John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 - #EltonJohnLewis 🎹
This Elton John Christmas ad is pretty amazing

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Watch the new John Lewis & Partners Christmas TV advert, The Boy and The Piano. This year’s story is about the power of a gift. And how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little boy’s life. That little boy just happens to be Elton John. The film begins in present day and works backwards chronologically through Elton’s life right until the moment on Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life. Subscribe to this channel for regular video updates If you want to hear more from John Lewis & Partners: Like John Lewis & Partners on Facebook Follow John Lewis & Partners on Twitter Follow John Lewis & Partners on Instagram


claudia heling : U never know how a gift may change the course of ones life ..

HoldenCaulfields_place : The little boy's face at 1:44 seconds captures the excitement of Christmas perfectly

Hayley A Douglas : The amount of comments saying "John Lewis doesn't even sell pianos" is hilarious. You are completely and utterly missing the point folks. It's not about a piano, it's not even about Elton John, it's about the profound difference that a gift can make to a person's life. Elton John was used as everyone knows him, he's incredibly successful, if they used Joe Blogs this advert wouldn't make sense. Elton John doesn't need this advert, John Lewis doesn't need Elton John. Both are multi millionaires. Don't get caught up in that argument, just enjoy the sentiment.

Amy Louise : This ad is so moving I really love it it’s my favourite advert

Scott Campbell : When I was 14 for Christmas my mum bought be a Fender USA stratocaster, hot rod red 2001. I'm 31 now and my mum passed away in February this year, she was only 62. I still have that guitar and its such a beautiful memory of my mum. The greatest gift I have ever received. This advert came at such a wonderful time.

Rylie Moule : That actually got me in tears

Massimiliano Formentin : I try to write this post in English: as a simple pianist you do not know how much this video has excited me. When I was a child my parents (and brothers) gave me a piano. Of course, I will not become like Elton John but that gift made me become the person I am today. So yes, gifts can be much more than just gifts. Thanks John Lewis and thanks Elton John: probably you will never read this comment but I just wanted to thank you for the sweet memory you reminded me of

Richa Bhatnagar : I don't see Elton John s story. I see a musician and his piano. his mother. and beautiful music. off topic. I love that kid.

single forever : His mom was so proud of him 😭😭

LindLTaylor X : Why on earth? Elton John? Why does one of the doubles look like John Denver? Wtf?

qmarti : These ads make me cry EVERY YEAR! 💞🎄 Merry Christmas everyone!

Nico W Clayton : for all the haters out there, you are missing the message underlies. The reason why Elton achieved such great success not only because he's talented, but the opportunity that his mom was given to him through a Christmas present. And this advert perfectly depicted the hopes and love that a mother holds for their kids. So heartwarming and touching. John Lewis (claps)

McKenzie Clemmons : I don’t care what others are saying, they did an amazing job on this. I love Elton John!

Marc Codispoti : Perfectly captures Elton's journey in reverse. I can't make it through this without crying....and I've seen it over 100 times. Thank you for capturing his journey so well. I'm one of his greatest fans and I'm blown away.

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments..  Have a wonderful day :)

Wendy Garfinkel Photography : Conceptually and visually - well it is completely excellent. A+

Emma McNeil Cowie : This is a stunning advert. Love the meaning behind it and truly love that a piece of art can be created as your festive ad campaign with some actual heart behind it. Beautiful.

Megadriver : This was absolutely beautiful. I'm smiling, I'm happy. Well done.

Pedro Teixeira : Excelente. Um dos melhores videos dos ultimos tempos...

Jenkins Family : Loved it thank you!! and Merry Xmas all in the UK.

Yesenia Catalano : Obsessed with this ad, great job guys!

missylissy200 : What's wrong with everyone, this is freaking adorable and heartwarming 😍

Leon Coward : Someone once told me they would give their kid a small electronic keyboard and if they showed any talent, then pay for lessons. This film is fine storytelling and craftsmanship.

Daniel Sidebottom : This made me smile :)

JaffaCake ‘xo : This is so beautiful❤️ Elton john is such a talented man. To think he found his talent at such a young age tho!! Love him!!😍

Larry Aldridge : John Lewis, Never Knowingly Undersold...... unless they are and don't honour their catchphrase thus being able to pay Elton John for an advert with more cheese than what covers a tramps Johnson

Olivia Djamgbe : I THINK THIS IS AMAZING.... 👇

ThePurpleWurmple : This is much better than the man on the moon peering into a kids bedroom, I'll give them that 😁

Donna Major : Is this really it? 😤

Carmen'Jessie dfer : The most gorgeous advert ever done. So much love. So much meaning. The hidden message behind it is truly beautiful. Brilliant artist as well!

Freya : You know it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas when the John Lewis advert comes out😂 this was so heartwarming thank you for this 💗🙏

Ailbhe Cousins : Granted with the gift of music is the best gift

John Noronha : John Lewis always manages to make the most touching advertisements every Xmas season, bang on!

Matt Williams Golf : I do enjoy abit of Elton John but I don’t get the Christmas feel like other years. Felt like more of an advert for his film coming out next year

Lucy Maynard : This advert gives me butterflies ☺️

Joerg Estelmann : Your christmas ads are always one of the highlights of the festive season. Well done again. Can't beat 2012's commercial though. :-)

Rad Action : Elton at Dodger Stadium 1976 was the best part of this video.

Ellie Strong : We are learning about these adverts many said disappointing and boring but they aren't seeing the meaning behind it like me and I personally love it one of my faves! ❤️❤️❤️

Bessie : I really wasn't getting it and then I just started crying at 1:52 I think that sums up the John Lewis advert every year.

MidLevelMovieReviews : Spencer was right!

Sick Lads : ELTONJOHN big fan

Funny Coloring : We cried !!! Do you agree with me? : (((

Samuel Choo : We'll see more of this in the movie "Rocketman".

January Son : What's not to like? It's not about Elton John, it's about one special Christmas gift that eventually brought joy to millions of people. Animated fluffy animals aside, this ad is real. That's what makes it beautiful.

Mary Goldstein : this commercial never fails to make me cry. it just warms my heart ❤️

Zack Clarke : Thank you so much for this advert it is a true masterpiece and made a fully grown man cry, truly Spectacular!

Magz Sara : Did he end up speaking to his mother? I hope so . Merry Christmas John Lewis.. lovely Ad.

Elise Ali : I honestly love this advert and the meaning behind it. I love Elton John so this was amazing to see😍 I have watched this hundreds of times since it came out and that’s NOT an understatement😂 Well done John Lewis for this incredible advert, every year I look forward to seeing your adverts and this along with the man in the moon 2015 advert is my favourite!! xx

James Accardo : Even as I sing and play this song I cry instantly ! without Question ! How wonderful Life Is while you're in the world !