Why 25 degrees really is hot in the UK | Did You Know?

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George Bowyer : To sum up British weather on Tuesday I left the house at 7am and it was 2c with ice on the car and when I drove home at 4pm it was 26c

EastonEffects : Countries call our U.K. just a bunch of heat sensitive skinheads but we don't rely on 24/7 ventilation throughout our life.

Abyssed topkek : That lowkey diss on the USA😂

hihuia hhu : 25° celcius here in philippines we call it winter

Harry 8642 : The issue is humidity, the UK has high humidity therefore your sweat doesn't evaporate as fast, making you feel hotter.

Mr Slinky dragon : We brits have a built in system that allows us to cool off by moaning. Each time we moan during a heat wave we cool off! How do you think we colonised the world? Its also why theres the saying only mad dogs and english men go out in the mid day sun!

MightyAfricans : I visited in the UK this summer for a week during the heatwave. Coming from Kenya, I assure you that the heat was crazy even compared to equatorial standards

FUP _ NICOpro7 : England winter : Soo cold! England autumn: Can we get some sun? England Spring : soo much raiinn. England Summer: To hot!!

DasParadoxon : Thumbs up for the celsius!

MsPinkwolf : She also forgot to mention it's usually the media blowing things out of proportion. Most people just get on with it!

Ejiofor Young : 25 degree celcius in Malaysia would be snowstorm

RABBLE ROUSER : Don't forget, as a foreigner looking in you're seeing Britain through the lens of the media, both ours and yours, or another third party. The vast majority of us Brits just see warm weather as a lovely summer!

im good im done : Alright but I live in North West Scotland and there is no way that our summer average is 20😂😂 more like 15😅

rahul nargundkar : Having lived in India all my life and recently migrating to Canada, I can say that this answer comes close to it by some extent but doesn't answer it totally.. The thing is back in India, it genuinely felt cold when it was below 15 degrees.. In Canada, it feels cold but bearable below 5.. Similarly during the summer, it was uneasy at around 32 in Canada which we felt above 40 back in India.. And no it does not look to be humidity either.. I have been to Mumbai and Goa far too many times to know what Humidity feels like.. My only guess is that it has something to do with the latitude..

Katie Vee : The heatwave this year was horrible, I remember one Thursday it was 22 degrees at 8am (completely abnormal for England) and all the grass was brown and it was so hot and the heat bounced off everything :( I don't want that to happen again BUT our winter was also intense, the first major snowfall since like 2010

crazypoorasean : No offence but to us Singaporeans, 25c is the temperature we set for our aircon systems.

Creationfied : They literally get 50 degrees in Egypt

Tiel Master : For my fellow Americans, 26 degrees Celsius is approximately 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

King Aubameyang : If we had air conditioning we wouldn’t even moan about the heat.

Carl Ferguson : Yeah, we British get mocked by Australians in the summer and by Canadians in the winter.

sybernan : Thank you for using Celsius

no idea : That diss on the us was heroic. I apso didn't know the rest of the world user celcius two

KenDrei : Here in the Philippines 25 celcius is our aircon setting

Kirsten Kennedy : Ok Britain, we’ll laugh at you when it gets hot there and you’ll laugh at us when it gets cold here.

redtails : See this USA? Get with the time, use Celcius

Roy : 35°C in an Australian winter is a complete lie, summer maybe, but that weather in winter would be a miracle unless you live in Central Australia which this girl clearly doesn’t.

Stephen Stanford : Thumbs up to the people who correctly mentioned the problems associated with humidity. Here in the UK when we experience a 'heat wave' approaching 30degC it can become unbearable yet I've been to the Philippines on a number of occasions and experienced temperatures of 40degC and was perfectly comfortable because the humidity was low. Approaching monsoon season tbough when the humidity is high that same 40degC is a killer. Oh, and regarding acclimitisation... I remember leaving the hotel one day and stepping outside and my Philippine Wife suddenly rushed back inside to get a Jumper complaining she felt cold... lol, the temperature that day had dropped from 40degC to 35degC! I laughed of course but could relate as here in the UK the difference between 20degC and 15deg C is like Summer vs Winter. It's not so much about us Brits having to toughen up (I'm tough), it's more about people wising up and getting a better understanding of how weather and temperature affects not just different countries but also individuals in different ways.

JH Anime Piano : lmao the celsius fahrenheit map got me

Selmer Stray-Pedersen : I get happy if it is over 15° C in the summer in Norway where I live.

Tom Marvan : Air conditioning is not really a thing in the UK... neither is adequate deodorant in confined spaces...

denzal689 : Would you rather live in a place that's always hot, always cold, or has both extremes?

Just Learning English : In Brazil, we have air conditioning everywhere. Bank, Tube, Bus, Shop mall.... 35-degree Celsius outdoor and 15-degree indoor, isn't so good for health, but I like it.

Leemus : Humidity plays a huge part in it too. For example 30*c 50% humidity is a lot more comfortable than 25*c 90% humidity. Now imagine 38*c 95% humidity. As a Brit in SE Asia inbetween the dry and wet season you can imagine my struggle, I couldn't bare it lol.

MrPicklerwoof : No air conditioning, no dehumidifiers, high humidity = stifling conditions, particularly inside insulated homes which can easily have a constant room temperature of 30C+ during hot spells (even at night) & 85%+ humidity. All this "lol, uk can't handle minor heat" stuff is ignorant nonsense. You only have to listen to international tennis players who rent homes around Wimbledon to see it's a major problem - they often struggle to get enough sleep when renting nearby UK homes (instead of AC hotel rooms) during the tournament, if it happens to be a hot spell. I was in north Africa once at a very dry 38C but it was infinitely preferable to 25C in England.

Aidan Gillett : What a stupid definition of a heat wave lol. Who came up with that? So if Antarctica manages about -35c in summer then it's a 'heat wave'

MasterClashers : M8 I'll let you know it went up to 37 degrees in London at one point for me.

Mr CBS Motion pictures : I am from Scotland and the heatwave was great but I was freezing because I had just came back from Sydney a week ago

UberNoodleX : It's a pretty hot summer this year. South Australia and Victoria are really copping it. I saw on the temperature map a day or two ago that basically South Australia was covered in 47s, 46s and 45s. Nasty!

Sean : I like this video. Because Temperature is in Celsius

Bobby Craig : I'm a brit. I DON'T NEED TO TOUGHEN UP YET. I'm 7 years old and I went to Sharm-el-Sheikh when it was 42° C there!

10,000 subscribers with No videos : Meanwhile in Michigan 1 feet of snow or more

JustStravy : I’m pretty sure Australia’s average summer temperature will be about 40+ 26 degrees is too cold for us Australians

ItsKris : Lol it’s -47c right now🙄

Áslaug : British people: Im freezing, why is the weather always so shit. It's too hot, I hate the heat.

Bri Goose : Different heat. I lived abroad in heat...it's different heat as odd as it sounds.

Maxair Moon : Just 25°? *Tropical countries have left the chat* I remember every summer I'd take a shower 3 times a day bcuz it's just 39°c nothing new in the summer whether.

Rubikari : I guess it would be just like in the Canary Islands where I have lived all my life. 18º feels quite cold, and 28º feels scorching hot, because we are surrounded by water, thus humidity is crazy high the whole year. However, we are also lucky enough to have an average of 20-24º through the year, so being able to enjoy the beach on winter kind of pays off.

YouTube Addict : Title is about UK but the thumbnail is Australia. I also thought the vlogger is Chinese. What are the odds? 😂

Greg's Voice : To give some context only 0.5% of homes in the UK have air conditioning.

000 : I’m from the USA this video doesn’t work for me