coffee

ben inglis : Prob one of better attempts to sound like Zack that I have heard... well done! To all of em.

Miguel Parada : Great! Best cover.

ShuaYTGaming : I'm seeing the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE in them. Keep Rockin'

Luis Salazar : Groove is what takes this song to success

Moises Ortiz : I speak for all the non-haters in L.A., this was great, thank you guys.

Tide PODS : all these really year old videos popping up and going viral nowadays making me worried about my videos from grade 11

KeithFoskeyMusic : Hory shit! Kirring in the name of!! You guys ROCK!!!

JASoli : Surprised man


storm rider : Who are these guys? Where can in find more music by them? They kick ass!!! Love it. Most covers aren't great. This is just great.

Christian Busch : good. Like if you watched this before ww3

David Badajoz : A W E S O M E