Supreme Skills! - Ultra Small Holes: EDM vs. Drilling: Part 1 [1080p]

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Callum : whats with the cheesy narator

Robert Talada : "Small, deep holes are necessary for modern life" *sprays beverage out my nose*

Vivian Tristesse : The danger zone?!! WE'RE IN BUBBLE TROUBLE!!! : Japan is best at keeping TV strange. Next up: How the Plumbus is made :-)

hoze187 : i think i'm more impressed in the amount of work it probably took to get the machines to where they needed to be so they could shoot this contest

Phil Pan : Those who cringe at the voice of the narrator should realize that it's an accurate reproduction of the original Japanese.

MosoKaiser : Oh, Japan... :D Also a fine example why subtitles are superior to dubbing 99% of the time.

DroneXFun : This is what television programming looks like in an educated and civilized society.

mrkookalabanza : I want my 27 minutes back.

Chris Turnblom : This is cool. I don't know anything about this show but I wouldn't be surprised if it's funded by the Japanese government. It promotes pride in engineering rather then what we do in the U.S. ...sports, magic, ghost hunting ...mostly useless stuff. It helps the whole nation if they feel a sense of accomplishment for feats of engineering like this and will help the entire society.

grand unified : WOW cant wait for the paint drying episode!

Terran Ovnicek : That cocaine fueled narration tho

routt ookc : OMFG WHERE IS PART 2 !?

sinformant : What am I doing with my life? I'm watching a video from Japan overhyping a competition to drill a hole in pencil lead at 6am.....😔

Carpe Noctem : “Any special talents?“ “I can drill a hole through the center of pencil lead without breaking it” “You do realize you’re trying to get into a janitorial position, right?”

Torm Endor : I hate how he calls it lead when its a graphite rod.



schlaznger : Welcome to the daily life of a machinist.

Andis Slaitas : not watching this, can't stand the voice

Scoox : If the Japanese haven't thought of it, it can't be done.

Joseph Lo : These are not the Electric Dance Music I was looking for.

Julian McCallum : why is this on my recommended? im too high for this

Tomislav Rom : Ok, now step aside and let me do the screw thread inside...

Sion : Cool contest, except for the over hyping narrator, it's often really chinchy to watch when he talks.

TexasGTO : Anyone else just kinda skip through only watching the interesting parts?

I Don't Know : Me: "I must do important stuff" Brain: "Haha, no."

Potsu : Why imitating horrible US narration/sound/editing style? It's horrible.

Sam Sung : Asif u dont see who wins

Open World Gamer : "Small deep holes are usefull" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

d : Where's part 2?

Richard keith : Half hour drilling pencil lead, next time wtf

soi boi : Could have sworn I was watching a spoof

Hannes Carstens : Wait. Not a single tentacle in this video!?

John Smith : EDM makes excessive holes on the dance floors around the world 🙄

Ömer Salih : Just give that task to Germans, they will do it perfectly 👍

Kenny Billot : The narrator is awesome! LOL. "Supreme Skill"

villagelightsmith : The problem is the weakness of the pencil lead. It might be easier if a multi-jawed collet could be used to support the graphite shaft, keeping it from collapsing.

Bornapatriot BythegraceofGod : He made the woman horny when he talked about his dream

Caleb Moyer : What the heck am I watching?

Jaivin Wylde : Definition of "cheesy".

Death : That's what she said 😉

Richard Head : 0:21 *sssssssSMALL DEEP HOLE!!!!*

geetarwanabe : Did this really need 2 episodes or narration?

Adam Tarda : What the hell Ive just watched...

H. Petersen : That was interesting and very annoying to watch at the same time

Mark Bailey : Small deep holes. Woow!!!

Mr.Techaky : Wow, this guy sure likes his holes....

weweko kowe : Now do this on a Chines made mini lathe 😝

ccas : Title: That's what she said