Goodbye Youtube

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Team DO5 Fans : Team DO5 fans I am asking for your help and support.I have started a petition to #BringBackFamilyOFive.Please sign and share on social medias.Lets make this viral and show FamilyOFive how much support they have and we want them back.

Videomen karlo002 : Thanks god it's gone

M2Motors Co : These poor kids can’t separate the idea of content creation/vlogging, and abuse. They are the same in their minds.

Norway Tracking : “If you look at our rooms we have everything we’ve ever wanted!” You know what’s better than materialistic things? -Knowledge- Being stable mentally

225abk : You can tell the Dad is showing a password reset for their fortnite account's so they do this

lydia : DO5 has fans?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Juvenile Aetosaur : Playing the innocent card, 9 out of 10 people won't believe you douches. Abuse your brother publicly, we shoot you down by the power of the youtube gods hallelujah with a thousand bolts of complaints burning you in hell along with your psycho fans. I mean, I am a sociopath and I find this disturbing.

Kingdom of Italy ball : Finally lets hope next is Logan Paul

Reagan Belvin : Do you have out takes when Emma and Cody were around???


Diego Dueñas : Why isn't Cody in the outtakes?

Chiliheatwave dorito Girl : "We got shutdown for nothing" 1. The oldest brother was abusing his younger siblings 2. The parents were doing nothing about it 3. Cody & Emma (especially Cody) didn't feel safe at home 4. Cody & Emma are probably gonna have anxiety problems 5. They don't even care what happened to Cody & Emma 6. The "pranks" were taken way too far They're are so many things you did wrong, you weren't shut down for "nothing"

Lost Soul : Jake the buĺly

Angharad Roberts : Idk why ya’ll sad and shit. You knew this was coming because when you got taking down the first time you’re not allowed another YouTube channel. On the other hand you guys shouldn’t be making this video the parents should! I would actually believe you guys if the outtakes had Cody and Emma in them but they didn’t. Even if they were fake why the hell would people watch that! It’s literally child abuse. There is no point making another YouTube channel because YouTube will delete that as well. Hopefully you’ve learned from your mistakes.

Samantha Rae : Thank god, this family was sick, manipulative, and abusive. Even the brothers were awful and cruel and the fact that they're trying to defend it solidifies the awful human beings they are. They're only upset cause they can't buy tons of useless shit anymore.

Ragnar_the_Great : “Entertainment”😑

VipVip999 : This channel should be taken down for supporting child abuse and child neglect.

Deyolyn Robinson : I don't blame the kids. I blame the parents for bringing them up in a way that they think abuse is okay. People are saying to take down their Twitch. If they are doing the same thing then yes take it down but if they are just steaming games ect then just leave them be.

sdf sd : You know what.. sure they did that before, they saw their flaws and problems, they accepted that they made mistakes... They tried to start over, the right way, vlogging as a family. They really did try hard to bury the hatchet and start a new family channel. I don't think they deserved this. They all tried hard and they were all happy this way. But they hate kept on coming and now they have nothing. Sure you can hate and all but they knew what they done and wanted to start over but you kept on hating. I give you my salutes familyo5, I hope whatever happens to you in the future now goes out good and you keep on striving as a happy family.

mason407 : Stop guys this is one of my favorite channels stop making fun of them YOU haters made them shutdown there YouTube channel RIP familyofive.......😢😢😭😪😥

h0edecii : I want to cry, this is sad

Twillza Builds : Good job reading a FAKE apology from a script (and even if it wasnt real, child abuse is never funny)

Reagan Belvin : You deserve this as much as it kills me to say

MindlessProductions : Ok I'm actually sad. But I could care less about your guys opinions about my comment so I'm state my mind whenever I want. Like if you actually like Team DO5!

cosmicDJsquid : These people are messed up

Lauri648 : This is too cringe to watch. Someone @ youtube is watching this & thinking "yup, we're doing the right thing for sure".

IronAidan Productions : Your channel was removed because the court straight up said you're not allowed to upload videos anymore. This was simply inevitable. Have Mike and Heather come out and give a fake-ass excuse, not your children.

