Insane Sovereign Citizen "Article 4 Free Inhabitant" Loses It When Arrested

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Antiluddite : MInnie Mouse fought the law and won.

Outdoor Sports Club : LOL. "So either you're gonna come out of the car on your own free will, or I'm gonna assist you."

Bluefin Tuna : This cop deserves a medal for patience.

finao o : "You're under arrest." "No, I'm not!" "Oops, sorry, my mistake. Off you go, then."

_Harrison : The boyfriend is just completely quiet, guy probably wants to go to jail as an escape from this crazy.

David E : She keeps talking about the articles of confederation. That was the document that served as our first constitution. It was suspended in 1789. It hasn't been relevant since 1789!!!!!

Doug4422 : Obviously, she is unaware that the Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution in 1787.

aussj4link : The patience of this officer is legendary.

Martyr104 : props to the officer for keeping his cool

Randy Westfall : This is what happens when mom and dad don't use the belt.

Sublime : 2:23 *porn music starts playing

MYTOCHON : Did anyone ever figure out who the hell this woman is? I'm so curious to match the face to the most annoying voice ever heard in the history of mankind.

kanekila : Her parents must be so proud.

fedos : Even if the Articles of Confederation said what she claims, they were superseded by the Constitution.

Shelly Peek : Don't touch my bag, that's where I keep all my drugs

Nick Vernice : The Articles of Confederation don't apply anymore, they were the set of laws before the united states constitution which was overrided (By the Constitution)

Carlos Bailey : Waiting on the punch... I'd have gagged her, no pun intended.

mortic0n : I need a Where Are They Now follow-up to this so bad

tim4pele : "You're under arrest" "No I'm not!" "Damn...thwarted again. In that case, have a nice day"

Nick : Did she really try to cite the Articles of Confederation? There’s this thing called the Constitution that came in and replaced it it about 200 years ago

William Hiers : God her voice is so irritating. That officer was so frickin' patient with her. He's a saint with patience like that.

TwiztidTeenWolf : Basically an illegal immigrant

Troy Hammersmith : Can anyone direct me to the follow up video when this screaming nutcase ends up in court and tries her "free inhabitant" routine out with the judge ??

Darth Krayt : Remember, she said "we are a peaceful people". Then, skip to 5:06

Keith Good : *I didn't know Minnie mouse was a Sov citizen!! LOL!!!*

kev butts : "Well that would just be plain anarchy" hahaha I laughed so hard at that part

Andrew Avery : Doesn't she know that they got rid of the AoC?

Rob Bird : I prefer all my laws free range, gluten free, and completely made up. lol

Dick Woodcox : "We're gonna have to solve this some other way." *Cop unbuttons pants*

Grisel Griselda : Lmfao you can hear the little snip right before she starts screaming that he cut her bag.

scott goodman : I assume there was dope in the purse.

josh j : ""this is rape' - most women when they dont get their way

gooseb77 : so let me get this straight... she is not a US citizen, yet she has all the rights of one and has to follow no rules that all citizens have to follow. Is anyone else lost here!?

vince west : I wish he would have tasered her

Moss Limbayter : Their names are Dustin Bryce Rosondich and Desiree Xylie Eshleman They were pulled over after police spotted them driving with a hand drawn paper license plate that read: “Non Resident 6-55-502. Privilege tax on nonresidents prohibited. Lienholder (my chattel).” Copied from a FaceBook post by the Imperial County (Tennessee) Sheriff's Office prior to appearing before the judge: "The young lady (and the driver) were both arrested. The young lady was arrested for possession of marijuana and also charged with delaying of a peace officer. In most cases they will receive fines vs jail time." They were each sentenced to a month in jail. They filed an appeal but the judge denied them saying their claim was frivolous. Link to their court appearance... Link to a more in depth report....

Peter Stone : Taser please

Shelton Brown : She's a free inhabitant of mental dysphoria.

Ultima ZillaRex : Imagine someone trying this in North Korea!

Cooper Lovelace : I love pain compliance

ChooseReason : I'm enjoying this at 0.5 speed. They both sound absolutely wasted.

IEndeavourAlways : What a harridan! Her voice is tantamount to a crime if nothing else.

bastidface : Free inhabitant of the earth enjoying all the rights and privileges of a U.S. citizen? She should be dropped over the South Pole where she can fully enjoy her rights and privileges as a free inhabitant of the earth unencumbered.

Courtney Larsen : That police officer has the patience of a saint. Bless him!

Johnny Darvall : This is my favorite Sovereign Citizen, ill send you bail money to keep making more videos


bob carter : These nitwits think if they can just say the right magic words, the police will have to let them go. FYI: reading some websites does not equate to a law degree.

cowofthemonth : Didn't article 4 just say that people have the same rights in other states as the citizens of that state? Not sure how they get the idea that they are not required to obey state rules like the citizens of that state are..

Joseph G : That voice. How does anyone develop that kind of ear-stabbing tone and that slap-worthy annoying cadence of speech?

Cooper Lovelace : "Im not a us citizen, i am of the earth"

ShadowSlayer0330 : "This is rape", "As a free inhabitant, we do not need to abide by any U.S. laws". Then rape would not be a crime to her would it not?