Using Mind Control to Drive a Car

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Pretty interesting that you can use a $30 toy to read brain wave values. Even more interesting is that we were able to rig mind control to a car. And most interesting is that no one called the police on us while we made this video. My Patreon for the good memes: Instagram: mike_reeds808 Twitter: Website: Facebook: Songs: jou beats. - brasil.

Comments from Youtube

W h e e z e : Welcome back to my laboratory where safety, is number 3 priority.

Christmas Chungus : You: *panics* Car: IM SORRY DID YOU SAY GO VROOM VROOM

Cade Richards : It's 2019, you don't have to call Adderall "so much caffeine" anymore

TrwSeama : Here's the reverse idea of this, a kill switch that stops the car if you lose focus. So if you're not focusing on the road, the car just stops, not abruptly, but stops.

Chilidog : So, the only issue I see is that when you focus really hard on that pedestrian crossing the street in front of you, you'll accelerate. Sounds exciting!!

Jackal : At 5:17 I freaking lost it when he said "we also have a mechanical killswitch which is my right leg kicking out the piston." Lmao

Asbestos : All sociopaths wear amber aviators.

oi : Now with that piston he can actually reach the pedals.

Dayton Creekmore : Elon musk entered chat

EthalaRide : Brilliant, the more you panic, the faster the car goes. I can't see that being a problem *ever*

Draw Like Venom : Shut up, I love the code! ❤️

Wilfre : Father: don't make me turn this car around Kid **Crying** you already have

Cantoons : Everyone is admiring the brain tech while I'm admiring the sophisticated and highly advance tripod holding the camera

A Great Pineapple : The caffeine would explain your height.

Kevin Swanger : Elon Musk should take some notes because this man will be the first to shines lasers into his eyes on Mars.

Daily Films : You should make a device that forces you to pay attention and every time you zone out or loose focus it shocks you or something

Pedro Stivp9 : The voice at the start saying "Já viu rico namorar pobre?" Means "Have you seen rich men dating poor people?" In brazilian portuguese.

King_BOB : What about, the less you concentrate, the more it accelerates! Literal reverse-psychology

Garrett Montgomery : you could have used a flow & check valve to meter-out the cylinder to accelerate a little slower rather than going full blast pedal to the metal. that would have been an interesting feature to add.

Colonel Crow : You kinda remind me of Peter Parker, except instead of becoming Spiderman, you became maniacally depressed

WearyWener : Zthis would be excellent for dwarves since they can’t reach the pedals!

Noah Dominic Silvio : you: :| car: you: >:( car: vroom

Jessica Goff : Combine two of your ideas, make a headset that forces other people to dab with out even having to move. Sorry, I just want to watch the world burn.

Jared MacDonald : omg this video is gold "How do I unfocus??" lmao

Madvillain : I feel like you would be an excellent terrorist

SUDO BLISS : Your content is truly amazing. Your very smart and will do greta things. It’s great to see someone with a passion in life l. Much love

ViralVortex 94 : This is Mythbusters but with a 12 year old in charge

Joshua Weaver : I didn't expect any brain waves to show up for him, interesting...

Scott Is my name : You're the god that created god

Ryan M. : This nerd will single handedly make the future tolerable

Coffee Caesar : Ah, so THAT'S why you include a kill switch.

LYNDON MENDIOLA : I wonder why Peter Parker creates a YT channel and not teaming up with our real-life Tony Stark (it is Elon Musk bruh).

crazy lazy bros : I will laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha I'm dying inside

anderst krass : Jamie unfocus NONONO DONT PANIC CAUSE THATS MORE FOCUS

Adler Drahms : *local middle school boy steals dad's car and uses cheap Star Wars toy to drive around parking lot, gets demonetized*

jonne Tiirikainen : You're like if Peter Parker was a smartass instead of just smart

Lucas Quental : Hahahahahaha, "ja viu rico namora pobre?" It's like we says: "Brasileiro so não domina o mundo porque nao quer" BR wins.

Nick Fulcher : Dude, turn it into a Dragon Ball Z Power Reader?

julian slavin : that's so cool you live in motherfucking Maui!

Kay Jersch : Normal Person: I should test that out on an RC-Car first for safety reasons. Michael: REAL F*CKING CAR!!!!!! SAFETY THIRD MOTHERF*CKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry Gilson : i feel like im always the one that wants Michael's source code :(

U MadBro yo : That vsauce edit....

Luis Dutra : "Ja viu rico namorar pobre" 0:00 hahahaha

Juice Boy : *in hulk hogan voice* Tomorrow on keeping up with the Reeves

TheApoke : Now combine it with the dabbing machine and you can force someone to dab by thinking.

Alec St.pierre : I didnt know Nevel made youtube videos after icarly

ThatOneZoey : The most dangerous thing in the video was that he was driving with flip-flops.

Captain Italia : Are you a young Danny Devito?