Take the power back & Killing in the name (RATM Cover)

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wiencheck : When you see asian with music man you know stuff is gonna get serious

Eddie Lopez : Take the vocalist and put him in prophets of rage plz!

Jake The Titan : The vocalist sounds a lot like zach.

Evan Hebert : Omfg I thought this was going to be cringy, this is insane!!!! SO GOOD!!!

First Name Last Name : honestly would rather pay to see these guys than prophets of rage.

Flo Ryan : Okay, Zach doesn't want to do this stuff anymore, now get this guy and make against the machine rage again

Jorge Rodriguez : The singer sounds more like Zach than Zach

mochamad lucky : the best RATM cover i've ever seen! F GREAT!

jari nakal : Wooo.. Really good cover! Whats the name of this group? Whos watching in 2018?

田真远 : That bassist is rocking it! Could it be the lengendary modulus funk unlimited that he is using?

Jaakko : Usually band covers are a group of friends playing in a living room and just standing there still. But these guys have the right body language for this shit! I mean how tf are you supposed to play a RATM song without jumping around like crazy!?

Ludek Suchanek : is it at 5:22 "no more rice" ?

Lucas : vocalist ain't bad

Aidri Slash : The bassist has so much energy. I like that

Vicky Jost : Zach is chinese?

Bez Larr : thats one off the bucket list. to perform killing in the name of uncensored at a ?school

Rick Deckard : RATM were Asians all along?!

Elijah Artley : Zach de LA asian

박지원 : sorry for prejudging you guys from your outlook. I didn't expect any heavy sound from neat school uniforms ( even wrong about this , too?) anyways, great play! thank you for upload

Victor B : holy shit that was a great vocal. Not quite on point, but very passionate, which is what most people lack covering this. ที่น่าตื่นตาตื่นใจ โชคดี

mike portnoy : Dear Tom Morello, please draft this vocalist. He sounds exactly like Zach.

Nirvana Nirvana : the best is You guys didn't stop the song when guitar was not sounding you complete The song .. <3 Rage against the machine . They Use Forces . Pinkpop Rage against the machine .. :) <3

Mr.Anchovy : I love their energy, dude

Peter : Vocalist is A+

sbFRESH : They handled that tech difficulty like fucking pros! GREAT job!

FrostedVoid : I don't think I've ever been this pleasantly surprised before. I hope you guys take this somewhere, you have real talent.

AK : he have anger in his eyes like Zack

Nino Funka : You guys rawkkk Even became a legend for cursing in the school in the front of your teacher

OF1 neaktivní kanál : Isn't it illegal in Thailand? :-D

sinki apgel : holy god... ratm is reborn !!! awsome dude !!!


Johan Franck : These guys are better than prophets of rage without a doubt

07foxmulder : I was expecting this to be terrible. Happy to be wrong. Nice job, gentlemen.

ShaukiMS : love from malaysia

Fender Strat Gibson Les Paul : Sounds like zach...

Kemas Aziz : Chinese can duplicate anything, even your fav band..

Chem Poi : what the heck , enjoying this while having coffee

Bran Gran : I am extremely impressed

MrJFPlays : You guys rock. Good job

ben inglis : Prob one of better attempts to sound like Zack that I have heard... well done! To all of em.

Christian Busch : good. Like if you watched this before ww3

Miguel Parada : Great! Best cover.

ShuaYTGaming : I'm seeing the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE in them. Keep Rockin'

Ax : Zack de la cheng..

storm rider : Who are these guys? Where can in find more music by them? They kick ass!!! Love it. Most covers aren't great. This is just great.

Moises Ortiz : I speak for all the non-haters in L.A., this was great, thank you guys.

Luis Salazar : Groove is what takes this song to success

Tide PODS : all these really year old videos popping up and going viral nowadays making me worried about my videos from grade 11

Dave the Brave : i watched this expecting it to be a very clean and polished just like theyre clothes are, a technically sound but soulless cover youd expect from a few school boys... but damn... by the end of the video i was fucking jumping in my chair because you guys have the anger it takes to play such songs... you dont just play the music, you fucking understand the songs and it shows... best cover for sure

Ahmad Maghfur : best RATM cover so far. Shell really sounds like Zack! god i miss that voice. took me since youtube's birth to find a good cover of RatM.