GameCube intro but it's crossover episode

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It's Thinzy : yo what game you playin? *all of them*

It's a me, NicoBros! : & knuckles

Elzeta : *S M O O T H*

Shesez : amazing work

TheFrostyIcecreamSlush : You've done it. You absolute madman.

SpartaYoshi : I've never seen a transition so perfect

Janrei Africa : The most Ambitious crossover event in history

Bitzel : Nintendo Gamestation One 360

Justin Y. : Shoutout to simpleflips

iseealivingpeople : Wow, i've never seen these logo on 60fps before. My eyes feels *B L E S S E D*

Leoreo : Amazing animations!

FairPlay137 : Nah, this is a Nintendo GameStationXbox360OneBoyCastSwitchCube Advance, not just a Nintendo GameCube.

OG BamBam GO : *I came*

Okur I’m AJ : I’m actually shook

Allarto : *Everyone is here!* -Masashiro Sakurai

Dirk McGough : Top ten anime crossovers

wales2k : Checkmate, atheists. God is real and he made this video.

Sakman Nakki : What is this? *A C R O S S O V E R E P I S O D E ?*

Rusticabcd : The startup system of a pc.

Dolan Dark : You win

Azka : e y e p o r n

Go to jail : Visual God


Happy Heavy : The perfect meme doesn't exi-

A sad, strange little man : My entire childhood has been remastered before my eyes.

Elatrednu Player : What is this? *A Crossover Episode?*

3,000 subs with no videos : *So friccin nice*

Joel Sundstrom : The description is earth shattering

Black Rose : *EVERYONE. IS. HERE!*


farhan khan : "Nope, just the Gamecube again."

GyGy : Was expecting mr. PeanutButter

The Vagabond : Which console do you want to use? *Y E S*

LEMONKNIGHT YT : And they say Infinity War was an ambitious crossover

Mihael Čudak : I bow to you. THE EDITING GOD

Ethan Wood Music : Top 10 anime crossovers of all time

TgnOrdaX : This one is a crossover nobody asked for!

Fothsid : *Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series*

Liam Wilson : and they say infinity war will be the best crossover

Artie Knight YT : Nintendo GameCube Pro X 32DSiXL Digital Deluxe Edition Pre-Order Set & Knuckles

Lance Combes : Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Rainzel Lazaro : Marvel: Infinity War is the best crossover ever in the world! Video Games: Hold my beer

itz_High_Noon o_o : I've got the GamePsBoxOneGameboySwitch, you down?

Yozkox : Marvel : Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history. Me :

Made In China : Top 10 anime crossovers

merri : Thanks for posting the startup to *Super Smash Bros Ultimate*

MassiveGat : Oh how I miss the Dreamcast

Tsu Tsu : *insert Stranger Things theme*

Aidtendo : That was extremely clever, well done. Only thing I noticed from was at 0:03 the cube got clipped off at the top.

Ani's Trash Can : Xbox goes to Xbox one