Supreme Skills! - Ultra Small Holes: EDM vs. Drilling: Part 1 [1080p]

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Callum : whats with the cheesy narator : Japan is best at keeping TV strange. Next up: How the Plumbus is made :-)

hoze187 : i think i'm more impressed in the amount of work it probably took to get the machines to where they needed to be so they could shoot this contest

sinformant : What am I doing with my life? I'm watching a video from Japan overhyping a competition to drill a hole in pencil lead at 6am.....😔

DroneXFun : This is what television programming looks like in an educated and civilized society.

Chris Turnblom : This is cool. I don't know anything about this show but I wouldn't be surprised if it's funded by the Japanese government. It promotes pride in engineering rather then what we do in the U.S. ...sports, magic, ghost hunting ...mostly useless stuff. It helps the whole nation if they feel a sense of accomplishment for feats of engineering like this and will help the entire society.

routt ookc : OMFG WHERE IS PART 2 !?

Joseph Lo : These are not the Electric Dance Music I was looking for.

Tomislav Rom : Ok, now step aside and let me do the screw thread inside...

Robert Talada : "Small, deep holes are necessary for modern life" *sprays beverage out my nose*

Carpe Noctem : “Any special talents?“ “I can drill a hole through the center of pencil lead without breaking it” “You do realize you’re trying to get into a janitorial position, right?”


Torm Endor : I hate how he calls it lead when its a graphite rod.

TexasGTO : Anyone else just kinda skip through only watching the interesting parts?

Vivian Tristesse : The danger zone?!! WE'RE IN BUBBLE TROUBLE!!!

mugensamurai : I came here for Electric Dance Music ended up with a documentary instead.

LauriraDog : in this way he achieves a steady penetration speed of 1 millimeter per minute

Open World Gamer : "Small deep holes are usefull" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kingston Anderson : I personally really really liked everything about this. The narrator was great. Reminds me of power rangers or something.

villagelightsmith : The problem is the weakness of the pencil lead. It might be easier if a multi-jawed collet could be used to support the graphite shaft, keeping it from collapsing.

Richard Head : 0:21 *sssssssSMALL DEEP HOLE!!!!*

Smoken Da Gass : The Japanese people do love to perfect

3p1ks : Why is Japan so weird?

DOnker : SUPREMU SUKERU!!! watashi wa no CIN CIN daisuki des

Justice Warrior : Even robots can't compete with "Asian level"!!! We're screwed!

Justice Warrior : I'm sure that if it were Hardwell working on that EDM machine he would have drilled a hole 20 km deep!

John Smith : EDM makes excessive holes on the dance floors around the world 🙄

Phil Pan : Those who cringe at the voice of the narrator should realize that it's an accurate reproduction of the original Japanese.

Justice Warrior : I'm more amazed how the old manual machine is so well lined up!!! For building big pieces with that much precision is amazing!

Ken B. : The narrator is awesome! LOL. "Supreme Skill"

Torch Tube : "That's Supreme Skill!"

naota3k : I am WAY more impressed with the manufacturer that made useful drill bits smaller than 0.5mm. Who cares about EDM and a lathe lol.

poktya : Its okay i came to know why my gf left me..used wrong drill

Potsu : Why imitating horrible US narration/sound/editing style? It's horrible.


Sam Antoniak : 8:30 But your gay.

Ghost : im not gonna lie i watched all 27:45 minutes of all did too......

DaChozenPoww : Send this to apple..

Sebastian Sandquist : Soooo, where is the electronic dance music? This is BS

Tustrue : The narrator is really into this

mrkookalabanza : I want my 27 minutes back.

TET2005 : Come on guys... Japan is one of the best in precision engineering... I have dealt with their equipment before... with skills and practice... you could be really good with the equipment.

marthale7 : Paul Harvey. As we all know the Swiss are known for being some of, if not the best watchmakers in the world. They've been making watches for hundreds of years, and the craft of watchmaking is passed down from generation to generation. Now, back in the 1980's when the Japanese were making advances in and becoming the truly dominant force in the electronics industry, they realized that some of the tools that they used for electronics manufacturing may also serve the Swiss watchmakers well. Never one to not take advatage of a potential opportunity, a Japanese company asked their engineers to design the smalles drill bit they could, and the company would market the "smallest drill bit in the world" to the swiss watch manufacturer. So they did. The Japanese company sent the "smallest drill bit in the world" to the Swiss company with a letter declaring that the drillbit was not only the smallest, but also the most durable drillbit of its type. The swiss company promptly sent the drillbit back 2 days later to the Japanese company with a hole drilled right down the center, end to end.

El Barto : 9:45

иαнαlιєl ρσяяαѕ : *T H O S E. H O L E S. A R E. D E E P*

Terran Ovnicek : That cocaine fueled narration tho

Bornapatriot BythegraceofGod : He made the woman horny when he talked about his dream

Sam Sung : Asif u dont see who wins


Hannes Carstens : Wait. Not a single tentacle in this video!?