Paiste - 80" Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven
Bet you didnt know how badass gongs are

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Paiste - 80" Symphonic Gong played by Paiste Gong Master Sven. Paiste Gongs available from Wind Chimes Australia @


Andy Cashill : The first full moon of every month id want to play with this thing at night in a hidden location to freak out my whole town...

Timo Aav : smack it as hard as you can.

Susan Bradley : Sounds like that recording of the planets. Bone chilling.

B. L. : What a title to have on Your business card. Gong Master

burtosis : This guy could probably fend of an entire 13th century invading army. No chance in hell im sticking around if sounds like that were coming from the castle.

allonespirit1 : Too bad there are people in the room being noisy and disrespecting this man's creation. Any background sound creates an interference.

Peter Kingston : To bad there are people making noise and talking in the background

Temporary Name : This freaked me out once I realized that wasn't someone doing a drum roll for when you smack the shit of it and was actually the gong. Then you made it scream. It's very cool but also kind of scary

sltho : Did guy get buff from hitting the gong or did he get buff to hit the gong

InsertName130 : The sound you'll hear when the Apocalypse is announced. But you'll hear it everywhere on earth simultaneously.

Manohar Chamana : Of course he is named the gongmaster, actually gongster sounds better.

VaishnavGuitar : "Shut up!!! I am trying to record my gong"

Biglover29 : Wow! He barely tapped it and listen at that sound. Ugh, I want to hear one in person.

KalahariKAri : Absolutely beautiful. I am lucky enough to have a 24" Paiste gong, and they are the Best. This one would be such a dream, and I'm so glad to hear it being treated with respect. It sings for you then. The children who think smacking it hard just for loud noise will only hear it scream. This one would be scary!

Harald Nies : at 2:00 the face of a great craftsman being rightfully proud of his company's work. Impressive instrument…

Pangolin Productions : Didnt take much to start clipping the mic, eh?

Michael Bauers : I heard sounds like this is a sci fi movie or two. I now wonder if they used a gong, with some additional processing.

stephen white : Can you imagine Roger Waters with one of these!?

Gong Master : BIG RESPECT TO THE GONG BUILDER FROM PAISTE FOR HIS EXCELLENT PLAYING TECHNIQUE!!! This man play better gong than the most gong players you can find here on youtube. First of all, he knows how to hold a mallet and how to stroke a gong properly, you one can't hear the stroke and let the sound bloom. Perfect example of proper playing technique here!!!

tgbeast 13 : I have a similar title as bong master but my instrument is closer to a flute than the gongster's gong

Scott Bell : Those people talking in the back are SO RUDE!

HEAVYWALL 70 : So it’s a scary movie soundtrack machine? I WANT IT!

torbjorn1989 : Wtf just bong it allready!

dat_chip : Impressive! But the recording is really low quality. This thing deserves a proper mic IMHO.

Monkey Dink : That was super freaking awesome. Never saw a gong worked like that

brainfornothing : Very impressive ! I'm here thanks to thisiscolossal website. Thanks for sharing !

franz stockmann : Pickup line - "come back to my place, I have a really big gong!"

Dkyguy1995 : I wish my speakers could play half of the sound it's making

So Cal Bee Guy : Looks like it takes all of one day to become a virtuoso of the Gong- violin, oboe and French horn players really made it hard for themselves.

nathan wind : 2001: a space odyssey. Bowman arrives at the hotel room after a lengthy journey through the star gate.

J V : No please, shuffle around making more noise in the room.

Kendo Kazan : This NEEDS to be properly recorded with good sound capture.

ancilodon : Where the hell are my good headphones when you suggest this, YouTube!

Kevin Rustles : Bro i want to be a gong master but my forearms arent that big yet, help.

Jon Goat : I would actually be interested in seeing how you made that.

preserver7777 : Wont one of these videos let the f-ing thing ring out??

O.O.S : Gene Hogland want his cymbal back!

Merendo Bereglidditz : I own a 22" wind gong. And now I have gong envy.

Grumpy G : That is so cool!!!!!! If I had that in my room as a kid, I'd still be there.

younoobroflmao : Sounds in the sky heard worldwide explained.

Manuele Cavalieri : Thanks to play this gong, because i can hear that sound in the middle of the night for no reason. I'm terrified 😰

Dennis jensen : Right u do not hit a gong u stroke n tap it really soft n make sounds like hells commin up from the ground under you

HalfLifeAMD : Are trying to tell me that almost all the sounds from 70s horror movies came from a huge gong???

Samsgarden : What’s a gong master? How much technique is required?

matycee : I say triple the size of that thing and let's get down to business...

rillloudmother : gong: $28,000 mic used to record it: $5.00

Benji Robinson : Posted by "Wind Chimes Australia" lol in Australia, even the wind chimes are gigantic

Charles Morissette : 1:23... feels like being in Silent Hill... that's an awesome piece of metal!

demoncat73 : That's the sound the Event Horizon makes when it crosses over into another dimension of hell.