Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades
Quick D Static Helicopter Blades

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Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect. Please consider supporting my videos on http://www.patreon.com/CaptainDisillusion Join the CD Discord server! I might show up for some Q/A: https://www.cddiscord.info/discord Video being discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr3ngmRuGUc Guest - Matt Parker: http://www.youtube.com/standupmaths


Taran Van Hemert : God, I love how he wasted Matt Parker's appearance.

IllPropaganda : "Love with your heart, use your head for everything else."

J. Anthony Ashley : This guy reminds me of those 2000s basic cable educational shows. Nostalgic. :D

Lojical : Ever get a suspicious feeling when two Youtubers release vaguely similar videos at the same time? Me neither.

John Castrucci : Ever thought of doing a collaboration with the Corridor Digital guys?

Teddy Hwang : I thought there was going to be a skillshare ad when he brought up him installing the ceiling fan just by himself

Jason Finley : In the decade I've been watching, production quality never ceases to amaze me. Fantastic as always CD.

Undercover Gamer : 3:52 Stops moving fan with hands Me: I shall bow to my overlord

Justsomeguy yep : He has to paint his face every video Captain dedication

Jay Sucks At YouTube : What's Matt Parker good for? Cap Dis: *Comedic effect.*

Sskrimp_TeX • : The helicopter was just asserting dominance over us foolish humans by T-Posing

Bryan de Paepe : Nice cover story, it's really a matrix glitch being reflected off the flat earth.

Abdul Rahman Mariscal : A quick D. Exactly what i needed early in the morning.

Alex Paluzzi : Capt D and Matt Parker. Easy thumbs up all around.

DušanSTV : When you don't have a ceiling fan but still want to do the experiment *guess I'll buy a helicopter now*

Wattana Gaming : "I rigged this bad boy all by myslef and it's been working just fi-" rip

Evan B : I know it's cheesy but I'm really digging the outro music. I guess the rest of the video was cool too...

Deipatrous : Hey the fan hitting your head still looks convincing at quarter speed. I thought I'd be able to see the trick. Oh wait, you actually got beaned by a fan for real?

Stefan Technologies : It's just a bug, it was fixed in the 2019 August patch.

Viky : captain can u explain to us the real "lightning ball" there re so many video "lightning ball caught on tape" im not sure if those video re real. thank you for the great contents i love this channel (sorry for my bad english)

Jerry Tal : Hi CD, can you do a video on the 911 plane attacks?

Spencer oximina : Im new to this channel, and im very amaze, the edits and the efforts and explanation is awesome, and i cant believe you have only a million subscriber, your channel deserve more than that, btw new subscriber ❤

Shahzad Khan : Looks like your Decades + years of excellent content and grind paid, my boy is on trending *cries tears of joy*

extavior : Someone legit commented on the original video this was a system for helicopters to land vertically on carrier boats, like tf did he think a helicopter is

Chlocean : Wait, You're telling me Matt Parker ISNT the name of the co-creator of South Park? That's Matt Stone? Frick.

spambot71 : how about instead of just making a joke about seizures, you actually warn people before flashing the screen

Feynstein 100 : Did...did CD just do a Parker square on Matt Parker himself? That's beyond meta

DryBonz1 : First time on this channel. Did you have The Onion editors on payroll

vitotheo : I already knew what caused the static helicopter blades, but I can't just ignore a captain disillusion video!

David Tolentino : I would love to watch some CD / Tearing CD / Blue light CD / Flickering

Jonas Polsky : Hell yeah, CD is trending! You earned it!

Anthony PC : Nice explanation Capt. did you rent time in a holodeck to shoot this one? Hope your parents haven't kicked you out of their basement.

titlewave : Captain D should be shown in elementary/middle/high school science(and/or)technology classrooms around the world

EXcentriX : I saw the title and instantly thought: "Seriously, they needed Cap for this?"

SCODI OFFICER:001 : *People with Epilepsy are convulsing right now*

Ilham Azrael : Love with your heart, and use your head for everything else CAPTAAAIIINNN DISILLUSION!

Logan Hogan : you're a great guy for shouting out to that dude. also your content is just the best

Fer Contreras : this is my first time spending money on patreon, and it is by far the best decision ever!!!

Joe : I'd love you to be on star talk with NDT, your physics knowledge would make for a great episode

Omid Rastin : The way he paited his upper face is kinda matching with our life.

Jude Dempsey : Captain D you never fail to make a great video.

Strazdas : People mixing shutter speed and frame rate is surprisingly many. Unfortunatelly Many people still dont understand shutters.

Nothing To See Here : The ceiling fan at the end. Genius. You know it's coming, but the execution is done so well that the predictability doesn't stop it from making me laugh anyway.

0MindSwept0 : I like the style of this video, it was sort of a debunking video, but also sort of a "how it was done" video like you've been doing lately; hopefully we see more like this in the future. 👍 Also, that ending was a real smash ;p

iLEZtube : The outro music is fantastic. What is it?

Joe Cassara : Since we’re being pedants: “the reason is because” is redundant. MW says it’s acceptable, but they can go fly a -kite- helicopter.

Ivan Hernandez : I believe it happened. And cause I happen to me with my car !

herrreinsch : This Channel is Quality content on Steroids.👍

James Holbrook : No that hello copter was a glitch in the matrix