GameCube intro but it's crossover episode

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SmartBoi : While we’re stuck in 2019, this man lives in 9102

Heather Chadandldldler : What console do you have? Oh, just the gamesony360oneboydreamswitchcube *nice*

Xenon Ink : When you're in 5th grade and don't know how to hold back on those Power Point transitions

erttheking : Nintendo Switch: And I’m here to-oh ok bye.

TheBeastModeGamer : *_PS4, 3, and 2 will remember that_*

Dito Device : Wow the new Soulja boy looks amazing.

Kaz Niaz : The game cube to Playstation one was so perfect

not original : Friend: which console is this? Me: yes

Hindo Nohj : When you're waiting for a game to load but you have to sit through every developers logo animation

someBODY : "Infinity War is the best crossover ever made!" 4096: *hold my beer*

HowToMetalhead : This was the most visually pleasing thing I've ever seen

Carter Jade : The gameboy-dreamcast transition is especially [chef's kiss]

John Corcoran : Gamestop employee: Which console is that game for? Me: yes

Martin Terniak : Your brain when you want to buy a console

GameCubeBoy2002 : Anyone else start to move their hands around and pretend they're controlling the movements? Just me?.....OK...

Daniel Murrill : "Infinity war is the biggest crossover in history" Me:

CHRISTIAN MICAH JONAH JAMES : "2019 The swinetendo Laystation Twitch" LOL

TheNooblvl100 : this would be a cool intro for a school presentation of the history of video games

Anna Avila : Normal people: Infinity war is the best crossover movie of all history! Me: *this*

Versatil Style On the Phukkin Map : Ironically if nintendo hadnt shit the bed with Sony 0:01 - 0:06 would have been real

Its Mathy : THE PERFECT VIDEO OF GAMES Edit: "¿Witch one is the cool videogame console?" «My mind»

ZHBG 9224 : Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series!

SpartaYoshi : I've never seen a transition so perfect

My Thoughts Exactly : This was the greatest 30 seconds of my life

Steven White : The captions make it better Nintendo Switch- sike

DarkTyyp Music : *_The most epic gamer moment in all of history._*

Base Music : 0:26 french subtitles You'll never know if you don't go (go!) You'll never shine if you don't glow Hey, now you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold.

HitzCritz : "What if the start of the game tells you every platform you could play on?"

GBenedict _ : Marvel: Infinity war is the most ambitious cross over yet *Hold my GameCube*

KingCobra : Honestly that was a lot of work and I appreciate it, thank you

OakleyHasAFoot 787 : The x game station boy 360 one switch edition

German Suplex Potato : it bothers me that we didn't get to hear the gameboy advance one go *_GLING_*

It's Thinzy : yo what game you playin? *all of them*

Kawaii Shadow16 : Friend: What's your favorite console Me:

Alejandra Valles : The best console of 2019 is the Gameboycube360oneDreamswitch

A Starwave : Pensei que ia virar a Globo uma hora

_ Corruption _ : Random Unaware Memer: The ultimate crossover doesn't exist.. People commenting about un-originality:

My car needs a tune up!!!!! badly : *Us:* *Him: Year 8973*

Pixar Nerd : Person: Well obviously Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover of all time. Me: *sends this link*

Monkeyman0490 : Friend comes over to play games. Friend: Do you have a— Me:Yes

NeoIceBreaker : The Gamecube-PSX transition did something to my brain in a good way.

It's a Me Vault Boi : This is what world peace sounds like

Unfriendly Fire : Please someone make a windows version of this. 95 all the way to 7! EDIT: never mind I found it!

pat4mat ab : Child1: i got new console! Child999999: ummm... whats is the console name? [Server] /Child1 has left the game\

kitty youtuber : Brace yourselfs... Infinity war comments are coming

ZGURemixer : "So, how many consoles are we going to include in this video?" "Yes."

Sasu123456789x1 : That was honesty pretty amazing, like legit visually pleasing! 🖤

Chloe's amazing world : BEATIFULL!!!

Ur mom Gey : The best video ive ever seen. If only it had ps2 intro