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Team DO5 Fans : Team DO5 fans I am asking for your help and support.I have started a petition to #BringBackFamilyOFive.Please sign and share on social medias.Lets make this viral and show FamilyOFive how much support they have and we want them back.

GwynAndJulius : Why are they gone this time

frieza lord : This vid has almost as much dislikes as likes almost lol

The Jintrovert : Although you may have good intentions it's your actions that speak the loudest Me me big boy

Eliseo Trujillo : "For Nothing"

Crydan : “fan base” 😂


MinaSeroku10 チャンネル : now jake paul should be banned.

Daniel Preciado : I'm gonna take the time to argue against every one of these insanely ass-backwards claims that's being made here: - "We did this because we knew we had a fanbase." "This is what we were good at." Okay, so you filmed family abuse (regardless of whether or not it's fake) for people that enjoyed watching domestic abuse? I would never want those people to be my fans. Ever. You should be above that. Everyone should be above that. - "It's not real, it's entertainment purposes." 1st off, work on your grammar. 2nd, it sure seems real to me. I sincerely doubt you people all have the acting ability to depict a hauntingly accurate representation of what real life domestic abuse looks like. 3rd, look to my previous argument on why this shouldn't count as entertainment. - "You can't have a misfit like that every day." My own childhood would like to object to that statement. - "(Philip DeFranco) Destroyed this family." I'm gonna respond to a quote with a quote; "You have done that yourself" - Obi-Wan Kenobi (ep.III). Well, I'd hardly blame the kids. If anything, I'd say they were victims of circumstance. Your parents are the ones to blame. They've put your family's life on display for the entire world to see. Stop antagonizing people who are clearly just concerned for your well-being. They never wanted to destroy your family. They wanted to put you guys before the family to make sure nothing terrible happens. Something your parents clearly don't care about doing. - "If you look at our rooms, we have everything we wanted." Okay, you probably don't understand this now because 1) your parents may or may not be brainwashing you into thinking that having lots of objects makes a happy family and/or 2) you might be a bit too young to realize what a healthy family dynamic should look like. I myself had to learn at a very early age that my father was just trying to buy my love. He would hit me, belittle me, manipulate me, the works. But then in his mind, buying me toys, video games, and other frivolous items would make up for all those times where he's had me break down into a fit of tears, pain, and anguish. Let me assure you that this is NOT the case. This isn't love. This is manipulation. He's trying to buy your approval, your consent to vlog-posting, your love. - "This was ours, and it's all we had", "And you ruined it." If this was all your family had, then guess what? Your family's foundation was built on some really thin ice. I'm sorry to say, but if fame and money is everything to you guys, then you I feel bad for you kids when you're going to inevitably fall into obscurity and your parents will have to actually work for their money like the rest of us. That's not how a family should be built on. Also, saying that we ruined it is like seeing a fight going on with a crowd cheering them on and a few people try to break it up and defuse the situation, so you get mad at them for ruining the fight. I'm sorry but your videos were not constructive or positive in the slightest. I fear that anybody who watched your videos might've picked up on these behaviors. - "'We deserve to be kicked off YouTube.' For what?" You filmed domestic abuse. Children were being bullied, tormented, beaten on. You can't tell me your mob mentality was extraordinarily malicious regardless if it's fake (which we both no damn well it's as fake as scientology is reasonable). - "Everyone tries to bash everyone on the internet... People on my instagram bash me..." I don't think you see the difference between people on the internet not liking what you do compared to you actively beati- oh, sorry. PORTRAYING beating on your siblings for entertainment, whether it be for the audience or yourself. In case you don't, let me assure you the difference is pretty big. - "We got destroyed again for nothing" Once more, you FILMED your family's domestic ABUSE on the internet and thought everyone was gonna think it was funny? I have a really dark sense of humor. I have to in order to cope with the things I've seen and what people have confessed to me. But you guys? This isn't humor, this isn't entertaining. It's like watching people get dementia and pointing at them and laughing. There's no substance to what you put out. There's only a bitter taste that's left in my mouth. - "All these people that were out to 'help' somebody, you didn't. You didn't help nobody." How do I even begin to explain how wrong that entire sentence was? Do you not realize what could've happened if this channel continued? Someone could've broken down to such a terrible state that they could never come back from it. Someone could've attempted to take their own life. Someone could've taken your lives. And before this gets dismissed by the "It's fake" statement, can you really fake bruises? Or was that just makeup? Can you fake those screams of torment? Tears running down a slobbering face? I have my doubts. I think you guys don't realize how bad the situation really was. I don't fault you for that either. Your parents seem like a very deceitful and manipulative people. I personally never wanted you guys to have to separate or anything rash like that. I wanted your family to realize what mistakes they're making and correct them as soon as possible, but it doesn't seem like that will completely happen and that hurts me. I know what it's like to have your family split up and sometimes, when people just can't change, it's for the best that you stay away from them. You don't need that in your life. You don't have to put up with the abuse. I just really hope for your guys' sake that your parents learn how to be actual parents, and fast. - "You destroyed our family, you just destroyed our future" If that's all it takes to destroy your family, then holy crap, it's worse than I thought. I don't think this was the main reason your family's in such great turmoil. I think it's the straw that broke the camel's back, but it seems there's been problems building up for some time. You can hardly pin that on us. As for destroying your future, I think if you really tried, your futures will be just fine. Don't be so melodramatic. You even state that you're gonna continue pursuing this path, so that's kind of contradicting your accusation that we've destroyed your future. And to that I say go for it. As long as it's not another series of "Let's traumatize our family" I'm fine with it. I've talked to people who were backed into a corner by obstacle after obstacle, who seemed to have no escape from their personal slice of hell. But guess what? They wanted to prove the world wrong. They persevered though obstacles I'm not at liberty to even discuss and against all odds, a lot of them are doing just fine. It was always the ones that put in the effort to blaze their own trail. So don't you dare tell us we ruined your future. Prove to us we're just another obstacle you're gonna overcome. - So after watching all your "out-takes," I'm still not convinced. It still seems like you're trying to dismiss any valid accusations of what's really going on. Why don't I see a larger number of out-takes than just these 3 clips? Where's any with Cody and Emma? If you think I'm being overly-skeptical, guess what? This former channel would have to do a LOT more to convince me. This isn't even close. - As for your description claiming that we're all self-righteous fame-hungry cretins, sorry to burst your bubble, but the majority of us just get pissed off when we see abuse happening . It's not that we want attention, it's that we want to see as little of this happening as possible. Stop acting like you know even the slightest inkling about human behavior.

