Why 25 degrees really is hot in the UK | Did You Know?
Why 25 degrees really is hot in the UK

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Do the Brits just need to toughen up? Watch more from the Did You Know? series ►► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn2RjxYNpcawct77myxG-2JGptju1-Hx0 It's just summer in Australia, but it's a "deadly heatwave" over there. We're all used to different climates, and heatwaves are relative, but there's more to it. In Australia and other hotter climates, buildings are built to keep cool in the hot summer, and in the UK and other colder climates, the goal for buildings is to stay as warm as possible. RESOURCES Australia http://www.yourhome.gov.au/passive-design/design-climate UK https://www.sustainablehomes.co.uk/ For more from ABC News, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/ Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://ab.co/1svxLVE You can also like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/abcnews.au Or follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/abcnews_au Or even on Twitter: http://twitter.com/abcnews #DidYouKnow


FannomacritaireSuomi : Using Celsius is no inconvenience. It's the global unit, based on common sense. Fahrenheit is just waste of time, space and temperature.

edgy lads : Last year it snowed in April but there was a heatwave in May?!?! That's British weather for you...

Beth Louise : As a Brit I’ve spent plenty of time in hot climates in the US, Spain, Tenerife etc. but there is nothing like a UK heatwave for the humidity and lack of ways to cool down, it just feels so much hotter.

sybernan : Thank you for using Celsius

MTMR 24 : Our weather in the UK is bipolar. Especially in spring and autumn

Leo Wood : You wouldn’t be able to deal with the uks cold Tuesday night rain in stoke

SCL - : The heat in the UK is different I feel. When I go on holiday in europe it gets way hotter than in the UK and I am fine. Whereas when the temperature gets to about 25 degrees in the UK its like a hot sticky heat like what you would get in the rainforest which makes it way worse I think.

Emily Whitaker : It’s worse in uk cuz we have wet air and it’s gets so musty and sweaty it’s really weird then the next day it snows and Lightning’s 😂

Carl Ferguson : Yeah, we British get mocked by Australians in the summer and by Canadians in the winter.

KenDrei : Here in the Philippines 25 celcius is our aircon setting

Harry Chown : I'm British, I've been to hot places all over the world and experienced temperatures into the mid 40s, and survived just fine. It feels hotter in the UK at 25 Degrees than in Australia at 40 degrees. It's the lack of air conditioning, it's the lack of shade, the lack of ventilation. It's the way the house retains heat like a thermaflask. It's the way we don't adapt our timetables to fit around hottest times of the day. I feel more comfortable when it's 35 degrees on holiday in Spain than I do when it's 23 degrees at home in England. You can't sleep. We have thick heavy duvets and the nights are unbearable. You kind of end up just laying on top of the duvet and every time you move it moves with you because you're stuck to it. It's easy to mock somewhere that's not designed for a certain climate. Let's see how Australians cope in a cold wave. Meanwhile in the UK we're toasty in our insulated homes by the fire and radiators. Australians are freezing their bollocks off and we're like what they complaining about, it's only 5 degrees. It's not like it's minus 15. Man up.

JH Anime Piano : lmao the celsius fahrenheit map got me

Kirsten Lee : Ok Britain, we’ll laugh at you when it gets hot there and you’ll laugh at us when it gets cold here.

MightyAfricans : I visited in the UK this summer for a week during the heatwave. Coming from Kenya, I assure you that the heat was crazy even compared to equatorial standards

Emma Garcia : The clips you showed about the uk heat wave . It wasn’t 25c it was actually 32-35c for those particular clips. We don’t get that bothered over 25c weather. We. Don’t. Get. That. Bothered. About. 25c. Weather.

Ailsa Allan : An advantage of living in the uk is that we don’t need to pay for air con

Mehedi Alkkkootb : Maybe u shud ask why does Australia think 11 degrees is so cold 🥶 oh “Maybe they just need to toughen up”

Bellatrix22 : I went to London in summer and felt like I was baking in your tube. Your trains are sooooo not designed for heat.

