Using Mind Control to Drive a Car

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Ryan M. : This nerd will single handedly make the future tolerable

0rang3z : I didnt know you were old enough to drive!

FlintSparked : You filmed bird poop? *DEMONETIZED*

BashStash : Micheal you have a nice ass.

Kasper : I just realized you should collab with Colin Furze.

Sketch it D.I.Y : Russian hacker: safety is number one priority. Micheal: safety is the third priority.

Alexander Orozco : You are literally peter parker

husky : please never stop showing the code in the videos, no matter how boring you think it can be. it can be really interesting and surprisingly informative for people even mildly interested in programming

Oumijai : The next thing we know this guy gets hired by Elon Musk to start civilization on Mars

Tom : So when you are crashing the car will go full throttle because of you panicing. That sounds awesome!

EthalaRide : Brilliant, the more you panic, the faster the car goes. I can't see that being a problem *ever*

Hugo Stonewall : You did it, a stress powered car

Well that's Gay : You should do the exact opposite so it stops when you panic and drives when youre calm

Angel Acuna : Story time: PSHYCO YOUTUBER ALMOST KILLED ME WITH MIND CONTROL Sad part is that this wouldn't even be that far from the truth if it was michael

asdfmlka : you're pretty amazing for a depressed soyboy

January7 : next time do it with a jet fighter

Matt G : My favorite part is how he set it up to be zero or a hundred acceleration.

Carlos Alejandro Quintanilla : Who would win: Cameraman John vs Cameraman Jeremy

Orion Steller : Please never make YouTube your job Because if u did then you would worry about monetization and your videos wouldn't be as funny

potato man : Your the coolest nerd I’ve ever seen

TheApoke : Now combine it with the dabbing machine and you can force someone to dab by thinking.

theDEADLIESTwarrior7 : I need some advice peeps, in all seriousness I'd love to just spend hours and hours making random shit like this(maybe things a bit safer lol) so what would I need to learn to do that? I don't know how to use coding, are there different kinds meant for different things? I know a bit about electrical stuff but I don't know how to put it into practice like this I don't know how to turn an idea into a creation like this, but I have a passion for it and I don't know where to begin or what I'd need to learn to do it would I have to go to school for it? could I learn it at home with books/tutorials online? could I turn it into a way to make money like getting hired to do coding stuff for people or building random things? if I go down that road I'd give it my all and not many things interest me the way these things do lol so I'd really appreciate some serious advice on it:D thanks

Hatena360 : I love you

The Major : Michael if you had been smarter, you'd make it so that when you are too focused that it turns off. Making it a double threshold around an average instead.

beta4479 : Neville from ICarly is up to some wild shit now

Mustafa Ahmed : Putting aside the memes, this is actually interesting.

BeanbagTheMeanbag : +Michael Reeves is going to concur the tri-state area

* : Tesla, hire this man

nyandragons : who let a 12 year old get a licence

Wlgwalker Games : I forgot the name to your channel so i searched up Youtube Buddy. You popped up as the first result

RocksHaveFeelings 2 : I cant believe your last video became a meme

Torin : This could actually be handy for people who can't/don't want to use their legs while driving.

lunchbox georg : I like seeing the code even tho I don’t understand what any of it means

Nappse : Jokes aside, this is actually pretty smart. Just in reverse hit the breaks when focus is too low.

Carrots and Vinegar : You could have made it voice controlled, which would be easier and more accurate ,but this is better

Charlie Beach : Did he make the car accelerate based on essentially panic.

Nome Sobrenome : ...think unsexy thoughts Think unsexy THOUGHTS THINK UNSEXY THOUGHTS *THINK UNSEX... OH MY GOD WE'RE GONNA CRASH*

Biowott : You know we're living in the future when humans aren't responsible for car crashes.

Generic Dank Meme : 07:53 sounds like the mic used was on the mind control headset

Kuno : (Didn't watch yet) No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. (watching) whoa cool. How is this so exhaustive yet so sketch? (having watched) This man is a menace to society and himself. It's only a matter of weeks until he burns down his house with the variation of his nipple heat telling his stove to boil milk.

teburg10 : So, the only issue I see is that when you focus really hard on that pedestrian crossing the street in front of you, you'll accelerate. Sounds exciting!!

Barfin Rainbow : Wait if ur about to hit a car u have to force yourself to be calm

a r : I think if you really listened this would be a code only channel kthx

Sexually Active Narwhal : I cant read code but I enjoy the code.

golf : time to yeet

Muscle Hank : Is this Michael Reeves?

Étienne-senpai : Bringing Brain Power to the next level.

Phoebius Owais : Isnt he too young to drive

Pulsar : I bought my 2012 turbo limited sonata $4000 under market value...I always feel guilty driving it

Mr.Potato : He should try mind control remote cars. Its safer.