When you expect a full milk jug

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Grace Motley : Why do you have so many cabbages

EpicDonutDude : Relatable

TheTabbyMafioso // TerrariaChap : Each time I come to this playlist there are different videos...

Grace Motley : True

sad chɨll : you and Gus are the best

potatosordfighter666 : Literal perfection. Exemplary display of one of the greatest issues plaguing mankind today.

anthemshit : Last time this happened to me my *cat went to space*

Deus Vult : *_M Y C A B B A G E S_*

Jamie Grossman : maybe you're just really strong

Arthur Boyle : this speaks to me on a spiritual level

Russon Films : Hard life

joe rogan : easily the funniest video in the playlist

LeeTheNPC : That's a lot of cabbage, you must play RuneScape.

TheDotGamer GD : I nutted

Memes and Such : That was fantastic

TheDotGamer GD : Better than Gus

Yellow Barney : Cracking open a cold one with the boys.

Johnathan Fountain : I know the feeling...

Pokemon trainer forevor Pokemon fan : best 0:03 seconds of my life

Jeremy Bastyr : This is the content I subscribe for

CelibateDog : Good Job Sven

Austin Sumners : Apparently this is an issue? Ive never seen this before today???

IntrovertedGamer : cabbage

Nut Jon : y do you have a bread cart next to your fridge

Not Michael Jordan : Exactly. There’s no way Craig couldn’t tell the milk carton was empty.

Λnτιeclιρse : When you see your favorite box of cereal...

ReapeatingRook9 : Same

Just a stone : OMG this is soooo me 😂 #Relatable 😂😂👌🔥

hi there : Reliable milk sources need to be a thing

That one annoying piece of hair on your screen. : Why do people even still produce these white bottles? I only buy the transparent ones because of this. lol


Jasoncrafter82 : I don't relate to this video cuz I'm Canadian. Take notes.

T̶o̶x̶i̶c̶T̶V̶ : So true XD

hammyham : *The struggle is REAL*

TêvEŕøasțiőn exe : That's How Life Works

Nobody asked you : *you have damaged: one cabbage*

Ya Boi Ayden : I won’t lie, this is definitely me when I expect a full milk jug

Airmo : What, Americans can't see through the Milk Jug?

프셰 : When life gives you empty jar

Jack Narloch : Anyone else come here from Gus Johnson?

Sindri Aron Sigurðsson : I love waking up and destroying my fridge while I try to get milk

Omegas Jin'Fal : so true

Cupcake Pooper : Cabbages everywhere

Merlin Merlout : Juggle the cabbage next video

ABushInDisguise : I do that a lot.

Some Weirdo ;3 : I don’t care what you think. This is by far the most #relatable vine ever.

Not Delivery It’s Digiorn0 : relatable and a waste of cabbage

ReFleX : My replay button is broken :P.

Josh Essex : Hahahaha, so true!!

Tropical Donut : Omg same