Warframe | We All Lift Together

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N0T CL!VE : i know for a fact that this isnt your first time watching this

Jojo : And we all grind... And we all farm TOGETHEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR

nobah : Friend: "You know, Destiny 2 fixed a lot of it's issues and is actually a pretty decent Game right no–" Me: "AND WE ALL LIFT TOGETHEEEEEEER, TOGETHEEEEEEEEEER!"

andrejoss475 : If I ever hear some construction workers whistling this song i will literally die at the spot because that would be the highest peak of my life

FU BAR : So they made a meta song about the Warframe players farming. I don't know whether to be impressed or salty.

Kishibe Rohan : Working at McDonalds be like:

Spencer Schulman : Not gonna lie, I am convinced that Warframe would make a great movie. This song alone would make buy the game. And yes, I know it's free.

Jacky Chew : Can we have this on Octavia's Mandachord pls つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Rafael Nóbrega : >we all lift together >we *COMMUNIST DETECTED ON AMERICAN SOIL*

Kathleen Tyrel : Working retail while singing this. We all need to learn this song by next Tennocon. Imagine a thousand of us singing this all at once

DammitSinged : _I wonder if they actually have speakers that blast the instrumentals while they work and sing._

Antonio cerna : Roses are red Zephyr have feathers When the cold wind blows We all lift together

Internal Blackingon : Destiny-Its impossible to have good music without actual singers and instruments Warframe-Hold my beer and clem

Isaiah : Cold, the air and water flowing Hard, the land we call our home Push, to keep the dark from coming Feel the weight of what we owe This, the song of sons and daughters Hide, the heart of who we are Making peace to build our future Strong, united, working 'til we fall Cold, the air and water flowing Hard, the land we call our home Push, to keep the dark from coming Feel the weight of what we owe This, the song of sons and daughters Hide, the heart of who we are Making peace to build our future Strong, united, working 'til we fall [Outro: All] And we all lift, and we're all adrift Together, together Through the cold mist, 'til we're lifeless Together, together

Guilherme : "Feel the weight of what we owe" When you learn what this means... God, this music is something else.

Th3Jez : Annnnd it's in my head, rip

Memington Prime : I don't even play Warframe, but this song is amazing.

flambo 2420 : Just a console player waiting for Fortuna

Teej : Hey, stop reading this comment and go watch another video. Your to deep into this comment section

Cakeonpie : *Fortuna Update come out* I Instantly opened Youtube just to listen to this song

Mr.wheat : Now if there was some way to download this while supporting the creators

Thayallan Mogan : EA and Ubisoft should be freaking ashamed of themselves . This is a free game and they still make better content XD

t0pher : I feel like a 2 1/2 minute trailer does a better job of world-building than 2 Destiny games ever did.

Lysonator 200 : This should be the human race anthem.

Miguel Olsen : Earlier this week I was at my english class, when my teacher said "and we all-" and I wished I had the guts to have screamed *" LIFT TOGETHEEEERRRRRR"*



Bobert E. Lee : DE should add the ability to replay this when entering Fortuna

สายรุ้ง Rainbow is God : we all lift together > k/da ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Joao Gomes : Know what would be dope? If we could use one of those big ass wrenches the solaris use and deliver some sweet poetic justice by caving some corpus skulls in. Please make that a thing, DE.

Wild Lands : Y’all ready fellow console people? Take down nef anyo and the tax men soon with Mesa prime.

Derpsraveroom : I started to sing this at my job, must say it helps when it gets tough

COREcraft X : Can we just get a trailer for Warframe to this song showing a player joining a group and steadily growing stronger along with his friends n shit?

ender drache : Okay, after avoiding it in my trends for days because I never saw myself interested in warframe, I have to admit that this is a impressive display of sound and cinematics, and deserves the attention. Also you can see a robots crotch clipping through his leg and blinking to the music.

Prophet Mason : Wow everytime I quit warframe for any reason my personal life lot of grind bored with it( very rarely tho) devs finds something to get me back first poe then khora then sacrifice and then limbo prime( my fav frame) and now this. Hats off to DE for giving all this just for free. I wish I could pay them some moeny :)

Rath Sophea : *Destiny add new contents trying to pick itself up* *Warframe add Fortuna* *Destiny die*

XtremeDrift : *Gamers Rise For The National Anthem*

Otaku The Great : And we all grind... And we all farm TOGETHEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR TOGETHeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr Through the drop rates... And the bounties... TOGETHER... TOGETHER...

Crummy Phoenix : "Hide the heart of who we are." Yeaaa keep doing that.

R2dummy : beautifully animated and coordinated, loved it!

spamhere1123 : After watching this a thousand times, I finally noticed that the big screen on the right starting 1:30 is an "ad" instructing people to rat out their friends to Nef Anyo and get paid for it.

TheExtremeEvoker : Don’t abandon Cetus. Early lunch for everyone.

Cephalon Samodeus : No more early lunch for Konzu

Alex Mashkin : This song sings straight into my Soviet-born soul :-)))

seva809 : The best song for the sledgehammer smash workout.

Arrakiz666 : Ubisoft releases Far Cry 5 and Keep Your Rifle by Your Side. In a half-assed attempted to parody white, christian extremism, the song turns into the thing it attempts to parody and actual nutjobs start using it unironically. *Warframe: Step away my capitalist friend, let me show you how it's REALLY done, son!* Raise, my friends in Fortuna! We have nothing to lose but our chains!

Lord Buttons : I mean shit I always love the soundtrack from Warframe but Christ this is amazing

Thunder Huy : Who watching this after Fortuna went live ?

SirScalpAlot : BRO! do you even lift??? yeah... TOGETHER