Why 25 degrees really is hot in the UK

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George Bowyer : To sum up British weather on Tuesday I left the house at 7am and it was 2c with ice on the car and when I drove home at 4pm it was 26c

Mr Slinky dragon : We brits have a built in system that allows us to cool off by moaning. Each time we moan during a heat wave we cool off! How do you think we colonised the world? Its also why theres the saying only mad dogs and english men go out in the mid day sun!

Katie Vee : The heatwave this year was horrible, I remember one Thursday it was 22 degrees at 8am (completely abnormal for England) and all the grass was brown and it was so hot and the heat bounced off everything :( I don't want that to happen again BUT our winter was also intense, the first major snowfall since like 2010

Carl Ferguson : Yeah, we British get mocked by Australians in the summer and by Canadians in the winter.

Andy Merrett : I'm surprised you haven't mentioned humidity, which plays a big role in how we perceive both heat and cold.

Greg's Voice : To give some context only 0.5% of homes in the UK have air conditioning.

Victoria : My favourite thing about Britain is the random snow, rain and sunshine mixtures all in a few days like I never dress appropriately cause idk what going on lmao

Why Notagain : Also the heat in the UK is humid, not dry like Australia. 30C with 80% humidity feels way hotter than no humidity. I remember in Las Vegas 33C was lovely and pleasant, I could walk quite far and not even break into a sweat, yet 33C in the UK you're sweating whilst sitting still. Humidity has a lot to do with our moaning, if we had dry heat I don't think there would be as much moaning. The average humidity in South East England is low 70 and high 92. Whereas the lowest in the whole of Australia is 47 and highest is 81.

Hannah Deards : Nobody has really mentioned how clammy the heat in the UK is either. When I go to any other European country in the summer, the heat is dry and there’s always a nice little breeze. In the uk, the heat is humid and if you put two pieces of skin together for a few seconds, they’ve already gone sticky and sweaty.

Vodka Lime Soda : Another issue in here in the UK is humidity, the summers are very humid, actually this summer when it was over 30 the humidity was low so it was much more bearable than a month later when it was mid-20s but high humidity. The higher the humidity the more difficult to sweat so our built in cooling system doesn't work as well. Take yesterday for example, it was 19 degrees but humid as hell, so after a brisk 30min walk with the dog I came back sweating and had to take a shower.

Hurricane Jose : As a few people have already mentioned, people don't seem to understand how far north the UK is. During our summers, our days can last up to 18 hours in the north, and as little as 6 in the winter. It's cold most of the time. We're used to that cool weather - But when we get temperatures like 25c, add to that the high humidity we have here (Usually over 80%), plus high UV, it feels unbearable.

redtails : See this USA? Get with the time, use Celcius

Melody Brown : My family friends are from Jordan and now live in Dubai. They came over during the really hot summer we just had in the UK. I was shocked as I had expected them to be used to those temperatures but we had to go and borrow fans to put in every room as they couldn’t handle how humid it was. The uk is tiny and is surrounded by water so it is bound to really humid. They said that it wasn’t anything they had experience before as the humidity made the heat ten times worse.

FrederickKrisman : Casually inserts a picture of countries using Fahrenheit to embarrass the USA

Touka Kirishima : The weather in England is really bipolar. One day it seems like a really hot day in March, the next it's snowing. But whatever the weather is, us British people are never happy about it.

mjudec : One thing not mentioned is the rapid variability. In many other countries one can acclimatise to the weather over a few weeks and that sorts it for months at a time. In the UK it can go from hot to cold to rainy to snowy to sunny all within a week. I've known days in Glasgow where I went out at lunchtime for a pint in a beer garden to enjoy the sun, then walked home making snowballs.

Darrell Nichols : perhaps some aussies need to toughen up for winter then...I have some family near brisbane, and one july was moaning how "freezing!" it was...it was 8c overnight low...I mean, with winter here if we get 8c daytime HIGH, we doing pretty decently!

Bibasik7 : You can't get rid of us Americans that easily. We can use Google to quickly figure out the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Electric Rain : Summertime in UK is no joke. I literally spend 24/7 sweating, I can't sleep with a duvet at night, the one fan is constantly being used (and stolen) by my sibling, I can't get enough ice cream and brain freezes and when I give up I try to squeeze myself in the freezer. Then when I think I'm all used to it it suddenly gets cold again. British weather is like a teenage girl on her period, she can never make up her bloody mind!

Man Beadle : The beginning of British summers are great, it can be in the mid 20's, it's nice and pleasant, clear blue skies, feel the dry heat on your skin, but it's when you get the intermittent showers and the humidity rises that wears me out. I'm not a meteorologist, but is it to with cloud coverage and a rising water table combined with the heat? It just feels like a greenhouse. I'm more or less higher up in the center of the U.K. I don't know if that makes a difference. It's the time of year I keep wishing I was at McMurdo research station in the Antarctic.

TheCassiusTain : 0:29 instant thumbs up and subscribe. don't even need to see the rest of the video anymore

Lee Martin : How far did she walk? Where did she go?

Tom Marvan : Air conditioning is not really a thing in the UK... neither is adequate deodorant in confined spaces...

