John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 - #EltonJohnLewis 🎹

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Bitz : You guys always pull it off every year. No wonder why everyone looks forward to these ads. They are beautiful.

Amy Louise : This ad is so moving I really love it it’s my favourite advert

M-Power Addict : Only the less educated individuals don't love this as they can't understand what it means, it's not about Elton or the piano you thickos. Its simply the meaning.

Hayley A Douglas : The amount of comments saying "John Lewis doesn't even sell pianos" is hilarious. You are completely and utterly missing the point folks. It's not about a piano, it's not even about Elton John, it's about the profound difference that a gift can make to a person's life. Elton John was used as everyone knows him, he's incredibly successful, if they used Joe Blogs this advert wouldn't make sense. Elton John doesn't need this advert, John Lewis doesn't need Elton John. Both are multi millionaires. Don't get caught up in that argument, just enjoy the sentiment.

HoldenCaulfields_place : The little boy's face at 1:44 seconds captures the excitement of Christmas perfectly

ItsRedFusion : The feels man this is such a great commercial. 👍

qmarti : These ads make me cry EVERY YEAR! 💞🎄 Merry Christmas everyone!

claudia heling : U never know how a gift may change the course of ones life ..

Nico W Clayton : for all the haters out there, you are missing the message underlies. The reason why Elton achieved such great success not only because he's talented, but the opportunity that his mom was given to him through a Christmas present. And this advert perfectly depicted the hopes and love that a mother holds for their kids. So heartwarming and touching. John Lewis (claps)

Massimiliano Formentin : I try to write this post in English: as a simple pianist you do not know how much this video has excited me. When I was a child my parents (and brothers) gave me a piano. Of course, I will not become like Elton John but that gift made me become the person I am today. So yes, gifts can be much more than just gifts. Thanks John Lewis and thanks Elton John: probably you will never read this comment but I just wanted to thank you for the sweet memory you reminded me of

Rylie Moule : That actually got me in tears

Jessica Norton : Why is baby Elton the cutest child I’ve seen in my entire life

Emma McNeil Cowie : This is a stunning advert. Love the meaning behind it and truly love that a piece of art can be created as your festive ad campaign with some actual heart behind it. Beautiful.

Richa Bhatnagar : I don't see Elton John s story. I see a musician and his piano. his mother. and beautiful music. off topic. I love that kid.

Pancake Manor - Music for Kids : This video itself is a gift.

Yesenia Catalano : Obsessed with this ad, great job guys!

tms6279 : Saw Elton in Tempe AZ in 1974. He sat in with Steve Miller's band. Elton played in town the night before and asked Steve if he could play keys. No wild costumes, crazy specs or over the top performances. Just a tee-shirt, jeans and an incredible blues/boogie piano that laid waste to the stadium. He made my night. Merry Christmas, little Reg.

ROBBYVIDEOS : John Lewis & Partners did it again,another Heartwarming Christmas Commercial. hugs from PERU

Elise Ali : I honestly love this advert and the meaning behind it. I love Elton John so this was amazing to see😍 I have watched this hundreds of times since it came out and that’s NOT an understatement😂 Well done John Lewis for this incredible advert, every year I look forward to seeing your adverts and this along with the man in the moon 2015 advert is my favourite!! xx

Luke Faulkner : I personally think it's a great ad. The covers are always great, but I like the way they've actually put music at the heart of the story and gotten Elton involved. Also, at 0:37 is that the actor taking over from Elton? If so his voice match is incredible!

Ruby The human : Man on the moon is still the best

Rory Noonan : People who disliked are worse than the grinch

Scott McGinn : That little child running down the stairs is exactly what you would expected Elton to look like at that age

BTSARMY : *Who else watched this and cried...* *Because Elton John is a legend!*

Swen Reindl : where did they get so many elton johns?!

Erdnussbuttertoast : i can't believe i cried during a fricken commercial

Pedro Teixeira : Excelente. Um dos melhores videos dos ultimos tempos...

Finlay Jones : This mans music helped me through PTSD and clinical depression, John Lewis, you have no idea how much I got it in the feels when I first saw this advert.

Cooking Delight Recipes 😊 : I wasn’t sure where this advert was going at first but my heart melted as soon as I saw the little boy run down the stairs on christmas day to open his present. This is such a lovely message. 😊💜🎄

Cormac Callaghan : The people that say this ad isn’t anything to do with Christmas just don’t have good imagination and creativity because the meaning isn’t about getting an iPhone XR or getting a PS4 it’s about the meaning and inspiration to the receiver of the present , John Lewis you always make the best Christmas ad’s well done 👍

Maxine Kravitz : His energy is amazing.

MidLevelMovieReviews : Spencer was right!

100 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS !!!!! : This is touching

Scott Campbell : When I was 14 for Christmas my mum bought be a Fender USA stratocaster, hot rod red 2001. I'm 31 now and my mum passed away in February this year, she was only 62. I still have that guitar and its such a beautiful memory of my mum. The greatest gift I have ever received. This advert came at such a wonderful time.

Labored : This advert has a great message. Its not about getting the most expensive gift or the coolest toy for Christmas. Its about what the gift means to that person. Just like in this advert. "My gift is my song, and this ones for you." This song means a lot to a lot of different people, just like the piano means a lot to Elton John. It inspired him. Isn't that what we should be thinking about when we are looking for gifts?

Hello There : the most beautiful advert I've ever seen ❤️

LOFI911 : Message of the video: Christmas is all about Elton John playing piano and his birth in a manger and... expecting presents from your family.

Robbie Craughwell : Was thinking of getting the nephew his first shot gun!

Topfelya : Very disappointed jeez even Heathrow Airport has more of a Christmas advert than John Lewis this year. This is more like the sneek preview of Rocketman

zhipom : I've watched and re-watched this ad.....I don't remember how many times.

Hannah Kozak : i wish i could love this instead of just like it.

Pro Skillz : Its always nice to have a Christmas message from one of the richest men on the planet. Awww thanks xx

Steve Lovell : Nice message, but doesn't even look like him!

Nigel Fowler Sutton : I sitting here in silence with eyes watering..... What a wonderful "gift" for Christmas. Thanks John Lewis.

Gabriel Douglas : This is my favorite thing on the internet in 2018. Thank you for this. When it comes back to Elton at the end, it's very circle of life. #punintended. Thank you.

100 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUT ANY VIDEOS !!!!! : Who has watched this every day

Ailbhe Cousins : Granted with the gift of music is the best gift

What’spoppin : I don’t care what anyone says.... this advert could be used for anytime of the year. So disappointing.

Jonathan Colling : THEY DON'T EVEN SELL PIANOS! 😂😂😂 (they didn't when I posted this as I checked)

ThePurpleWurmple : This is much better than the man on the moon peering into a kids bedroom, I'll give them that 😁