Super Troopers 2 - Opening Scene (Exclusive)
Super Troopers 2 Opening Scene Exclusive

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The state troopers return - but not how you expect them - in this exclusive look at the first scene from the long-awaited sequel.


paul slade : Did someone say shenanigans?

G1 Smokescreen : Sean William Scott? What the hell is he doing in this!? LOL

Eyes onFire : You boys like MEX-E-CO?!! WOOOOOOOO!! wait, . ..

Gran Torino : The best part is when they threw mac at them

Conrail Gp-40 Guy : " I don't want a large farva"

Ian : Guess Farva is off at the local AMPM scarfing down a free hot dog 🤣🤘

Corey [James] Haims : UK RELEASE DATE!!!? 15th JUNE!!!? YES YES OOH YAY

Eternal Horror : Littering and....


Semiautosteve : Why does this say in cinemas June 15, when it has been out since April 20??

madfzr : The mazda miata skit in 1st movie was way better

Marty McFly : I thought part 2 was actually funnier than the original movie.

Bob Motster : Is the intro song by Eagles of Death Metal?

spider pig : give me the rest of the movie IGN

COCONUTS670 : I'm loving it already...helluva cast LMAO kinda movie and that intro classic

Lisa Adams : i hope cracklin bacon puts out a CD

MrKernkraft4000 : Sean WIlliam Scott's... alive?!

AmericanPride1234 : Still funny. I liked the fact that Wonder Woman was in it. 6-11-18

xjippyx420 : I bought their Cracklin Bacon tshirt... you should too.

Michael Slotter : Sean William Scott could've very easily played Deadpool.

Chad Snell : Freaking awesome movie! DVD July 17th!!!

Seth Aragon : This was worth the wait. Great movie all around.

Jack Reynolds : YOU BOYS LIKE MEXY-CO?!?!?!?! YEEEEEE!!!!!!

IShitOnTheWorld420 : Thought this came out on 4/20

fourbypete : Looks like Stifler got screwed agin?!?!?!

Chrissy Rhone : I saw this twice in the theater. Love Broken Lizard!

Benjamin Castillo : I love rhea Perlman.

theorangecrusher : Shoulda been sean william scott and ashton kutcher

HugoBossGameplays : Ator do inicio do filme é muito engraçado. Eu me lembro dele em outros filmes !!!

ben king : So looking forward to this it’s been too long lol

The Original Captain Trips : cant seem to find a bootleg of this...gj boys ;)

CauseIm Josh : The pain from getting kneed on the nuts, stopped real quick lol.

Lisa Adams : I love cracklin bacon

The Truth : Came out on 4.20 not june 15

ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED : that cop should lose his job

Tyler Rodriguez : This movie was so amazing!

Mark Rodriguez : Is that Stifler as a state trooper?

Kawshik K : Mann that would be a ton of paperwork.

Flying Dutchman83 : In cinemas June 15??? I saw this in the theatre opening weekend in April!!!

Super Mario Trent : Early squad

Philo Beddoe : Romeo driving the bus.  I was expecting to see Connor and Murphy instead.  love it!!!!

Nate King Coleslaw : Now kiss each other!!!

TRILLION CROWNS : Best clip ever

iare19 : Stifler is back!!!

Beach Boys Forever : Love this movie!😂😂😂

Isaias Palafox : Thought it came out on 4/20...? 🤔

Sargeras : Epic scene 😂

howtobebasic1 : im waiting for the DVD release of the movie :)

Schembri _ : Why does it say in cinemas June 15th I saw this almost if not 2 months ago??