Using Mind Control to Drive a Car

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Ryan M. : This nerd will single handedly make the future tolerable


HUMAID Alremeithi : imagine Michael is a billionaire just imagine the things he will create …...

NothingNew : And you thought Elon musk was the future...

bowlittle2 bow : Are you going to be using a ford FOCUS (this was a bad joke)

Colonel Crow : You kinda remind me of Peter Parker, except instead of becoming Spiderman, you became maniacally depressed

Manatee Man : Of the many, many great moments in this video, I think my very favorite was when you realized that panic will only make the car drive *faster*

Jack Easton : This dude the coolest mf on youtube

Harrison rice : I would pay money to have a class with this kid

please dont : 2:15 rEeEeeeEeeeEEE Every like I'll add another e

Mustafa Ahmed : Putting aside the memes, this is actually interesting.

Adnan A : We need a Michael Reeves x Elon Musk collab.

Patrick Efird : 1960: In 2018 we'll have flying cars! 2018: Mind control car.

Dalton Brooks : The people that saw him driving probably thought it was a 10 year old driving

Laku Sato : This is Einstein in a memeulous adult

January7 : next time do it with a jet fighter

noahrocks11now : If anything this make car safer because you have to concentrate more

Jan Hesel : Can u plz make a coffe machine that makes coffe every time u zone out ?

Valentino/Valenbaas : Can we all think a moment this Guy lives in 2399 and we live in 2018

Spartan_Locke_9 Gaming : Elon Musk wants to know your location.

Justin Y. : Man these Cyberpunk 2077 promos are becoming elaborate

Ethan Vizard : Jeez Michael you literally just made a mind control car

Anon ymous : I feel like you would be an excellent terrorist

Bunbuns : Try this on a really really stressed person.

Zantheproplayz : 8:03 WHEN VTEC KICKS IN YO

Charlie Beach : Did he make the car accelerate based on essentially panic.

Hockey and Gaming : imagine taking Adderall while driving this

Stripez : Yoooooooooooooo Imagine triggering a grenade or a bomb or something with your brain

ιnғernυѕ : Now try driving while in traffic

Jesse Ybarra : I forgot safety was our number 3 priority: excuse me

EthalaRide : Brilliant, the more you panic, the faster the car goes. I can't see that being a problem *ever*

Sloth Armstrong : This dude was born a genius wth

Lil.go4t Productions : Bro how have you not made a time machine yet😤🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Kkqleb - : Set up that headset to your TV and lights, so you can watch TV late at night. If you fall asleep, the TV and the lights will turn off automatically

R.E.C monika : This dude is smart That pisses me offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

RocksHaveFeelings 2 : I cant believe your last video became a meme

Funny Geeks : But what if some hot chick passes on a crosswalk in front of you?

Jacob Schneider : That can be a safety feature, the accelerator only works if you're focusing on driving, so that when zone out, the car'll stop

Derrick Games : "Safety 3rd" -Micheal Reeves, 2018

Julio Ramos : Am i the only one that wants to hear more about the code?

Diddle : Fucking upload, cunt

Sara Quijada : That vsauce reference at 1:16 tho

ZaTTy! : 8:08 FUUUUCK

NinjaSkillzXD : If you don't work as a electrical engineer you probably should start thinking about that

Teagan Justice : This guy is a game changer

yea i ate a potato so what : not even jokeing , i like seeing the code

LittlerTenor Drummer : what island do u live on

Magic Morgan : How you get sponsors is beyond me

The Turtle Brothers Productions : Why is he so much smarter than me

freedom2234 :p : Favorite part of this video 9:11 Favorite date 9/11 Favorite phone number 911