Goodbye Youtube

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A message directly from the kids of the FamilyOFive channel taken down because of hate. The Martin kids have reached out to me, asking me to help them deliver this message. They are heartbroken. Their lives are now ruined, over self-righteous people looking for their five minutes of fame.

Comments from Youtube

Videomen karlo002 : Thanks god it's gone

Aj Escobar : Jake doesn’t sounds gay anymore surprising And I love how he explained it with fancy word

レイエスマーク アーゲル : so where is the behind the scenes video where coddy and emma is rehearsing and taking up ideas like you do in this video for your prank videos? if it was all staged? atleast you may have even 1 video since most of your videos are targetting them

Sprnz : After the video they start laughing and saying “eskeitit cody is gone”

Kait Satter : 18:30 Eating isn’t a bad thing.. wtf

Eliseo Trujillo : "For Nothing"

Kacyyy Garciaaa : They got shut down cause they abuse Cody

Akshay S : "Balance shall be restored" remove the YouTube channel like Daddy o five and family o five Thanks Thanos.

HappyLarry : "Taken down because of hate"

marcianitogamer64 : Notice:you dont see cody in the vid,reason is that he was the one who suffered,and they just look sad for a EGO reazon

SD B3NZ : 2:36 when fortnite servers are out

nigger 9 : I can tell there lying how there body language is

Redafa storm : when u have to sell your fortnite account to buy food.

Liam Elliott : soo you where good at scraring the hell out of ur children

TFP_Cam : Dam Michael grow 90 pounds?

big Chungus [the dead meme] : “We got shutdown...” *”for nothing”*

ZDAVE Vlogs : Wi does Ryan remind me of Justin Roberts


Anime Boy15 : "Said they wanted to help the kids" "Shh" Boi

memes till I die : "this is what I wanted to do when I grow up" LOL dude go to college or trade school and get a job

The Jintrovert : Although you may have good intentions it's your actions that speak the loudest Me me big boy

Black iEGOLE : I agree with you

Javier Peñaloza : how do you fake tears dude

fortnite sniping : Wow I didn't see daddyofive for a long time dang man

JamBroJames : That is so good 😊

Melissa O'Shea : Listing something as "entertainment" doesn't make it funny. Doesn't make it not child abuse. Doesn't make it okay. This family was horrible to the 2 children - so much so they were removed. Then your channel got deleted, and you came back under another alias. You knew it was wrong - or at least your parents should have. This is NOT the kids fault by any means. This breaks my heart listening to them talk about how YouTube allowed them to do more things, and how they liked the attention. It makes me feel as though the parents used YouTube as an incentive to get their children to perform and rewarded them like employees. Your parents do not deserve revenue from YouTube doing the things they did, filming the things they did, and portraying them how they did. Keep your family off YouTube and never - ever - exploit your children for views, money, and fame. People didn't "help" anyone but Cody and Emma. The victims here. Not anyone else.

ONEGRAPYBOI : no i am crying ;(

Burnoutking1000 Chance Plotner : That will help

derp. lol : FOR NOTHING!!!

Babynelson Gomez : I'm sad 😥

M2Motors Co : These poor kids can’t separate the idea of content creation/vlogging, and abuse. They are the same in their minds.

Liz Unwin : Seeing kids getting abused is NOT entertaining. Even if it wasn't real it was still distressing to see how the kids like Cody and Emma had to go through for a bunch of views. These kids must've been blinded by the fame of YouTube, because they obviously weren't able to see the potential problems for their own lives. DO5 was another channel which was just there for views, and they were willing to risk anything for that. It is also selfish to say that they did nothing wrong, and that we "wrecked" their lives by terminating the channel, since they must've not thought about how putting videos like that on the internet can have a psychological impact on the viewers whether that was "influencing" them, to deeply disturbing people who might've acutally gone through similar forms of abuse.

Nature Queen 020308 : i laughed at the out takes becuase they were funny

ashley jackson : I think Alex is gonna cry Poor Alex

Wafflez : Cody probs was never in the planning and gave the best reactions but yeah

MiracleOfHope : Okay. So where are the "Outtakes" of Jake slamming Cody to the ground? Where are the "Outtakes" of Alex slapping Emma? Where are the "Outtakes" to the invisible ink "Prank"?

Beto O Rourke : 0/10 failed to mention Cody and Emma’s abuse. Also the sad music makes you guys even more hypocritical.

cooldog 12 : im subbing

badluckk : "Entertainment purposes" lol

OneWolf : Is Alex against his parents? Also (not in a disrespectful way but they could just be saying it for pity so then they revive their YouTube.)

MinaSeroku10 チャンネル : now jake paul should be banned.

Bleachy Boi : When you make a 25 minute video and every comment bullies the channel lol

Red Juice YT : Every video theres the same ryan but wanna k iw whats different about him? He grew more hes taller and his voice is way deeper

OpticalMayhem : I'm the only sad comment 😭😂

Brenan Prince : their good at their job

Izeneye : What is YouTube anymore

King pikachu : No why youtube

Yoshiforlife 246 : *Mission Accomplished* we got em

Aflir : Clout Wanter