Soraya : Lol they get shut down after everything and the past BUT JAKE PAUL NOT WTF

Alex Wilson : 😂 u can tell they made all these out takes and shit after all the drama as like a come back to make us believe it was all fake. I used to watch them alllllllllll the time and now it's just sad seeing them like this saying it was fake and filming FAKE out takes. The only way we could believe this is if they released there outtake on the pranks from Cody where he would cry

Ultra Instinct Goku : Damn... I used to watch you guys all the time and laugh at the funny videos y'all made. But ever since of the so called "abuse" I have gone through a Lot of emotions that I can't explain at the moment. But I'll miss all of you, hopefully you guys have a wonderful life. Live long, Be happy and just stay positive. Keep making entertainment if you can make a new channel. I would love to see more if you can. But until then goodbye for now. Hopefully Your mom and dad changed, and we'll be seeing you soon Bye-Bye👋👏🙏

GrimNinja 82 : Y’all don’t understand what the meaning of there YouTube channel because of u guys there family fell apart I love u family 🙁

MinaSeroku10 チャンネル : now jake paul should be banned.

JMiller34 Vlogs : this was a good channel and now its being ruined by hate, like don't judge people's youtube channel if your going to judge people's channels be kind about it and don't be mean about it, if your going to judge, judge your own channel. like this rediculous i liked this channel. I've been wathing this channel and daddyofive sence day one i mean this has to stop. help them get there channel back.

Reeactive : I supported this family for a long time, but when I found out about the abuse an everything else. I felt heart broken and I think that jake is a good guy instead he was forced to harass his siblings by his parents. I feel bad for the kids.

RusTy : "entertainment purposes" man that's some great acting that Cody can do.

Zelin Rodriguez : Nooooooooooo I didn't get a chance to watch the last vlog or gaming video I'm so sad

Pvzmine Morales : Bye don't come back. 😊

John Bradley V : Just be strong

Night night : You could tell it was fake

TheLifeOfPayton : people are saying they helped but they didn't, just because they hate DO5'S and want to to take it down. those kids loved it and y'all ruin their lives, y'all (haters) broke up the family, 2 kids had to leave because he lost custody because of y'all, they loved their brother and sister. they had to move away out of that big nice house because of y'all, they loved their house. They got their channel deleted bcuz of y'all, they loved their channel, and everyone is happy about it.

Dallas&Trooper : This is kind-of sad I feel so bad for you guys hope have good lives. :)

Szymon Piontek : What a relief. The worst channel on all of YouTube, idk how anybody who isn't a psychopath would actually find abusing children entertaining

TheLe9end01 : I like how most of these comments saying they were abused are probably 8yr olds. Yeah maybe they were abused for the DaddyOFive Channel. But people can change. They went to therapy, and I believe they changed. And now I know their recent videos were scripted, because they aren’t the best actors. With practice they can be good. But all you guys did shut down a channel made by themselves. Just to “save” them from abuse. And if you guys say that it looked real cmon. You are just jumping on a bandwagon of hate. All you have to say to people on the bandwagon is, “Later Haters” ✌🏻

Hardcore Halo : Omg you guys are so grown up, I wish you guys were still here 😢

Toot Scoot : Okay, i have something to say here. Im glad this channel is gone and I'm sorry these poor children had to deal with this. Not with the channel being taken down, but with the abuse (jesus christ this comment is gonna be controversal throughout the fanbase isn't it uGH-). These parents have done horrible things to their children and I'm glad (most of) it is wiped off the website. Now, I also wanted to say this to the kids: Hey. I know you lost this channel that meant the world to you. I know it's stressful to you but I'm glad it's gone because these child abusers faces are also gone. But I'm glad these kids have tried to nake something fun out of it. Maybe inthe future, you can make something great with a channel you could make in the future or something i dont know-

Zombies_play : Honestly it didn't need to be taken down. Cause there brothers? They should be able to hit each other ever once in a while all of my brothers do it? and where is the abuse? There brothers they are going to fight.

Datbeasty Beetroot : My ass fake claims, every claim of abuse and neglect is clearly shown In about every video. This channel is better now it's gone. Also, if there are out takes then SHOW THEM either at the end of the videos or in a seperate video, idiots.

darkshark2012 : Look, what they did is bad, anything they do will not redeem them, or negate the fact of what was close to unforgiveable. In today's world people won't drop it as easily. No matter what these people do, the internet is always going to have a 50 50 relationship with them. 50% who are fans and enjoy the content, and the other 50% who hate the channel because of what happened in the past, or just because everyone else hates them.

Ethan Garcia : I love the family0five channel

John Kosinski : Good job with the emotional manipulation playing that said ass music.