Chiliheatwave dorito Girl : "We got shutdown for nothing" 1. The oldest brother was abusing his younger siblings 2. The parents were doing nothing about it 3. Cody & Emma (especially Cody) didn't feel safe at home 4. Cody & Emma are probably gonna have anxiety problems 5. They don't even care what happened to Cody & Emma 6. The "pranks" were taken way too far They're are so many things you did wrong, you weren't shut down for "nothing"

Regularjosh1 : Manipulation at its finest

Project Scorpio : People are supporting parents that encourage their kids to bully there Cody Why are people supporting them

Juvenile Aetosaur : Playing the innocent card, 9 out of 10 people won't believe you douches. Abuse your brother publicly, we shoot you down by the power of the youtube gods hallelujah with a thousand bolts of complaints burning you in hell along with your psycho fans. I mean, I am a sociopath and I find this disturbing.

Brenda Hernandez : Where the outtakes from Cody and emma

Native Doll : I seriously don't understand how they still have fans after all the physical & psychological abuse they inflicted on Cody & Emma. And yes, I saw the multiple "apology" videos (more like poorly made excuses to try &cover up their mistakes) and I watched hours of their original content and not once did I see the dad ever intervene on behalf of Cody when he was being hit, slammed or held down by Jake who's 2x his size. So many times I saw (mostly) Cody begging to be left alone and trying to explain why he didn't deserve to be in the situation he was forced into. There are also countless videos of blatant favoritism in which when Jake did something, Mike would laugh but when Cody did it, he was screamed at, told he was "crazy", "retarded" & and told "there's something wrong with ur brain". It's so hard to even watch those videos, it makes me so angry and heartbroken. I guess that's why I'm so confused as to how they still have any fans. How can people still watch their channels knowing about all the damage they caused their own (step)children (and to a certain extent their own siblings)?

