GameCube intro but it's crossover episode

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SpartaYoshi : I've never seen a transition so perfect

Jayden Meyer : What's your favorite console? *yes*

ElectrikStatik 900 : The DreamBoxGameboyStationSwitch 3601 *An all new system where you can play all games. Coming soon, in 3013*

CosmicC : "What console do you have?" " *yes* "

Kyle. : What console do you have I HAVE A Gamestation360oneBoycastSwitch S L I M ...Wow, I have a GTX 1080

It's Thinzy : yo what game you playin? *all of them*

The Rockstar Gamer : Marvel: “Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history!” Me:

Soviet Gamer Kartang : Sony still says no to cross play

Lovebirdie 83 : Friend: okay so what are we going to play on? Me: everything Friend:...

17thatman : The Sony Switchcast 361 cubed.

Justin Y. : My eyes have been blessed.

AzoriusGamer : History of the entire game consoles, I guess.

Sydney Waifu : Waiting for every 12 year old who owns a ps4 to comment "why is there only ps1 intro and why does xbox have two"

Splashy Thing : o h I liked the episode, but I lost the plot after the virtual boy joined.

That Cancerous Furry : Someone: Infinity War Was The Best Crossover Ever 4096: Hold My Beer

Dolan Dark : You win


M10 : Ooooh that GBA to Dreamcast was soooo good

Box assisin : this is what i born for......

TheBeastModeGamer : *_PS4, 3, and 2 will remember that_*

VINOS : This must be the most ambitious cross over in history everyone keeps talking about

Qixley : When I showed this to a friend; Me: Yo it's so satisfying- Them: No it ain't. No PlayStation in there. Me: Aha- *BITCH.*

Sushicat 3212 : Top ten anime crossovers

Mudkip909 : Just liking my own comment

docial : top 10 best anime crossovers

Janrei Africa : The most Ambitious crossover event in history

SANDRINIO B : 0:24 SIKE! (In subtitles)

Ultra Sexy Chipotle : I've been so blessed.

Meme mesh : this meme still livin?

HitzCritz : "What if the start of the game tells you every platform you could play on?"

LillyBillyDilly _/ _/ : My entire childhood has been remastered before my eyes.

Chicken Nugget : Proud to say I still have my Dreamcast hooked up and I still play on it

Zakured : This guy knows how to edit.

King Jae : P E R F E C T!

Ryan The Rice : 10 most ambitious anime crossovers in history

Leoreo : Amazing animations!

thevioletskull : turn on cc.

Schwabbel : My mom would still call this a Nintendo

Mateo Diaz : Quiero esa consola I Want This Console

Yahav Sch : נדיר נודר!!!!

NicoBros TM : & knuckles

Nadja Nascimento : GameCube Sony computer Xbox 360 2010 Xbox 360 2005 Xbox one Game boy Dreamcast !

Supertrain12 : The NintenDreamBoxCubeSwitchStation 36011. Coming JanFebMarchPrilAyJuneUlyGustBer 31, 2056.

GD Sharoki : * The newest console called the GPXXXDNS coming in 3021.

Meme_RBLXFXRobloxianOof18 RBLX : When you will make History of Roblox

LEMONKNIGHT YT : And they say Infinity War was an ambitious crossover

LuckyboyGamer3000 : 0:06 If you upgrade Xbox360 to Xbox one or putting Xbox one disc on Xbox360 console turn on

D4nielBarros : *CubeStation360oneGameDreamswitch*

T-series : This is genius!

Capitã Medeiros : You forget PlayStation