John Lewis & Partners Christmas Ad 2018 - #EltonJohnLewis 🎹

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JellyBeanTV : I think the people who hate this. are missing the underlying message of the advert. It is not what gift you give but what that gift can mean to the person you give it to. A present should not be about the best toy or the most expensive thing but something that can inspire the person you gave it to. It is to show that you thought about them, which is expressed in the gift :)

M-Power Addict : Only the less educated individuals don't love this as they can't understand what it means, it's not about Elton or the piano you thickos. Its simply the meaning.

Brandon Quaite : It's Great To Look Back In Old Memories, When You Were Young!! My mom showed me this and it made us cry happy tears!! 😅😂🤣

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments..  Have a wonderful day :)

Hayley A Douglas : The amount of comments saying "John Lewis doesn't even sell pianos" is hilarious. You are completely and utterly missing the point folks. It's not about a piano, it's not even about Elton John, it's about the profound difference that a gift can make to a person's life. Elton John was used as everyone knows him, he's incredibly successful, if they used Joe Blogs this advert wouldn't make sense. Elton John doesn't need this advert, John Lewis doesn't need Elton John. Both are multi millionaires. Don't get caught up in that argument, just enjoy the sentiment.

ItsRedFusion : The feels man this is such a great commercial. 👍

Mitchel Mayo : Anyone else get the chills watching this?

claudia heling : U never know how a gift may change the course of ones life ..

Margaret Stein : My bros in this advert! His names Brandon Stein and he's Scottish. He's the one in the green shirt at 1:25. I'm so proud of him Xx

HoldenCaulfields_place : The little boy's face at 1:44 seconds captures the excitement of Christmas perfectly

Bitz : You guys always pull it off every year. No wonder why everyone looks forward to these ads. They are beautiful.

Yongyang Nie : This is a truly heartwarming advert. Thanks John Lewis! Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Nico W Clayton : for all the haters out there, you are missing the message underlies. The reason why Elton achieved such great success not only because he's talented, but the opportunity that his mom was given to him through a Christmas present. And this advert perfectly depicted the hopes and love that a mother holds for their kids. So heartwarming and touching. John Lewis (claps)

Derrick Peck : Never do you disappoint, every year you release a spectacular advert without fail.

MidLevelMovieReviews : Spencer was right!

JellyBeanTV : Ok now Christmas can begin

Rylie Moule : That actually got me in tears

SHADOWBOXERBAYBEE : Maybe the thousands of haters hate this most stirring commercial because their hearts are void of love, giving and receiving, you know, like the Grinch before he realized what love is all about.

Emma McNeil Cowie : This is a stunning advert. Love the meaning behind it and truly love that a piece of art can be created as your festive ad campaign with some actual heart behind it. Beautiful.

Novice MTBer : I was fortunate enough to have been to a few of his shows. Even the one he did with Billy Joel (The Rocket Man and the Piano Man). Sad to see him retire but glad to see he's leaving on a high note. What a talented artist and what a wonderful ad. Have a safe and happy Holiday season, everyone.

Pancake Manor - Music for Kids : This video itself is a gift.

Johannah Mathew : I know that the year is coming to a close when your Christmas advert comes out, I've literally waited for them every single year since I was very small! Thank you so much for these beautiful memories and stories, always puts a tear in my eye! :)

David Bowie : I love this so much I think that I literally watched it like a hundred times today

Beauty Unboxed : this is so lovely!!! Agree with comments, its not about the value of a gift, its about the meaning and inspiration of the gift.

Susan Dalgarno : Really did you have to let Elton John do this he didn’t speak to his Mum for 8 years ,and he is rich enough already . I Haven,t misssed the underlying message but it just hit the right spot ,sorry.

Cooking Delight Recipes 😊 : I wasn’t sure where this advert was going at first but my heart melted as soon as I saw the little boy run down the stairs on christmas day to open his present. This is such a lovely message. 😊💜🎄

Nate Vic : Guessing this advert is a tribute to his mother he lost recently

Robbie Craughwell : Was thinking of getting the nephew his first shot gun!

BTSARMY : *Who else watched this and cried...* *Because Elton John is a legend!*

fooman65 : Sick of all Christmas adverts before the end of November, says something that does.

Luke Faulkner : I personally think it's a great ad. The covers are always great, but I like the way they've actually put music at the heart of the story and gotten Elton involved. Also, at 0:37 is that the actor taking over from Elton? If so his voice match is incredible!

God Anus : People who disliked are worse than the grinch

Gayle Bradshaw : That advert is lovely.if Elton John didn’t have the piano 🎹 when he was younger he wouldn’t be famous singer 👨‍🎤 today.🤗😎

Richa Bhatnagar : I don't see Elton John s story. I see a musician and his piano. his mother. and beautiful music. off topic. I love that kid.

Maya xox : How is this a Christmas advert????¿????

Matt Williams Golf : I do enjoy abit of Elton John but I don’t get the Christmas feel like other years. Felt like more of an advert for his film coming out next year

Elise Ali : I honestly love this advert and the meaning behind it. I love Elton John so this was amazing to see😍 I have watched this hundreds of times since it came out and that’s NOT an understatement😂 Well done John Lewis for this incredible advert, every year I look forward to seeing your adverts and this along with the man in the moon 2015 advert is my favourite!! xx

Ruby The human : Man on the moon is still the best

Gareth Burke : This advert is a gift. Thanks JL

Ruari Buckley : What is this trash used to look forward to John Lewis adverts lol

India Harding : I'm really sad to see all the comments on here talking about how its annoying to see Elton John in this ad, and that the piano is a very 'Privileged' thing to get for Christmas. It's not about Elton John or the piano. It's about those gifts you give to a child that completely change their life. A gift that might spark the dream in the child that says 'This is what I love and want to do'. It could have been a famous cyclist given their first bike, or a boxer given their first set of gloves and punch bag. It is about life changing gifts given from someone who you love, and want to remember through the good and the bad.

Sophia o leary : I'm so glad I'm singing this song for my aunts wedding!!

Pro Skillz : Its always nice to have a Christmas message from one of the richest men on the planet. Awww thanks xx

law of attraction : Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Ace Fam Fan : Who else saw this advert everyday during the break between I’m a celeb and just had to search it

Scott Campbell : When I was 14 for Christmas my mum bought be a Fender USA stratocaster, hot rod red 2001. I'm 31 now and my mum passed away in February this year, she was only 62. I still have that guitar and its such a beautiful memory of my mum. The greatest gift I have ever received. This advert came at such a wonderful time.

Christopher Collum : This ad I feel is just a bit bizarre, like I'm not an idiot and I understand the message (it's not that complicated for all you special snowflakes who have been calling people stupid if they don't like the ad) I just feel like it seems like a bit of a vanity project when compared to an add like man on the moon which felt like it had a more profound message to it. Also yes I like Elton John so I don't dislike it purely because he's in it.

ProViv_YT : Absolutely Beautiful. Well done John Lewis and Elton John.

Katie Edgeworth : I wonder how much John Lewis paid Elton John to be in their advert. Not to mention the extra record sales he will probably get from the promotion of this ad. Win win for Elton in both cases

paul mcbride : and he gave all the money to charity NOT