Sean : I like this video. Because Temperature is in Celsius

Keith Chapman : She missed out a vital point. In the UK the air is very wet unlike Australia. When it's 25c just feels hotter. When cold however freezes fast. Good example of this in Poland when minus 10c doesn't feel so cold as the UK at that temperature. Housing will keep the heat out not trap it in. Good example Perth. Queensland homes do retain heat, by the way you only find the older style Queenslander homes in old areas. They know built brick houses.. the beaches is pure overpopulation.... As a person that grew up in Cornwall 50s onwards.... There was rarely a problem, nowdays well that's all changed. In do live in Queensland currently.

Holden Kesler : Acting like the US isn’t hot af. Bruh California literally on fire all the time

Chris Johannsen : No mention of humidity? Moving from Vancouver to Melbourne, that was the biggest difference for me. I'd die at 35 in Vancouver but in Melbourne it's ok because it's dry heat.

Fadley : Equator country : its 25 celcius today so weather is cool and nice Brits : OMG its 25 celcius! Kill me

Abyssed topkek : That lowkey diss on the USA😂

Crazy Main : When she said brits need to toughen up I got mad cos u can’t get any tougher than the brits, well northerners that is

Tas : 25c is winter for Dubai

Lee Doyle : Its mad, I know. People live in different climates and arent used to hotter weather as much as people who live in hot climates.

Jayhawk2024 : Why is this in my recommended now I live in America Youtube WYD

Greg's Voice : To give some context only 0.5% of homes in the UK have air conditioning.

Nakadu : When I'm in a hot country, Aircon set at 18 feels like walking into a fridge, but 18 outside in UK is t-shirt weather...I guess you just adapt to your surroundings.

Mike DiEva : Me, an unwashed American: Hey Siri, convert 35°C to Fahrenheit. Siri: Yeah, nah, mate.

Lipi Rastogi : People shouldn't be so surprised that the video uses celsius. It is the most widely used unit to measure temperature in the world. It seems unusual because American media and entertainment are the most widely consumed, hence we are more used to Fahrenheit being used in such videos.

JustStravy : I’m pretty sure Australia’s average summer temperature will be about 40+ 26 degrees is too cold for us Australians

Ali H. : Lol *In Pakistan my city Often hit 40-49 Digree in Summer* , n' am alive.

Krish Na : While in India the temperature is 40°C to ,45°C in the summer

Prasad Kadam : UK: What is this heat! Can't bear it. Australia: It's just 25°C. It's nothing. India: Hold my Weather. . . . US: What Celsius? What are you guys even talking about?

What TheTrend : If Aussies came over to us they would wine and complain about how unbearably cold it is We don’t need to toughen up 🤣

Bangdone : In India we only have fans, from where am from, But the fans are high speed, so that's good

This is Wam Sauce : It was 18° here in the uk today and I honestly thought I was going to die from the heat lol

utsav : 😂😂 kids.. imagine traveling to almost 30-40km on a bike in 44-45°c temperature for work every day that's India for you..

MVP_KZ : It's +45c +55c in summer :)

Áslaug : British people: Im freezing, why is the weather always so shit. It's too hot, I hate the heat.

PurpleAmharicCoffee : 25 degrees in New Zealand = hot, might head to the pool. 25 degrees in Australia = a bit chilly, might put a jersey on.

MayoIcecream : No one understands fahrenheit anyway. Like seriously people just use celsius .Which you did and I really thank you for that.

Djdan Brown : Bs all this cloud we getting in the UK is so that Iran can't pick a target to strike governments has the weather systems taking care of that

scrambler bricks : This video makes me feel like an alien or something :/ As a British person I find 20°c to be extremely hot and going to other hotter countries are nearly unbearable for me. I'd say 15°c is a nice cool and worm(ish) temperature to live in.

EastonEffects : Countries call our U.K. just a bunch of heat sensitive skinheads but we don't rely on 24/7 ventilation throughout our life.

Sub 2 me for No reason : Back in the day, 2000 British people died when it was like 37°C

Kazi Ovi : What??? 25° is hot?? Wtf! And here we have to stand 35 sometimes even 38 and the humidity is very high.