Randy and Acai play Soulless 5 for the first time

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Watched these two videos and noticed a trend


Foozdood77 : I'd like to point out that the first rating on this video was a dislike, which means this once had 100% dislikes. Oh how far we have come


Pixel : guitar hero, the game that connects minds.

Isaiah Nanez : Is acai the brown version of randyladyman or is randyladyman the white version of acai.

Ragequazar : They actually sound like they're having a conversation

Johnny Lucio : S Y N C E D H A I R F L I P S

Arcu : 2:46 2:57 3:23 Lol

JJ LOVES SOME R0BLX XD : Is it weird that I think this is like a Discord call?

ValerianFlame : Brown man and white man scream at colored circles while flipping their hair. (Sorry I broke 69 comments but you know I had to do it to em)

Sevenfold Gaming : 1:30 *H E L L O*

NicoBros : 0:47 dat synced "what...?"

Depth Perception : 1:33 BREAKING NEWS White man bans brown man from Christian Minecraft server for saying an explicit word

Tommy Wiseau : Bruh he sounded like crash bandicoot at 1:24

Jdog : Its uncanny how similar their reactions are

vaxshin : I love the hair flips. Lol

ARZRer : Acai is sugondese confirmed

dynamic : So afterall, Randy never greenscreen'd himself in Acai's room but instead just changed clothes and haircut?

Greg Rothschilds : If you edited them with the same room as the background that would be hilarious

レックスRex : *caged* HELLO X2 AT THE SAME TIME

EspeonLover320 : I kinda wanna see the full video of their reactions side by side

Petar Paunovic : Randy: *Plays anything* Also Randy: So satisfying

beefcake : *HELLO* , holy shi- *EXCUSEME* .

SuckATube : In the end, they're secretly roommates at a college campus somewhere...

shade -iwnl- : 2:47 2:58 LOL and 3:24 haha

Greg Rothschilds : The editing just adds on and makes it so much better xD

Relic Travor : When one is an Echo Fighter of the other 8v

Cirque Alvis : legends never die

Neph : I love that syncronized "HELLO ?!?!"

Fay the rogue : Their reactions are as if I'm watching two people react to a sick rapper rapping in ancient Egyptian - I have no idea what is going on even though it's right in front of me.

kakashi hatake : Guitar hero connecting souls

BytriusTheNerd : This part sucks-I LIKE THIS SECTION A LOT

kadin holt : Synchronized hair flipping should be it’s own video 😂

MrMetalhead : Alec: "HOLY SHIT!" Randy: "EXCUSE ME!" Actual stitches here 😂😂😂😂 Edit: 1:33

Rekuja : Is this like, a custom guitar hero on PC or something? what's it called and how do I get it? i have a pc guitar.

Jack Taylor : They could have been in the same stream and you couldn't tell the difference. They were almost speaking to each other at some points... eerie.

TheShreddingMonkey : 2:45 that hairflip timing... dude

06O606 : Now thats a lot of coincidences

Kijs : How are their reactions so similar? This is almost creepy


Seth C : "Definitely not as note-dense than Soulless 4, so that's nice." *Caged*

TheMarceliX : Soulless 5 CO-OP? :D

Brett : It’s honestly really creepy and weird how they same the same stuff at the same time 😂

Roy Knight : This is brilliant my dude

STICKGUY 999 : It sounds like they're talking to each other, this is perfect


FUZION : Whos that nerd that said this is easier that TTFAF

Felipe A. : H O W D O E S T H A T E V E N W O R K

Tuấn Trần : Most satisfying 4:05 secs of my life

tScrib : i literally did this with 2 tabs of chrome the other day, this is the kind of content we need! @ 1:14 they start boppin their heads at the same time!