Paiste - 80" Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven
Paiste 80 Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven

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Paiste - 80" Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven. Paiste Gongs available from Wind Chimes Australia @


Sam Cheramie : “What do you do for a living?” “I am Gong Master Sven.”

Adrian Flatley : Those noisy people in the background should be thrown out the window!

j : Me: But how do you get the gong to the gig? Gong Master: The gig comes to the gong

Isaac Castillo : Today in YouTube's video recommended: We learn how to open a portal to outer space and call unknown creatures from other dimensions.

yourthesecret : An entire horror movie soundtrack from just one instrument

Scheren Schnitt : The moment you come to your house in a dark foggy and a little bit stormy night and your neighbour is practizing his gongplay. You wont forget this moment.

Obsodaut : I'm convinced that the gong master keeps the souls of lost children in that gong of his.

Bert Garcia : Drone Doom musicians are looking at their peddle setups and going "Damnit!"

David Rios : That “Strange Sound in the Sky” video is obviously an instrument like this... 🤦‍♂️

Wagoo : This is really frustrating without a big smash as a finalé

Colin Mortimer : Sounds like an alien mothership come to tear our souls out of our screaming mortal bodies

TopWaterTremors : 1:27 when you walk in a foggy dark cemetery

Gr33n_ Gh05t : Anyone else feel like at any moment a portal to another dimension was going to open

Flight Channel : Just to clarify things, "Gong Master" means he's the manufacturing teamleader.

Jan Kevin : He should wear something like a wizard robe for full effect.

Trinity Force : So this is Sven's part time job when felix is not around.

davedalessandro8189 Dalessandro : Ive been practicing drums for 35 years when i could have learnd this in a day

TemporaryName : Slightly deaf Careers advisor: "what do you want to be when you leave school?" Sven: "dude, I wanna be a bong master!" Careers advisor: "say no more"

tipdub : this what they use for horror movie ambient music?

A Cash : The first full moon of every month id want to play with this thing at night in a hidden location to freak out my whole town....

Данила Торонто : Музыкальный инструмент для хорроров

Rinor Gashi : *turns on ps2 without a game*

Adam M. : Paiste Gong Master. I want that on my resume. "Can you describe for me, your last position?" "Well, I was a Paiste Gong Master." "Say no more. You're hired."

Bark : The gongs cool and all but I really want that mallet...

Judeman Art : Why do some people buy Ferraris that they never drive? Put several of these around the house. That's living.

jopageri1964 : "I wanna be a "gong master," too. But, what are the hours?" (Nigel Tuffnel's nephew Rigel.)

Esteban Mendez : Is this the new Sunn ((0 album?

Loli_Poop _Yt.s : The title should be: waking up demons from the underground with fake lolipoops scrubbed on a enormous plate

Billy : Imagine being so lucky to have Paiste Gong Master Sven play the gong for you, and instead of listening to it like a normal human being you decide that this is the perfect opportunity to have a chat with someone.

jerry smith : Do GONG MASTERS have tough days at work. Honey.. how your your day as a GONG MASTER.?? WHAT!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU

Александр Бочаров : Как же на 1.47 на электричку похоже

CIKEDEES : This guy is exactly how I imagined a gong master would look like

Jacques Mertens : Journalists showing no respect whatsoever, as usual. Knock the journalists first, then the gong.

Affordable Plumber 420 : Sorry folks, this one’s already sold. Being shipped to Hell Monday morning.

CoolMine DRG : Is this how horror movie music is made??

Johnny Cage : That is how they made the sounds for Silent Hill back then. Nothing else needed 🤔

Zac S : Just me or was anyone else waiting for him to hit that thing with everything hes got?

D K : Extraordinary for making film scores.sounds are like the bgm of conjuring 2 and the Nun

Timo Aav : smack it as hard as you can.

Someone In YT : Title should be: How to awake a demon in hell using gong.

Headkick Ko : That's not the gong master, that's the janitor having fun during summer time 🤣

CURTIS8516 : Sounds like the soundtrack to Eraserhead.

Sebbe : 1:22 sounds Like Background Horror Movie / Game .. scary .-.

Totapaluza : Are these Minecraft Cave Sounds 💁🏻‍♂️🦋

Remi Vézina : The gong was what they used to call retreat over an army of man fighting, this thing is absurdly powerfull . He almost didn't touched it and it blew my speakers.

ToGodBeTheGlory! : $36,000 to buy could buy a new truck and just play this through bluetooth lol

420k Magic : should've done it in a more silent environment because the background is too noisy.

B. L. : What a title to have on Your business card. Gong Master

suckmadick 39 : Sven is like a father to me