Lord Beermonster : People, don't seem to realise that Britain is well north of Montreal and Toronto, on the same latitude as Newfoundland in the north east of Canada. The northern tip of Scotland is at about the same latitude as the southern tip of Greenland. Temperatures in the British Isles are usually moderated by the Gulf Stream, but despite this the temperature in England has dropped below -25°c as recently as the 1980s

Adam Hartmann : im from canada, we get the best of both summers hitting 32 and winters hitting -32 its a win win.

Mobeen Ahmed : The photo which shows that road melted is not melted. It is the pic of formula 1 car race track road which is made sticky so that car doesn't slip and have a perfect grip!


Sean : I like this video. Because Temperature is in Celsius

DSRReacts : As a Brit. I dont mind the Heat its the STING from the sun. I dont know if its an atmospheric thing but in Spain at 30 degrees its all good the sun isnt trying to kill you but in england at 25 degrees the sun is literally tryna kill you.

Chloe Drew : As a Brit, I can confirm the weather here can feel terrible at times. I'm personally not that fond of hot weather as a whole, and the fact that my school doesn't have air con can feel like torture at times. At my school, the uniform is a black blazer, tie and trousers/ skirt with a white shirt, and the only thing we were allowed to remove this year during the heatwave was the blazer. Weren't even allowed to untuck the shirt.

Gendry Baratheon : It's because Brits, at least in the south, have fairly stable temperatures only occasionally getting below 0 and only rarely getting above 20. Whereas in Iowa in the Central US, where I live, temperatures drop 10 degrees below regularly staying below 0 for 4 months but our summers regularly go above 35 and spring and fall everywhere in between. Subsequently brits only have heating for when they need it but in a place like Iowa you wouldn't be caught dead without robust heating and cooling. This is because the UK is and Island and thus has the oceans to regulate and moderate its temperatures whereas Iowa is thousands of miles away from the coast.

Only Me : Plus homes in the UK are constructed well IE they don't blow away in the wind lmfao

MaShaw : British people: Im freezing, why is the weather always so shit. It's too hot, I hate the heat.

iPhone 8 : I’m so glad I live in Norway where we have cold winters that kills all disgusting animals and insects, and summers with the perfect temperature of a little over 20 C

Maximus Meridius : Houses here in the UK don't stay warm throughout the winter, hell, even when you pump up the heating for few days and then turn it off, it gets cold in an hour again.

mberg1974 : British houses are not built for hot summers, but they sure aren't that great for cold winters either...

Otex 11 : You think we handle heat badly? Earlier this year it dropped to -15°C! Try and deal with that with your cold homes

Ace Of Spades : Australians, try wearing a *black* blazer, a blouse, a *black* jumper and *black* trousers in 30-degree weather, in a school with no air con and double glazed windows when you're used to the cold. - Also, you have to wear the blazer and jumper, you weren't given a choice

Connor Handforth : Nothing worse than a hot night when it's muggy and humid in the UK.

CoolDudeClem : You kidding? The average temperature in UK during summer (when summer finally gets going) is around 25-27C, not 20. 28 - 30 is where heatwave temperatures start. I want summer to come back as I can't stand winter. I prefer to bake, not freeze. I'm fed up with winter being the dominant season and hardly getting any summer. Back when I was a kid it was the other way round, summer lasted forever and there was hardly any winter. Although having said that, this year the weather was like it used to be, and I hope next year would be like that too. If temperatures could be around 27c every day regardless of what month it is, I'd be happy in this miserable gloomy depressing angry thug-filled rat-hole of a country.

Jose Carvajal : Dominican here, it once got to 16 C in Santo Domingo and people were freaking out about how cold it was

chloegoeswiththeflowgaming Isom : London,London,London. WHY NO ONE NOTICE BRISTOL OR MANCHESTER ETC DX

Vectored Thrust : I speak as a tropical Malaysian who has moved to the UK...holy shit, 30 degrees is EXCRUCIATING here. My family home in Malaysia is designed to deal with 30+ degrees daytime temperatures on a regular basis. And the windows are open and wind blows through the house during the day. If it gets really bad, air conditioning. British houses become unbearable when the temperature is only 25. No air conditioning, homes designed to retain heat and little chance of wind blowing through a Victorian terrace house. I have to sleep with a wet towel soaked in ice water as a "blanket" to sleep when it's high 20s at night

Shahd Aleid : Lmao in Saudi Arabia its 45 what y’all talking about

LukeJT : 30 degrees no longer feels hot after where I went in my recent video😂

Jack Jewell : You don't talk about the most important factor... The fact that the UK is incredibly humid and that contributes to the 'effective temperature' rather than 'actual temperature'

Bhaalspawn84 : Last summer had months of 25C in Finland. IN THE ARCTIC CIRCLE. Last May-August was hottest ever measured.

Plummet : No love its called humidity...85%+ makes the heat feel like its in the mid 40s

Kristina Anderson : Aw take it easy on the UK guys. Yes there are some places that are hotter but the host perfectly summed up why it can still suck our UK friends. Sure, we get a giggle in the midwest when we see complete towns shut down for less than an inch of snow. Yet when we all really think about it, the streets and services (like salt trucks) are non existent in those places so the giggles die down real fast.

Stu Nicholls : Very interesting and informative, one thing I will say is that humidity plays a huge factor too... I am from Zimbabwe, where our average summer is in the late 20s and very dry, and I am fine with that, but since moving to the UK I REALLY struggled this past summer with the heat, purely because of the humidity...