Warframe | We All Lift Together

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Th3Jez : Annnnd it's in my head, rip

Joao Gomes : Know what would be dope? If we could use one of those big ass wrenches the solaris use and deliver some sweet poetic justice by caving some corpus skulls in. Please make that a thing, DE.

Kishibe Rohan : Working at McDonalds be like:


Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi : That's official. Solaris are best singers within the origin system.

DammitSinged : _I wonder if they actually have speakers that blast the instrumentals while they work and sing._

eshock7 : Warframe: CrossFit DLC

-Anonymous Six- : Digital Extremes just flexing on Bungie now lmao...

Joshua King : _Dad, why do you have a robot head now?_ _Debt collectors son, debt collectors._

Bublito HeizCrew : Free game... Those 2 words don't add up when I think of Warframe. With all the big companies scamming us out of our money for games that are literally half of what Warframe is, it's crazy to think Warframe is still fully free to play. Hats off to DE. Keep being amazing you beautiful bastards

Mr.wheat : Now if there was some way to download this while supporting the creators


김메리 : Fortuna For tuna

Eduardo Giraldez : They are building the Nintendo Switch servers for Warframe.

The 99th Rogue : I love how people are saying there communist because they fighting against capitalists. First off the coprus are corpritist not capitalist. Second fighting against slavery isn't communitic nor a communist exclusive thing. Thirdly they have shops ran by private owners as seen in the gameplay implying they are more capitalist than communist.

R2dummy : beautifully animated and coordinated, loved it!

Roland Cole : The barrel stacking dude was clearly slacking off until the camera pointed at him

DocReverb : im only gonna watch this 49 more times today, I swear

Jared Rosin : I can’t get over the feels that this video has and the song they are singing. I know it’s fictional but this song there singing has so much pain and content with being a slave. And even thou they want to work to pay off depts and do better for themselves and their kids the Corpus will keep them down. Because of this they need to work together and there in lays the Lifting Together and suffering like this for generations together so that one day they can have more. Lol I know I’m going in to deep about this but I really care about the Warframe universe and seeing the Corpus do this to people makes me want this DLC even more and further save the Sol system from New Tyranny’s and Old war Relics that can’t sleep. Thanks for this amazing game DE and thanks for the hard work.

Bartosz Adamek : How many platinum does this soundtrack cost? :D

Ramaceq 2020 : Better than Fortnite?

SeFii : srsly i've watched to this like 20 times or so

Geronibro : The song really stays in your head. Everytime I think it’s gone it just starts up again.

Drazixu : Is that mag prime? I wanna say Mesa prime cause of the things on her arms

Michael Estrada : If this plays the first time we go to Fortuna, OOH BOY.

Andrew Online : I looked at the title and thought this was a PSA to not activate the lift if none of your fellow Tenno were in it. Because that needs to be made.

Seb Thompson : Christ, this gives me mad chills All respect to the devs, it’s incredible

AGE : top 10 anime op ever

Prophet Mason : Wow everytime I quit warframe for any reason my personal life lot of grind bored with it( very rarely tho) devs finds something to get me back first poe then khora then sacrifice and then limbo prime( my fav frame) and now this. Hats off to DE for giving all this just for free. I wish I could pay them some moeny :)

TheKolomonyBros : It's kind of sad if they actually sold their body parts so they can repay the debt. That could explain their mechanical parts.

Vitaly : VOLUME 100, LIFT 9000+, ADRIFT 50KNOTS, HYPE 9000+

TechnoCinemaMusic : For a free game, these guys have some SERIOUS production value. The music and singing is extremely powerful, and the animation is excellent as always. Props to DE for making this all possible. Warframe is easily an instant favorite for me.

damage cont : Im really happy i started to just start playing this game last month

Jinn P yro : It’s very minute, but even the people welding and lifting cargoes are in tune to the song, and not just the ones being focused on. Great work there DE

Nick Rye : Well I know what I'm re-installing this afternoon.

Jouons Bien : The song of college loan debtors

doctah who : Please make this the song playing in the back when ur in this town....

Devthedisturbed : Anyone spot that interest rate under the Fortuna logo at 2:10? Over fifty percent! No wonder these people are basically debt slaves. The interest is doubling what they owe every few years

Venom Snake : If you notice the markets under The Fortuna title, Variable Rate goes in the green as soon as the warframe lands

Zatchooze Naut : We all wait together.

Duplicity : I like how everyone passed over WF as a boring failure years back

FIST ME : It would have been hallirous If it was called we all left together and the guy at the end was like welcome guardian(referring to destiny being dead)

Matheus Linhares : since when Digital Extremes knows how to make cinematics with a Blizzard quality standards? Now can someone please teach Blizzard how to do games with the Digital Extremes lvl of quality again? Please?

DIRECT_VIRUS : I've been whistling and humming this song ever since I heard it

Gintaras Santa : Warframe, the only game who don't begs for your money, at each given moment. Because they are smarter. They hit you with so much quality and care about players, that you start feel guilty for not paying for that. It was second game in my entire life that I paid for. Before that I only knew how to torrent games. Congrats DE, you're worth it. ...and yes, I listen this song on daily basis.

EvilUnicornLord : I don't even play Warframe but I could hear the epic music from the thumbnail.

Flowwid G2A : R.I.P Destiny (2)

Joom : Having the npcs sing this in Fortuna everyday at a certain time would be amazing

MagnusNate : It looks so good!!

B T : Lol this one song is better than the entire soundtrack album of destiny 2