Chi Chi Versus Goku full fight-LTS

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LayneTheSaiyan : Oh i see you there. Looking at the comments.. Btw one dislike equals a wife beater hater/Orange Hillbilly

Allison Rodriguez : "Sometimes my brain doesn't know what my mouth is saying. Good thing my heart does. Will you marry me?" Best proposal ever.

kimbuoy thea : Why are you grabbing me? LOL

italkcrab : "I thought bride was something you eat." IT IS.

mhny : he got himself laid without even trying


Knight-45 : Wow, this guy is dumber than Naruto.

Hadi Najdi : It means your life is over! xD

Barry Allen the Fastest Man Alive : It really wasn't much of a fight. One hit and she just went down. Then we got married, I put a baby in her, and now she just stays home, cooks mah dinner and raises our kid.

Mayank Gupta : "you always angry about something" ..Ask Gohan

IRIA : Some girls get a ring when their guy proposes, some get KO'd.

Abdi : In hindsight, how fitting was it that Piccolo was there to witness Goku and Chichi's engagement lol

Dylan : Goku is so savage Goku: Was I conscious when i said that?

Robi_CK : DBZ almost completely forgot that Chi Chi was capable fighter herself. Except that time she trained Goten.

rubysky montelongo : Just think he wanted to eat her.

TotallyNotAFuckingWeeb : Im still can't figure out how how something so simple like the first dragonball turned into super aliens fighters and shit. It's actually quite amazing really, like you never would of expected it

Seth Longoria : I love the original Dragonball series

Professor Art : I aspire to respect women the way Goku does someday.

Sauron Ikov : *DAAAAAAAH eeheheeehe GOKU! have you lost all your senses??? what are you DOOOOOing....*

Dru Berry : She's really head over heels for him, amazing... if only reality was like that, but everyone's caught up in hip and glamour life and it's only getting much worse

Sharkuel : "I Think a bride is something to eat." Don't we all, Goku, don't we all...

Batbutt The Lazy Brownie : "Why are you grabbing me ?" - Goku (Dragon Ball, Z, GT and Super)

Genesis Ariba : And thats how i married your father Gohan and goten:wut? Goku: shes right you know

RushinEnergy : Anyone else feel like the only reason Chi Chi was anonymous was only for dramatic effect? Also- 5:10 = Top Ten Things Chi Chi Told Goku on Their Wedding Night.

SorenDoesStuff : 8:01 WHY ARE YOU GRABBING ME

Hibiki Kuze : I hate how they downgraded her for Dragon Ball Z

Nathan Dennis : Well, bride does mean something to eat if you know what i mean😉😉

BidwellRunner : 8:11 I think we found Krillin's father

Alex 2nd Fist : The only reason why Goku married chi chi was was because he didn’t want to see her heartbroken not because he really loved her hence him not showing love emotions when he barely saw her

Dairy Dictator : Chichi lemme smash.....

Tetsujinmustdie : "I thought a bride was something to eat" Well, technically Goku isn't wrong ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

donald hickman : She likes it rough

Jacob Wells : And after beating his future wife, they got married

Mr. Bird : Guko: will you marry me? Chichi: yes! Guko: why you grabbing me?

MUIvegeta _san : Goku wanted to eat her😏😏😏like if you know what i mean

its Common Sense : Goku my dude...that was so smooth

Derek Bates : Beat the bitch right out of her; that's the 2nd time that happened. Great life lesson, Toriyama.

Ben MonaLisa Simmons : Well technically Goku you are right, occasionally you are suppose to eat your bride...

Dan Stevenson : Goku dodge good and I like chichi with her hair down better and she fixed her hair after buu died for goku to think she look good but master roshi buys it

Prince G-MO : "What's a bride?" Lmao

JonnyRhythm : I like oblivious goku more than the modern idiot goku

Renz Andrei Manalili : Who wouldve thought Goku unlocked UI when fighting Chi Chi😆

Dmacc : He did soaring fist on chi chi like off xenoverse 2 when he does in ultra instinct

Inferno FilmsTM : Technically a bride can be something to eat

Jalhil Brown : Chi chi used to go for his head... Now she's going for the other one

fragkia3 : Those cencoring English dubbers changing the awkwardness out of the dialog and putting in romantic stuff XD

Sun The Flareon : Why dont Chichi do this in Super

Dragunov38 : LOL.... total master of the ladies. 6:38

HazzaPlayz : And they say hit made the no touch ranged punch.

Jeanseny Heredia : Awwwwwww!!!!! ^^ That... that was adorable! 😄