Using Mind Control to Drive a Car

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Ryan M. : This nerd will single handedly make the future tolerable

Sapphire Chica : Now, make someone dab with your mind

Ezzy : You are basically just a maniac scientist.

Turocco : not even a million views cuz i think people think that the title is clickbait llol

TheSaltBoy : Road rage would be wild

Colonel Crow : You kinda remind me of Peter Parker, except instead of becoming Spiderman, you became maniacally depressed

Celeste Tyler : Michael: talks about [probably complicated] code/computer programming stuff, creates really cool shit, uses lots of computer science (?) words that three people understand (maybe) Also Michael: cackles like a nine-year-old while test driving the car

wuz wutz : Please never stop including the code... *IT MAKES HE HAARRRED*

extraterrestrial badger : he should make it so that relaxing triggers the brake

Mars Violet : I thought this was gonna be clickbait and you'd only drive a toy car

Charlie Beach : Did he make the car accelerate based on essentially panic.

Jack TCRMM : Yay now we can have suicide kamikaze bombers minus the suicide!

aditya patwardhan : My iPad died exactly when you said turn off

Kaylila : How do you focus on being unfocused?


January7 : next time do it with a jet fighter

Ocare LetsPlay : That‘s the closest we have for a evil scientist

Jasmin Rebelo : Michael is actually an alien in disguise.

Taylor Jared : god I wish I knew code

This is Cutie Ringo Joy : This will be our future sci

Mustafa Ahmed : Putting aside the memes, this is actually interesting.

Gsauce Primary : caffine or cocaine

seth mathews : In all fairness, don’t we control our cars with our mind every day? Mind:controls arms and legs. Arms and legs:control car.

Jan Hesel : Can u plz make a coffe machine that makes coffe every time u zone out ?

Mark Reviews : "Safety third, kids!" That's like the motto of this channel.

Justin Y. : Man these Cyberpunk 2077 promos are becoming elaborate

Clara : Why is someone saying "did you ever seen a rich person dating a poor person?" in brazilian portuguese at the first second of the video?

Big Oof [] : Give this kid a grammy

NothingNew : And you thought Elon musk was the future...

Hitrover : *in traffic and needs to slam the brakes* *SUPER SPEED*

Chilidog : So, the only issue I see is that when you focus really hard on that pedestrian crossing the street in front of you, you'll accelerate. Sounds exciting!!

Sawyer Christiansen : VR games always have the problem of moving around. You could use this to move around in VR games.

Nickolas Weidman : Use an Xbox controller to drive a car next lmao

Potato Servant : 5:55 nice ass Is that pedophelia

Etho Baryonyx : I know how to scare you guys, watch this *C O D E* haha spooked ya

RocksHaveFeelings 2 : I cant believe your last video became a meme

ThatFabiii : This would be perfect for Top Gear

xAll : This guy is too smart, my brain hurts after listening to him.

Edward Cameron : But Michael you're not old enough to own a car

HamTokes - : This dude the coolest mf on youtube

shrek man : I got a special Olympics ad before this. I think this is a message

Crispy Memes And Broken Dreams : Here’s a challenge, make it work on a manual transmission

VulcanSpawnWolf : I used to have one of those star wars things and now I'm sad I donated it because I could have done stupid crap like this EDIT: I found it, I had put it in a bag for donation but never actually donated it :D

BountyNothing yep : You're insane Let's be f r i e n d s

Emilx2000 : Next video: Using Mind Control to Fly a Plane

yea i ate a potato so what : not even jokeing , i like seeing the code

Valentino/Valenbaas : Can we all think a moment this Guy lives in 2399 and we live in 2018

Stripez : Yoooooooooooooo Imagine triggering a grenade or a bomb or something with your brain

firekid4 : 4:19 I spat out my cereal. And ruined my pants. So... thanks?

MecDavidson : Ja viu rico namorar pobre???, Love your videos, I'm from Brazil and recognize that music hahah