Miney : Ok, their channel gets taken down but Jake paul's is not. Cmon guys


Legendary Blader : It's really sad😭 that you're not in jail yet.

Gerrie Adams Mcconville : Good riddance

glossyplane542 : “For nothing” *curb your enthusiasm theme*

Diana Anwar : Wait what they banned Daddyofive but Not Logan Paul? Feels Sad

Sun Set Trucker Cascadia : I was about to say , I haven’t heard from familyofive in a while and before I knew it , they are gone , goodbye FamilyOfive , MommyOfive , DaddyOfive

danny minecraft : What about any of the videos with Cody or Emma? Prove those ones??

Nevo : Top 10 Anime Battles

hagridruby : wheres cody huh?

Super Doug : They shouldn’t apologize the parents should it’s there fault

Echo : I’m confused 🤷‍♂️ what’s going on why do I feel bad for these people but have no idea what’s going on. I’m sad now. Edit: I finally know what’s going on now

VolvoTrident : fake tears, lol force it out

Scattattack5 : Noticed how these “outtakes,” only involve the NEWER episodes, the ones that DON’T have Cody or Emma. It wasn’t these episodes that got you in deep shit, It was the episodes where you beat, and mentally abused Cody and Emma. Mike and Heather, you two are monsters. Their is a special seat in hell for the two of you. So don’t keep the devil waiting.

Mr_Kidswagg : Jake "I'm Keep It Real and Honest" 😂😂😂

Alex Mathena : I’m going to miss this channel 😭😭😭😭

Atticus X : You add the sad cheesy music in the background. . Trying to exploit people emotions... fail... you deserve to be shut down

Candy Jewel : Aww poor beans, never seen Jake cry before to be completely honest

Valentino The best : I have never seen JAKE cry before

Jewel Haines : I don't think these 3 kids are to blame, I think after Cody And Emma left, there was no more abuse being done to Alex, Ryan or Jake. I think the stigma from the previous problems is overlapping into this channel.

Melissa Ritter : "This is what we're good at." *THIS* is what you're good at? Abusing children? Taking their childhood away? Scarring them for life? Seriously...

xX JACOB Xx : If they are banned why isn't Logan Paul banned for exploiting a dead body

The Team : Work for twitch

LilRhombus : I bet the outtakes were fake

What’s Poppin : What about the other times where Cody was abused,yelled,kicked and his room destroyed remember those days and your dad did nothing but just stand their and tell him to fix his room and I think they are getting kick out of YouTube is because of the actions they did in the videos and it’s not only Cody and the other kids it’s just the haters and I don’t think it’s hating I think it’s just people who know how they raise their child right and not let them act like inresponsable kids and the clips of them pretending to fake getting in trouble should not be taken for views because people think it’s real but you make it seem like it’s really fake and one more thing I know Cody is a trouble maker but he’s just a kid with less responsibility and I hate how sometimes everyone teams up against him and I will miss FamilyOfive and miss the memories you all had as a family...

Daydream Exchange : Best parents ever? Kid overflows toilet, "WELL NO DISNEY FOR YOU."

Angharad Roberts : Idk why ya’ll sad and shit. You knew this was coming because when you got taking down the first time you’re not allowed another YouTube channel. On the other hand you guys shouldn’t be making this video the parents should! I would actually believe you guys if the outtakes had Cody and Emma in them but they didn’t. Even if they were fake why the hell would people watch that! It’s literally child abuse. There is no point making another YouTube channel because YouTube will delete that as well. Hopefully you’ve learned from your mistakes.

Atticus X : Haha child abuse doesn't pay doesn't it. We of the defranco nation wish you farewell.

piftwangwingshaney : First the family now on the the bigger brothers ( Jake and Logan )

Mike Hunt : I like how Cody isn't present

DARK Gaming : Top 10 most insane plot twists

cubic dust : Maybe these kids were in on it but not Emma and Cody...

M2Motors Co : These poor kids can’t separate the idea of content creation/vlogging, and abuse. They are the same in their minds.

AMBUSHH 360 : It’s not the kids fault. God bless

Szymon Piontek : What a relief. The worst channel on all of YouTube, idk how anybody who isn't a psychopath would actually find abusing children entertaining